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DIY Sleep Spray

I once had a Facebook status that read something along the lines of – If you could buy sleep on the street corners, there would be a line of mom’s a mile long to buy it! We all at one point or another find ourselves wishing we could reclaim all those naps we refused as a child!

How to make Lavender DIY Sleep Spray

Sleep – you fight it when you’re young, you crave it once you’re older. The funny thing is that once you’re an adult – you might find it hard to sleep even when you are tired. It’s so hard to shut the mind off when it is time to finally go to sleep. I can lay there for hours thinking of my to-do list, upcoming appointments and projects, grocery lists, worries and more. I work myself into a tizzy and struggle to find a solution to my sheep counting woes.

I tried melatonin and magnesium and had to deal with some rather unpleasant side effects. I’ll spare you the details. Meditation, noise machines, warm baths, milk and cookies – I tried it all and all I gained was a few pounds from the milk and cookies! I finally remembered the miraculous effects of a lavender bubble bath on my kids when they were little. There must be a way to create those effects in a grown up version.

My Miracle Solution

A little research and I had my answer! A Lavender DIY Sleep Spray! In less than 30 minutes I had the miracle potion that has me (and my kids!) drifting off to the land of Zzz’s! (Sadly, it hasn’t solved my husband’s snoring but there’s ear plugs for that!) Even better – it’s super easy and affordable to make! Also – did you know that getting enough sleep is crucial to losing weight? That’s important information for those that tried the milk and cookies route first like I did!

Are you ready to make your own Lavender DIY sleep spray?

Project Difficulty: Easy

Time needed: 30 minutes or less

materials needed for Lavender DIY Sleep Spray
Things needed:

4 oz. Amber Spray Bottle (You can use another bottle, just make sure it is glass.)
2 Teaspoons Vodka or Witch hazel
10 drops of lavender essential oil (100% Therapeutic grade)
Distilled water

pour alcohol into bottle for lavender DIY Sleep Spray

Step 1.

Remove the spray nozzle and cap from the bottle. Carefully pour 2 teaspoons of vodka into the amber bottle. The vodka will act as a disinfectant. Others prefer witch hazel, which is available in drug stores.

Add essential oils for lavender DIY Sleep Spray

Step 2.

Add ten drops of the lavender essential oil. If you want a stronger lavender scent you can add a few drops more, but ten drops should be plenty. When it comes to choosing your essential oils you want to make sure you’re getting 100% lavender oil. Companies will often sell blends or dilute their oils making them less potent. Make sure yours hasn’t been blended down with additional oils or previously diluted!

add water to mix of alcohol and lavender for DIY Sleep Spray

Step 3.

Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. You can find distilled or nursery water at any grocery store. You can also boil tap water to remove any impurities and let cool before adding.

How to make lavender DIY Sleep Spray

Step 4.

Replace the spray nozzle and secure with a cap. Keep your DIY Sleep Spray in a cool dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.

When using the spray keep in mind that it is made of oils which can stain. You can choose to spray on yourself or on a pillow but make sure the pillowcase isn’t a treasured family heirloom in case of staining!

How to make lavender DIY Sleep Spray

Who knew that the secret to my best sleep was hidden in a little spray bottle? I wish I’d known that before my soft batch cookie binge! This DIY sleep spray isn’t just great for using in your home! Imagine what a great gift they can make for a frazzled mom or a frequent business traveler! Since a little goes such a long way, one bottle of lavender essential oils can easily make multiple sleep sprays.

No longer am I searching out sleep on the black market! I can now find it in a little spray bottle on my nightstand. Good thing too since stripes just don’t look good on me!

Do you have a secret to better sleep that you DIYed? We’d love to hear about it at DIY Sharable and pass it on to our readers as well!

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