Do Smart Plugs Work with Touch Lamps?

Smart plugs are among the entry-level smart devices. And that’s because they’re among the first smart home devices you will buy to transform your residence into a smart home. Usually, a smart plug allows you to control the connected devices remotely via a companion app. But you can also control smart plugs remotely through a smart hub. So, Do smart plugs work with touch lamps?

Since a touch lamp usually uses corded electricity to function, you can be sure to control it remotely using a smart plug. The smart plug will allow you to turn your touch lamp on/off from anywhere. But that’s it since you can’t control features of your touch lamp, such as the color spectrum using your smart plug – that will require you to invest in a smart hub.

So, smart plugs work with touch lamps to allow you to switch your lighting device on/off from anywhere. You will plug your touch lamp’s plug into your preferred smart plug and plug your smart plug into a wall outlet. Using your smart plug’s companion app, you will then control the power flow to your touch lamp from anywhere. Be sure to read on for more information on how a smart plug works with a touch lamp.

How You Control a Smart Plug Remotely

You have many options if you’re looking for a suitable smart plug to control your touch lamp. But you want to opt for the best smart plug to control your touch lamp remotely via an app. Also, a smart hub could help you control your smart plug in ways not possible with the smart plug’s companion app alone.

A smart plug usually connects to your Wi Fi network wirelessly since these devices feature Wi-Fi connectivity protocol. Some smart plugs will, however, require a Wi-Fi Bridge to connect to your wireless internet connection. As such, consider buying this bridge separately if your preferred smart plug doesn’t include it in the package.

Once you’ve plugged the smart plug into a wall outlet and plugged your touch lamp into the smart plug, you can then turn your lighting fixture or any other connected device on/off from anywhere. And that means smart plugs also control light fixture efficiently as it controls your touch lamp.

A smart plug has a companion app that you will download on your smartphone or tablet. The app usually supports iOS and Android platforms, meaning a smartphone or tablet is an ideal control panel. The app allows you to turn your touch lamp on/off or set schedules for automating your lighting.

As a result, you can come home to a touch lamp that’s already on if you’ve set the scheduler. And this could save you electrical energy that translates to reduced energy costs at the end of the month. The scheduler also allows you to set your touch lamp to turn off automatically at sunrise. A smart plug is one of the best smart home devices for controlling a touch lamp since it boasts efficient lighting automation.

Controlling Your Touch Lamp by Voice

If you’re looking for hands-free control of your touch lamp, you want to add an Alexa-enabled smart speaker into the mix. There are plenty of smart speakers to choose from, and Amazon Echo is one of the choices you have. It is a top-shelf smart home device with excellent performance. Besides Alexa Google Assistant is another incredible virtual assistant to pick to control your touch lamp through voice commands.

Amazon Echo Dot communicates with connected devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Since your smart plug might not be Bluetooth-enabled, it will connect to your smart speaker wirelessly via Wi-Fi. And this connection allows you to control the smart plug through the sound of your voice. And in turn, your smart plug controls your touch lamp (it turns it on or off).

Besides helping you control your touch lamp, a smart speaker could also allow you to stream music from your favorite platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. With a smart speaker integrated into your smart home, you only need the sound of your voice to control your touch lamp. What’s more, Alexa could also set the smart plug’s scheduler to automatically turn your touch lamp on/off at your preferred time!

How Does a Touch Lamp Work?

The market also has plenty of touch lamps, and you want only to pick the best touch lamps from the market. Whichever touch lamp you choose, you can be sure it works the same way as the rest of the models on the market.

Usually, touch lamps feature full-body convenient touch. As a result, you can control the touch lamp to change brightness or RGB Colorful Mode by touching anywhere on its body. But do you know how a simple touch controls your touch lamp?

Generally speaking, your body has some capacitance – the ability to retain electrical charges. Also, the lamp’s body retains some electrical charge. But your body’s charge capacitance and the lamp’s are different. And when you touch anywhere on the touch lamp’s body, a charge will flow between your body and the lamp, completing a circuit in the process. As a result, your touch lamp will turn on.

How Your Touch Lamp Changes the Brightness Level

You already know touching anywhere on the touch lamp’s body completes the circuit to turn on the lamp’s bulb. But that doesn’t explain how touching the same body controls the brightness level of your touch lamp.

Once you’ve turned your touch lamp on, it can only dim by changing its duty cycle, reducing the duty cycle to be exact. The duty cycle refers to the rapid turning on and off of the lamp’s bulb in successions. When the duty cycle is at a slower rate, the light from your touch lamp will appear dim. And that’s how your touch-sensitive lamp changes brightness at the touch of its body.

What Bulb Should You Use With A Touch Lamp?

Although you can use smart bulbs with a touch lamp, it is unnecessary to use them with your touch-sensitive lamp since these touch lamps have smart bulb functionalities. You can dim the light or change the brightness level; you can control your touch lamp remotely, and you can certainly gain hands-free control over your lamp with the help of compatible smart home devices.

Besides, some touch-sensitive lamps have built-in bulbs that change their RGB Colors and shift between white and warm light at the touch of their bodies. As such, you don’t need to use smart bulbs with these lighting systems.

But some touch lamps, such as Touch Lamp by Yarra-Décor, use LED bulbs instead. The touch lamp controls the LED bulb by dimming it, changing its brightness level, and adjusting its color temperature. You only have to touch the touch lamp’s body. As such, you want to use LED bulbs with your touch lamp if it doesn’t include a built-in bulb.

Can You Connect Your Touch Lamp with A Motion Sensor?

Besides adding to the convenience of lighting up your bedside, a touch lamp could also add to your home security. And that’s possible if you connect it with a motion sensor. Of course, your touch lamp might not connect to Wi-Fi directly. But since you might already be using a smart plug to control your touch-sensitive lamp, you can link a motion sensor with the smart plug.

And once the motion sensor picks up movement in the monitored area, it sends signals to the smart plug through Wi-Fi connectivity to turn on the touch lamp. As a result, your touch lamp will alert you if someone breaches your smart home security.

Do Smart Bulbs Also Work with Touch-Sensitive Lamps?

If you’re looking to have a smart light in your home, you can do more than place some in your light fixture. You could also place smart bulbs such as Philips Hue bulbs in a touch-sensitive lamp. As you already know, many touch lamps have the functionalities of smart bulbs, and using smart bulbs in these lamps is unnecessary.

But your smart bulbs could transform your home elsewhere, especially in your light fixture. And after connecting the smart switch to the light fixture, you can control your smart bulbs efficiently in ways that a wall switch can’t. As such, consider adding smart bulbs to your home to transform your lighting system.


If you’re looking to control your touch lamp, you have a few control methods to use. You can use a smart plug to control your touch lamp remotely. And you can also use a smart speaker for hands-free control. Since a touch lamp uses corded electricity, you can plug it into a smart plug to control its power flow via a mobile app.

We’ve also looked at how touch-sensitive lamps work and how you can connect them to a motion sensor to improve your smart home security. If you were looking to know if smart plugs work with touch lamps, we hope we’ve answered your question and provided additional information.

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