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How to Make Beautiful, Inexpensive DIY Storage Baskets (In 15 Min.)

I have a confession to make…I might possibly have a slight problem with organization. Between, kids, a husband, and all of our activities – stuff tends to pile up. LOTS of STUFF. Here’s how to make beautiful, inexpensive DIY storage baskets in just 15 mins.

The table by the front door is a mish-mash of school supplies, art projects, mail, keys, and occasionally a few wayward shoes as well. The bathroom counters spill over with matchbox cars, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and washcloths.

Finally the kitchen counters seem to be the catch all – everything from bubbles and play-doh to hairbrushes and power tools somehow find their home here.

I’ve given up on trying to curb the clutter. I usually have bigger battles to win, like curbing the brushing of teeth while eating Oreos!

Instead, I now realize that I need to find creative ways to just make my clutter look prettier! And since I’m banned from Target and Ikea for awhile (Sigh!), this needs to happen on a budget.

Taking stock of the items I have on hand – which is easy to do since they are all spread across the dining room table right now – I realize that I have everything I need to create my own storage baskets for the rooms that require it (which is every single one, of course).

Grab your shoe boxes and let’s get to crafting!

Project difficulty:


Time needed:

1 hour max

Materials needed to make a DIY storage basket from a shoe box


Old shoe box
Nylon cord or any cord
Glue gun

Other materials:

White cloth for lining


Step 1

Choosing a box for a DIY Storage BasketMake sure the outside of the box is clean (no dust, no stickers).

Pro Tips: If you’ll be using the basket in an area that is prone to getting wet, use a plastic shoe box for your base. These are easily available at most dollar stores.


Step 2

wrapping and gluing cord around the box for a DIY Storage Basket

Starting at the bottom of the box, start wrapping the cord around. Put down a line of hot glue and place the cord over the glue to adhere.


Step 3

glue and wrap cord around box until you get to the top of the DIY Storage Basket

Continue gluing and wrapping until you have reached the top.



Step 4

adding the cloth liner to your DIY Storage Basket

Sew the cloth into a pouch, or if you’re sewing machine challenged like me, you can use old pillowcases or a small laundry bag for this. Turn the bag or pillowcase inside out and put it in the box. Fold the edges of the bag/pouch down and over the upper sides of the box. The correct, finished side of the cloth should be the visible part of the box’s lining.

Viola – you now have a custom storage basket after about 15 minutes of work!


DIY or Buy?

Easy to Make DIY Storage Basket from a shoe box

These are definitely worth the time to make instead of buying. Storage baskets can be a budget breaker – especially when you need multiple ones for places like linen closets or a nursery!

Now that I’ve decked out my entire house with these storage baskets – it has helped curb the clutter. While I won’t be challenging Martha Stewart anytime soon – it’s been great being able to toss things in a basket and clear off the counter space quickly when company is coming.

I wouldl suggest using darker colors for your liners if you have young children like I do. It’s inevitable that opened markers, melted chocolate, and other surprises will make their way into the baskets. Dark colors can help disguise these messes much better than white fabric can!

Pin It - How to Make Beautiful Inexpensive DIY Storage Baskets

My favorite part of learning how to make these DIY storage baskets has been being able to pass them on as inexpensive gifts. I made an entire set as a baby shower gift for under $20.

This cute girl now has storage baskets under her changing table that hold all the essentials – from diapers to headbands. Even better was incorporating the theme of her room into the fabric liner (which a neighbor sewed for me – still sewing machine challenged!).

Remember that you can use larger boxes for this as well. In fact, large totes with lids can serve a dual purpose – storage, seating, and an ottoman all in one. The possibilities abound!











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