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Do Professional Chefs Use Sous Vide?

As the sous vide cooking method becomes more approachable, you might wonder if other people use it.

Specifically, those who are well known for making delicious dishes: chefs. So, do professional chefs use sous vide?

Yes, some professionals, like the winner of Top Chef’s 14th season (Brooke Williamson), use Sous Vide. Chefs are known to use it for meat, vegetables, and even eggs.

Given the reducing costs of sous vide cooking, this method is becoming more approachable in home kitchens.

However, there are more famous names who commonly use this cooking method.

Five More Famous Chefs That Use Sous Vide

Gordon Ramsey 

Arguably the most famous Chef in the world, Gordon Ramsey was destroyed for using “boil in the bag” cooking techniques at one of his gastropubs.

However, the associated article dates back to 2009, so do we have any current evidence?

The closest evidence dates back to 2019, where a blog was featured from Gordon Ramsey’s website, Hell’s Kitchen Recipes.

It also features a video from one of his older Hell’s Kitchen episodes featuring cooking with water baths. 

We can’t say that it is his favorite cooking method, as he doesn’t often. But you can imagine when he’s not tearing the head off of TikTok chefs, he might consider the water bath cooking method at some point. 

Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller was the recipient of over three Michelin Star awards. In 2007, he was part of Aspen’s Food & Wine event, demonstrating the sous vide cooking process. 

During this video, he demonstrates valuable tips for handling sous vide cooking. As a well-known professional chef, you can see he uses this method. 

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is another well-known chef that teaches people various cooking methods. The vacuum-sealed sous vide cooking method is one such example. 

A popular example of this in action is his sous vide chicken legs. The process involves taking your sous vide machine to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and vacuum sealing a series of ingredients. 

The result of this precision cooking method involves excellent temperature control, leading to consistently cooked steak.

Whether you have a home or a professional kitchen, it’s a solid choice that Jamie Oliver has used in the past. 

Bruno Goussault

When using plastic bags in your cooking process, Bruno Goussault is considered one of the best. His passion for precise temperature control shows in the way he describes it

Bruno Goussault is the master of sous vide cooking. How modern sous vide cooking operates today comes from him.  He is a French chef, scientist, economist, and inventor. 

Currently, he is the consultant of Cuisine Solutions, where he continues to train chefs in the sous vide cooking method. Arguably Bruno Goussault is a big reason why sous vide is where it is today. 

Jim Smith

Jim Smith isn’t necessarily famous, but he is the executive chef for the State of Alabama. He’s known for sharing his thoughts on cooking tofu with the sous vide cooking process.

His advice is to “jump in” and do some research. Find a recipe online that you like and try it out. It’s fine to experiment with the process. 

Without his experimentation, he wouldn’t have discovered that combining tofu in a sous vide machine with basil, lime leaf, and cilantro would lead to a delicious and healthy meal. 

What Do You Need To Start Cooking Sous Vide?

You can easily see that professional and home chefs can cook sous vide from the stuff above. You don’t need to be the head chef at your local Italian restaurant to cook this. Some people use their instant pot. 

If you want some help finding sous vide accessories, here’s the bare minimum:



You will also need either Ziplock bags or sealable plastic bags. You do not need a vacuum sealer, but it can be helpful if you want the entire process. 

To make things easier, you can buy a container with sous vide racks. This allows the bags to hang up and contains a hole specifically for an immersion cooker (precision cooking device). 

You can also purchase a sous vide lid, which retains the temperature inside of your pot. Just be sure it fits whatever standard pot you plan on getting. 

Final Thoughts

Sous vide cooking is popular in both famous and home cooks. So if someone ever tells you that boiling food in a sealed bag isn’t “real cooking.” Name drop Gordon Ramsey or Thomas Keller.

If you are looking for help with your sous vide process, check out this article on using an instant pot for sous vide. Thanks for reading!

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