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Do Robot Vacuums Work On Carpet?

When I see a robot vacuum, I think of the company iRobot, which makes me think of the film. The film was supposed to be some grim reminder of what robotics has gone too far.

Instead, I see robot vacuums, the early stages of this threat, struggle between small ledges and thick carpet. 

Do robot vacuums work on carpet? They do, but certain types of robot vacuums are built better for the job.

With thicker carpets, good vacuums include the Roomba s9, Roborock s6, and Shark IQ.

In the rest of this article, we will break down why these vacuums are suitable for thicker carpets. We will also get into some general factors to look for when selecting the right robot vacuum. 

How To Pick The Best Robot Vacuums For Carpet

Many salespeople see you and me as an opportunity to earn a commission. Instead, picking a good robot vacuum starts with you knowing what works. Here are some quick tips on that:

  • Look for vacuums rated for high-pile carpet, known to the plushest (and most challenging to clean) type of carpet. 
  • Look for vacuums that have long battery life (at least 100 minutes). Vacuuming a carpet takes longer than hardwood floors. 
  • Seek vacuums who rated well for pet hair. These are typically long multi-level bristles that handle a combination of floor levels. 

We mentioned three robot vacuums above. To justify our point, we’re going to dig into why we selected those vacuums for our top picks.

The iRobot Roomba S9

The Roomba S9 hits all of the marks that we just mentioned: It’s good at the high-pile carpet, has long battery life, and does well at picking up pet hair.

The vacuum uses a smart pathing feature that comes from programmable features on the iRobot app. 

With the app, you can set boundaries to not go into specific rooms. The result is an efficient deep cleaning process that covers your priority bases efficiently.

Have it run over heavily foot trafficked areas more often. All iRobots have dirt detection technology.

The Shark IQ Robot

The Shark IQ is something closer to what you might expect from robot vacuums. The popular disc shape has returned with force, and this vacuum works on a multitude of surfaces. These surfaces include everything from tile to high-pile carpet. 

Some reviewers mentioned high maintenance costs, so be sure that you are ready to make some replacements. 

The Roborock s6

Roborock isn’t known as well in the world of robot vacs. However, you will find that they have the suction power needed to keep up with the big boys. The vacuum is also pretty effective with your pets. 

The Roborock is on this list mainly because of how budget-friendly it is. Despite the lower price, it still manages to have many advanced features that allow for laser navigation.

The bad news? This vacuum is better for medium pile carpets and bare floors. 

What Floor Is Best For Robot Vacs?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, many robot vacuums can give it the “old college try.” But most of them aren’t suitable for cleaning thick areas. 

Whatever you have your robot vacuum cleaner, be sure that it doesn’t spend much time trying to lift itself between different levels.

These little guys have wheels, and while it might look adorable when some of the cheaper ones bump into the wall, they have laser pathing which allows them to stick within room dimensions to stay efficient. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cleaning, robot vacuums are best suited to handle tinner jobs like tile floors. However, many of the higher-end models have proven us wrong.

In this article, you can see three of those models you should consider. 

We hope this short guide helps you out. If you are looking for further entertainment from your robot vacuums, consider putting googly eyes on them and taking a picture—otherwise, best of luck finding a robot vacuum that will clean your carpets well. 

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