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Do Smart Plugs Work with Touch Lamps?

When transforming your home into a smart home, there is a great chance you will start with smartening the wall outlets.

And smart plugs will smarten your wall outlets, allowing you to control the connected devices remotely.

And that’s possible because smart plugs connect to your Wi Fi network and have mobile apps for efficient remote control.

While there are many smart devices you could control remotely with a smart plug, you might want to control your touch lamps more than you want to control any electronics.

And you might wonder if smart plugs really work with your preferred touch lamps.

Smart plugs will work with your touch lamps since they allow you to switch the connected touch lamps on/off.

What’s more, smart plugs grant you the on/off control over other connected smart devices such as a smart Tv.

Since a smart plug has a mobile app for controlling it remotely, you can control the connected devices virtually from anywhere. Therefore, smart plugs work with many electrical devices, including your touch lamps.

How Does a Smart Plug Control Your Touch Lamp?

First, a smart plug connects to your Wi Fi network, usually WiFi 2.4GHz. But some smart plugs are dual-band, meaning they can also connect to WiFi 5GHz for a more reliable internet connection.

These are the smart plugs you want to buy if you want a more efficient remote control of the connected touch lamp.

Once you’ve connected the smart plug to your Wi Fi network using its mobile app, you can use the same app to switch your touch lamp on/off remotely.

Some smart plugs such as TECKIN MINI SMART OUTLET WI-FI PLUG even feature schedulers, and the schedulers automatically turn your touch lamp on or off.

You will use the mobile app to schedule your touch lamp to turn on/off at specific times. As a result, you will not have to worry about leaving your touch lamp switched on when you’re off to work!

So, a smart plug could also control your touch lamp by automating its functions.

What’s more, some smart plugs, such as Wyze Plug, feature the Away Mode. What this feature does is simple and could protect your smart home.

Precisely, the Away Mode randomly switches the touch lamp on and off as if you were at home. And this works to add some security layer to your property.

Therefore, a smart plug is an excellent smart home device you could use to control your touch lamp.

Can I Control My Touch Lamp by Voice?

Smart plugs connect to your Wi Fi network since they support wireless connectivity. And as we’ve said already, many smart plugs only connect to WiFi 2.4GHz.

But you can find special smart plugs that also connect to WiFi 5GHz, and they’re named dual-band smart plugs.

You will connect your chosen smart plug to a wall switch and set it up. And it’s during the setup process you want to ensure the smart plug connects to your Wi-Fi network.

Smart plugs are usually compatible with smart speakers using Alexa Google Assistant voice assistants.

So, you want to choose a smart speaker that uses either Alexa or Google Assistant. You will choose Amazon Echo if you want Alexa to be your virtual assistant.

But you will choose a smart speaker such as Google Nest if Google Assistant is your preferred voice assistant.

Whichever smart speaker you select, you will connect it to the same Wi Fi network as your smart plugs. As a result, the smart plugs and your chosen smart speaker will interact in the cloud.

And your chosen voice assistant will control the smart plug, depending on your voice commands.

Although many smart speakers also feature Bluetooth, they can’t use this wireless connectivity to connect to your smart plugs.

And that’s why you will use WiFi connectivity to connect the two smart devices wirelessly. Then you will control the smart plugs by voice. You can then expect to turn the touch lamp on/off just by the sound of your voice!

Even though you can use a smart speaker to control a smart plug, you will not always rely on your smart speaker for control. And that’s true if you’re away from home.

The smart plug app will come in handy to grant you remote control of the smart plug. So, you only want to use your voice assistant when you’re near your smart speaker.

Does A Touch Lamp Require Special Bulbs?

Your touch lamp uses any standard light bulb to function. That means you don’t require special light bulbs to use your touch lamp.

As such, you can’t use smart light bulbs such as Philips Hue bulbs with your touch lamp. And that’s because Philips Hue bulbs only work with a dimmer switch, and you will want to control them via an app.

Incredible Smart Plug Features That Benefit Touch Lamps

Smart plugs can work with your preferred smart speaker to grant you voice control over them. And that means controlling the connected touch lamp by voice.

Also, you can control smart plugs remotely via a mobile app. But all these control methods require your input.

You can find a smart plug with a motion sensor to automatically turn your touch lamp on when you walk into a room. Such a smart plug controls the touch lamp for you by turning it on/off.

When you walk into a room with the touch lamp (or if someone walks in), the motion sensor activates, and the smart plug turns on the plugged-in touch lamp.

Smart plugs such as D-Link DCH-S150 and Westek MLC12BC-4 have motion sensors. You want to connect your light fixture with one of these smart plugs, especially if the light fixture is in a dark hallway.

And the smart plug will then turn into a smart switch for controlling ‘dumb’ light fixtures.

The motion sensor of some smart plugs covers a wide radius of up to 25 feet. That means your connected touch lamp will switch on before you collide with anything in the pitch-black room. 

As you might already know, a smart plug with a motion sensor will grant you hands-free control of your touch lamp.

And this makes such a smart device ideal for any smart home. So, consider investing in a smart plug with a motion sensor.

Final Thoughts

A smart plug works with touch lamps, and it allows you to control your touch lamps from anywhere via a mobile app.

And that’s possible because a smart plug connects to your Wi Fi network, granting you control over the connected devices from anywhere.

And since you have plugged your touch lamp into a smart plug, it means you can control the touch lamp remotely.

Even though a touch lamp comes in handy to illuminate essential rooms like your bedroom, it doesn’t work with smart bulbs. But it does work with standard bulbs.

So, you want to place standard bulbs in your touch lamps to use them. 

Then you can plug your touch lamp into your smart plug to control it from anywhere. Since some smart plugs have features like the Away Mode or scheduler, you can even automate your touch lamp.

Therefore, a smart plug could help you control your touch lamp in several ways.

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