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10 DIY Things to Make for Your Mom

Mom is hands-down the most important person in the world. It does not matter who you are or who she is, she is mom, she is yours, and she means the world to you. Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Christmas, her birthday, or any other occasion in between, your mother always deserves nice gifts or tokens of appreciation to show just how much she means to you. Here are the 10 DIY things to make for your mom.

Sure, you can go out and buy a gift, but that really is not very personal. iPods and whatever else are super cool, but definitely not very personal or sentimental. There’s also the fact that store-bought gifts can cost a lot of money.

A great option is to make your own personalized gifts for your mother, something that you made with your own two hands, something that has some real meaning and will make your mom tear up with sentimental joy. Let’s take a look at some of the best DIY things to make for your mom. There are some pretty cool things here that any mother will fall head over heels for!

DIY Gifts for Your Mom

Here we have 10 of the best DIY gifts that any mother could get from her loving child, so let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Succulents Pot

Flowers are always a great thing to get any mom — moms tend to really love flowers. However, eventually, no matter the quality or amount of flowers, they will die.

For a really cool DIY gift for your mom, you can re-pot succulents, plants that barely need any care and are hard to kill. With sunlight and a bit of water, they will stay alive for years.

All you need to do here is find a pot or bowl in a size of your choosing. Then, get a variety of succulent plants, anywhere from 3 to 6 different ones, and re-pot them in the pot. It’s a really nice looking gift for any mom, it lasts for years, and it’s easy to care for as well.

2. Teacup Candles

If you have a mother that is really into candles, these teacup candles may be a good present. You can use old teacups you or your mom have laying around, as long as they are still in good condition, and not in use. You can go for tea cups that feature any design, as long as it is a design you think your mother will like.

You are going to need some candle wax. You can go for specialty candle wax that is used in candle making, or you can take unused candles and melt them down. Either way, here you will need candle wax — whether you go for scented wax is up to you — and candlewicks.

Melt the candle wax, pour it in the teacup, and then insert the wick (s) as the wax is cooling down. You will need to let the wax cool for a minute before inserting the wicks, just to ensure that the wax is thick enough to support the weight of the wick.

3. Hug Pillow

This is a very cool and thoughtful gift for any mom, and it has as much meaning coming from a 5-year-old as it does from a 25-year-old, plus it’s super easy to make, even for kids. A hug pillow consists of nothing more than a pillow with cut-out felt hands glued to it.

First off, choose a nice pillow. We would recommend buying a new pillow, but if you have an old one laying around that is in good condition, you can use that as well. Now, take some felt; trace your hands, cut the hands out, and use hot glue to secure the felt hands to the pillow, preferably with the fingers facing inwards from the outside edge of the pillow.

You can choose any color scheme you want, of course one that you think your mother will like. If you want, you can also decorate the pillow with words, pictures, or whatever else you think will please your mother. It’s a really cozy and comfy gift, one that will remind your mom of you even when you are not there.

4. Cup Cake or Muffin Bouquet

If you have a mom with a serious sweet tooth, then this cupcake or muffin bouquet is another great DIY gift idea. As mentioned above, flowers will eventually die, and unless your mom has a taste for them, she probably won’t be eating the flowers. However, a cupcake bouquet looks very neat and it’s super tasty.

To make this DIY gift, get a good size vase with a fairly wide base for stability. You’ll need a fairly heavy vase to prevent it from tipping over with the cupcakes or muffins on tip. You will also want to fill the vase about halfway with some sand or small-grain gravel for added weight.

Now, take the cupcakes or muffins and skewer them with long wooden skewers, right through the bottom, while ensuring that the skewer does not poke out the top.

Do this for as many muffins or cupcakes as you see fit, and then insert the bottom of the skewer into the sand, gravel, or whatever other “planting medium” you have used. Organize the cupcakes or muffins to look like a flower bouquet, and always remember to go for flavors that your mom will enjoy.

5. Spa-Quality Mat

Moms and women alike love going to the spa. However, busy moms usually don’t have time to go to the spa, not regularly and often not ever. However, this does not mean that your mother’s bathroom cannot fee like a personal spa.

This is a cool and easy to make gift, because all you need is a bath mat, such as a floor mat or shower mat, a bunch of smooth and rounded rocks, and some super glue. Take the rocks and organize them on the bathmat to create a solid rock mat, and then glue them on there.

It will create a cool looking spa-style rock mat that looks awesome and feels great to walk on. These rock mats can really massage the feet.

It might not be exactly like a visit to the spa, but it will make her home bathroom feel much more relaxing. If you use waterproof glue, you could even turn this into a shower or bathtub mat, which not only looks great and feels good under the feet but will also prevent her from slipping on that sleek porcelain.

6. Painted Coffee Mug

Another cool Mother’s Day gift, or a good gift for any occasion, is a hand-painted and personalized coffee mug. Moms usually love drinking coffee, mostly so they can deal with the likes of you! If you want mom to always be reminded of you and feel those good vibes, a coffee mug with a personalized message painted on it is a great gift.

Find a nice coffee mug, get some waterproof paints that can be used on acrylic or porcelain, and get to work painting a masterpiece or writing a witty quote that your mother will enjoy. Keep in mind that you do want to do a practice run, at least if your artistic talents are more Picasso than Van Gogh. It’s a really easy and inexpensive gift to make, one that will always remind your mom of her awesome children.

DIY Things to Make for Your Mom

7. Tie Dye Tote

Chances are that your mom goes shopping for you; they often do this even if you no longer live at home. At the very least, she needs to go shopping for herself. This means that she needs a good way to carry her groceries. Whoever says that things like totes cannot be both functional and stylish has no idea what they are talking about.

Making a tie dye tote is as easy as finding a white cotton or polyester tote and using a classic tie dyeing technique to make a really cool and colorful pattern. Keep in mind that the tote cannot be made of anything like plastic, as it needs to be a material which can absorb the tie dye.

8. Herb Planter

If you have a mom that loves to cook, who really loves her fresh herbs, then this DIY herb planter makes another great gift. Now, this one is a bit more labor-intensive, at least if you make the planter yourself.

You can choose to use a few pieces of wood, along with wood glue and the necessary tools, to make a small planter of your own. It’s not overly hard, but you will need to know how to measure and cut wood, as well as how to properly glue the wood together. If you want, you can always buy a small wooden planter too.

Next, go out and buy some fresh and live herbs which are still growing and can be planted. You can leave them in their plastic planters and just place them inside of the wooden box, or you can fill the wooden box with planting soil and plant the herbs directly inside it. This way your mother will have a never-ending supply of fresh herbs to use in her favorite dishes.

9. Personalized Cookie Jar

If your mom has a real sweet tooth and she loves to snack on cookies and chocolates, then this is another great choice. Get a large mason jar with a sealing lid, you know, just a regular latch-top mason jar. Then, you can decorate it any way you see fit.

You can paint it with pictures and patterns, you can write inspirational quotes on it, make a collage of her favorite and most meaningful family photos, or anything else of the sort. This way, every time she goes to eat one of her favorite cookies, she will think of you. It’s all about that personalized message.

10. Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

This is one of the coolest DIY things to make for your mom, a homemade essential oil diffuser. Essential oils, when they are diffused into the air, not only do they create a very pleasant aroma, but they also have relaxing and soothing qualities.

Moms have enough stress in their lives, so something that can help her relax and be in a world of her own, even if just for a short time, is well worth it. The cool part here is that there are so many essential oils out there, that it’s nearly impossible to not be able to find at least one or two scents mom will love.

To make an essential oil reed diffuser, you need a ceramic or glass pot or vase, preferably one with a wide bottom and a narrow neck. This will help the reeds stand properly and will also create a nice look. Get some sweet almond or safflower oil as a base, pour about half a cup into the vase, then add a decent amount of essential oil.

Now take some bamboo reeds or skewers, something that looks nice and can absorb oil. Take those skewers or reeds and soak the bottom in the oil for 1 hour. Then, flip the reeds or skewers around so the oil-soaked side faces the top. This will release a pleasant odor that your mom will love.


There you have it — 10 awesome DIY things to make for your mom. We tried creating a diverse selection, so let’s hope there’s something here that your mom will love! Remember, gifts don’t have to be super expensive or fancy, just as long as they are meaningful and heartfelt.


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