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25 DIY Statement Necklaces You’ll Actually Want to Wear

They say that the right accessory can make or break an outfit. Learn more about the DIY statement necklaces you’ll actually want to wear.

Lucky for you we have put together an almost never ending list of DIY statement necklaces that will not only complete your outfit but make it stand out among the crowd.

Once you start making these DIY statement necklaces the wheels will begin to turn and you’ll be crafting necklaces out of everything you can get your hands on!


#1: Ombre Isn’t Just For Your Hair

diy ombre statement necklace using spandex

Source: Brit and Co

Take ombre beyond your hair and create a necklace with style in just minutes. Spandex, gold chain (or silver if you prefer) and some pliers are all you need to create a necklace that everyone will want.

Personally, I’d create a few of these to compliment my favorite outfits. After that the only decision will be which shoes to wear with it!

#2: Double Trouble

diy fabric and bead chewable statement necklace

Source: A Bit of Sunshine

Few things make me happier than objects that have a dual purpose. Like my dream of a machine that washes, dries, folds and puts away clothing!

Sadly that hasn’t happened yet but this DIY chew necklace can serve as a fashion piece for you while it doubles as a chew necklace for a teething or curious baby. It’s also a great option for those kids that seem to chew the eraser off every pencil they own!


#3: Sun and Sand

seashell and charm statement necklaceSource: Creative Savings

Do you have a collection of seashells that you’ve gathered from vacations past? Maybe a special shell from a honeymoon or anniversary trip?

Pull it out of that box or off the shelf and use it to design a necklace that will always be close to your heart! A few tools along with your mementos will make this a DIY project of love.


#4: Fall Style

fringe style statement necklace DIY

Source: Child at Heart

If your fashion ensemble changes with the seasons than you need accessories to go along with it! A cute DIY Fringe Necklace is perfect for Fall.

If you need extra guidance – never fear – your necklace can be ready in just the five minutes it takes to watch this tutorial below by Deonna Wade:


#5: You Can Count On It

statement necklace made from coins
Source: Dream Create

If you’re a world traveler looking to remember the moments no matter where you are – this coin necklace should be right up your alley!

Most travelers return home with a collection of coins in their suitcase. You might shove them in a drawer or maybe display them on a shelf.

Now they can really be a conversation piece by crafting them into a unique necklace that people will notice and allow you to talk about the sights you’ve seen here and abroad!


#6: A Touch of Whimsy

fabric pinwheel statement necklace

Source: Happy Together

If you’re into whimsy, colors and everything bright, then you need to make this necklace. It’s a colorful pinwheel necklace that makes you think of gardens blooming, candy stores, and laughing children.

If you’re an avid crafter you probably already have all of the supplies you need to make this fun, fashionable statement piece.


#7:  Boho Chic

boho charm necklace

Source: Sweet Teal

Pulling off a bohemian chic look is easy with this great boho charm necklace. With only 4 things on your supply list – you know that you can have this bad boy around your neck in 10 minutes or less.

What’s great is that you can use store bought charms or larger mementos that you’ve been holding on to just for a project like this.


#8: There’s An Oil For That

essential oil diffuser statement necklace with stamping

Source: Mommypotamus

Essential oils have seen a huge surge in popularity. In fact, so much so that you can now buy a diffuser necklace so you can indulge in aromatherapy all day long.

Parents use them to help kids focus in school or to ward off germs. Many rely on them to fight that 3 o’clock slump at work.

Rather than buying a diffuser necklace, you can now make your very own to match your unique style.


#9: One Coffee To Go

chain necklace with glazed coffee bean charm

Source: Attack of the Hungry Monster

Do you love coffee and everything that goes along with it? Let everyone see your love for that magical bean that makes every day better by spending a few minutes on this coffee bean DIY statement necklace.

You can adjust the look by using metallic tones, glitter, and more to design a necklace that is perfectly suited to you. For an added twist you could make a chunky necklace with these DIY coffee bean beads!


#10: Something Old into Something New

necklace made from upcycled lace doily

Source: Stars for Streetlights

Did Grandma pass down around a million or so lace doilies to you and you’ve been wondering how in the world you could ever use them?

Never fear – there’s a statement necklace for that! With a lace doily or table cloth, some ribbon, bias tape and maybe a little dye, you can fashion a necklace that is fashionable, economical, and vintage vamped up…..all in one. Oh, and if vintage is your thing, be sure to check out this vintage tassel necklace tutorial as well.


#11: It’s Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas

ribbon and gemstones snow princess statement necklace

Source: Design Dazzle

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are so last year! Show your spirit and your style by crafting your very own snow princess necklace.

Gorgeous, light and inexpensive to make, this is a necklace that could really be worn all season long.


#12: Set in Stone

marbled bead necklace with metal accents

Source: We Are Scout

Seriously – there’s no way a necklace this sleek could possible be a DIY job made from clay…..except it is! Don’t even try to convince your friends that you made this necklace – they just won’t believe you.

With air dry clay making up most of the materials for this design, you could easily outfit all your family and friends with these necklaces pretty affordably.


#13: Frozen In Time

resin pressed flower pendant statement necklace

Source: Sadie Seasongoods

Do you love spring? Wish you could bottle up those first flower blooms and save them forever? Now you can!

These DIY resin pressed flower necklaces forever preserve the vibrant buds of spring and allow you to keep enjoying them long past the dog days of summer and frigid winter nights. To up the statement piece, use multiple charms.


#14: Crochet It!

cashmere crocheted dual toned statement necklace

Source: Katzsta

This necklace might be the softest, prettiest thing you’ll ever see. I wish I could crochet just to make myself one of these!

What’s great is that you can customize the colors to coordinate with your favorite items in your closet. Besides, you can never go wrong with cashmere!


#15: Paint One On

paint chip ombre statement necklace

Source: By Wilma

So this necklace is practically free, it’s chevrons AND the color choices are endless. Amazing, right?

So take a closer look at the paint chips the next time you’re at the hardware store and decide what your next statement piece is going to be. All the details can be found here.


#16: Pearl Cluster Necklace

pearl cluster necklace tied with gold ribbon

Source: Smitten Kitten

I’m pretty sure you could wear a necklace like this with any formal wear and you would be turning heads left and right.

It’s hard to believe how easy and simple it is to make a pearl cluster necklace that looks like it could be on any fashion runway. Your only choice will be which little black dress to pair with it.


#17: Geared Up

statement necklace made from gears and glitter

Source: Ediestel

A little rugged, a little rough, and a little vamped up glitter – all of these elements take these gears and gadgets to a whole new level.

If you’re not a girly girl and have a hard time finding jewelry that walks on the wild side like you do – it’s past time to make your own statement piece that boldly states just who you really are!


#18: Wash and Dry

Ribbon and washer necklace

Source: One Mamas Daily Drama

Once I realized how easy it was to make this necklace, I sat down and made one in every color of my favorite cardigans and sweaters. It’s safe to say I’m mildly obsessed with it. 🙂

Ribbon and metal washers are all you need to have your own assortment of necklaces to choose from. Whatever the season, this necklace is the perfect compliment!


#19: Stick a Cork In It

statement necklace made from upcycled wine corks

Source: Olive Bites Blog

Is there someone in your life who is a wine aficionado? Or do you have your own collection of wine corks that you’ve been trying to decide what you can DIY with them?

Now you can let everyone know that you are a sommelier in training by whipping up a wine cork necklace and wearing it next time you attend a tasting or dinner party! You could also bead these length-wise for a bolder piece.


#20: Button It Up

statement necklace made from vintage buttons

Source: Chocolate And Craft

If you’re anything like me you probably have this odd assortment of cast off buttons taking up residence in a mason jar at home. You keep them just in case you ever figure out where they came from, or you finally decide to fix those pants that no longer fit you.

Put them to good use and fashion a DIY button statement necklace from them instead. Bonus points if you happen to have vintage buttons!


#21: Blinded Me With Science

statement necklace with diy borax crystals

Source: Makezine

When is the last time you could say you were wearing a chemistry project? Make this DIY crystal growing statement necklace and you can proudly say it.

Lucky for you, designer Mark Montano has even put together this step by step video tutorial you can follow and be wearing your own homegrown crystals in no time:


#22: Cycle Up

upcycled pop tabs into necklace

Source: ErikaCreativa

A stunning, cascading necklace that warrants a second look can be yours. Especially if you already have a slight Dr. Pepper addiction like I do!

Those soda tabs will soon be a Christmas present to myself when I make this pop tab necklace. If you’re looking for a quick project, this one won’t fit the bill but the end result is well worth the time you put in!


#23: CopyCat on a Budget

Banana Republic Inspired Statement Necklace

Source: Happiness is Creating

You can’t always shell out the money that a store might like for a piece of jewelry but you can use it as an inspiration for crafting your own similar work of art.

This Banana Republic inspired necklace is an example of just that. Nix the urge to splurge and embrace the opportunity to create!


#24: Stir It Up!

statement necklace made from wooden coffee stirrers

Source: Happiness is Creating

Straight from the coffee bar comes the inspiration for a unique, stylish necklace. Next time you grab a stir stick for your coffee – stash a few extra in your pocket.

They are the main ingredient in this simple but bold design. For an added touch you can paint the wood!


#25: Bubble Up

statement necklace made from chunky wooden bubblegum beads

Source: A Beautiful Mess

You really can’t go wrong with bubble gum anything – bubble gum scented, bubble gum flavored, or bubble gum inspired necklaces. Choose your beads – you can perk up the fun by mixing and matching colors and sizes to make a beaded piece you love to wear.

There really is no limit when it comes to fashioning your own DIY statement necklaces. Honestly, anything in your home – from the kitchen to the shed – can hold treasures you can transform into jewelry pieces.

The best part of creating statement pieces is that you can take the very things that are important to you and transform them into wearable art you can share with everyone every day. So stop buying the same jewelry everyone else has and start showing everyone just who you really are!

Let us know what your favorite projects on this list were. Did you get inspired to create your own design using some of the techniques mentioned here? Tell us more!

Make sure to send us pictures of your work and don’t forget to share these ideas with friends as well!










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