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Do Cactus Grow Flowers?

Many people are fascinated by the beauty of cactus. The majority also wonder if a cactus can be considered a flowering plant. Generally, they are considered as one.

They make your gardens and homes look nicer and more pleasing to the eyes, and that is why almost everyone is attracted to this plant. So, do cactus grow flowers?

Almost every type of cactus plant is capable of producing flowers that would make all the efforts worth it. Even though you have to wait for quite some time, the results will be rewarding.

Several cactus plants produce flowers at a specific age. Some types only start producing once they reach 30 years of age.

Even though you have to wait for a bit, once you see your cacti grow and bloom, all the effort would surely pay off.

One of the most rewarding things in gardening is when you witness your plants bloom with beautiful flowers they are meant to produce.

What Kinds of Cacti Grow Flowers?

Contrary to popular beliefs, cactus blooms with flowers. With the proper care and under the right conditions, all species are meant to grow flowers once they mature.

The main determining factor is its age and the conditions where it is planted. So, if you want beautiful flowers, expose them to sunlight accordingly and water the plant too.

Since a majority of the species are kept as indoor cactus, they are not able to produce flowers.

This is because they are not getting the proper balance of darkness and light when they are placed indoors. Indoor cacti are less likely to grow in size due to this reason too.

Here are some species of flowering cacti that are quite well-known for being able to bloom with flowers easily:

Pincushion cactus

Christmas cactus


Spiny cactus

Dwarf cactus

When Do Cacti Grow Flowers?

Cactus flowers are unique and beautiful – that is why a majority of people caring for this plant give them all the care they need so they would bloom.

These flowers come in different varieties of color and shapes that would surely catch the eyes of people.

As mentioned, cactus blooms depending on their condition, care, and age. Some species do not bloom at least they are at least 30 years of age.

Some cactus grow but do not produce flowers because they are not properly taken care of or their conditions do not permit them to do so.

Letting your cactus grow under good conditions that include proper light conditions, water, and nutrients would help them bloom.

Aside from cactus care, some species are known to bloom during spring and summer.

Here are examples of cacti that bloom under a particular season:

Cacti That Bloom During Spring

Most cacti species bloom during the spring. After the winter season wherein, they remained in a state of dormancy, the warm weather helps them bloom and produce beautiful flowers.

Spring can be considered as a growing season because of the warm weather along with the light rains.

It is the perfect time for producing flowers because the temperature is just perfect – not too hot and not too cold.

Even if it does not rain during the spring season, the cacti can use their stored water found in their stems.

Cacti That Bloom During Summer

Photo of Cactus have flower of Do Cactus Grow Flowers?

Not all species of cacti are known to bloom during the spring season. Other types wait for the summer heat to produce their flowers.

Most of the cacti that bloom during this season are the larger species, like desert cacti, because they can store more water than usual in their stems. This aids in the production of flowers even during extreme temperatures.

It is still important to water your cactus during this season to keep them under their proper condition. Some examples of cacti that bloom in the summer are the Saguaros.

These plants are known to reach the height of 60 feet and unlike other cacti, they need to be at least 40 years old before they start blooming.

Cacti That Bloom During the Holiday

Some special types of cacti bloom only during the Christmas season. Holiday cacti include the Christmas cactus and are perhaps the most well-known cactus that blooms during the festive season.

This cactus with a flat, leaf-like stem is known to produce its beautiful flowers during December, nearing Christmas day.

Christmas cactus produces flowers with a wide variety of colors that include purple, red, pink, and white.

This type of cactus requires a colder temperature and does not require much sunlight. It blooms when they are kept in the dark for 13 hours each day.

Final Thoughts

Cacti produce beautiful flowers that make all the waiting worth it. Aside from waiting for your cacti to mature, ensuring that it is well taken care of also helps it bloom.

Check its drainage hole, along with the potting mix, ensure adequate sunlight exposure, nutrients, and water for it to bloom beautifully.

These flowering cacti would surely bring your garden and your home to life and be the center of attention!

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