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Do Stick Vacuums Work On Carpet?

Especially if you live in an apartment or house where space is limited, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to optimize storage space.

While powered vacuums certainly help keep a household looking clean and tidy, a corded vacuum can be cumbersome, particularly if you don’t have a lot of room to store it in a closet.

In that case, a cordless stick vacuum might be just what you need!

There are many styles and brands of stick-style vacs.

If you’re looking for something with easy-to-empty capabilities, as well as a device that is affordable, lightweight, portable and easy to use, you might want to try a stick vac, which is a cleaning tool that is trending throughout the country!

If you have a friend or family member who already own one, maybe you can arrange to borrow it for a few days before deciding whether or not to invest in a new product.

How a Cordless Vacuum Works

Perhaps you’ve never heard of a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. This type of device is similar to an upright vacuum without an electrical cord.

Stick vacs run on lithium ion batteries that you can recharge as needed.

As you work your way around the house cleaning pile carpets, hardwood floors or stairs, all the debris that the suction power is collecting into your cordless stick vacuum is being caught in a dust bin rather than a large bag with filter inserts.

In a stick vacuum cleaner, the dust bins are easily removable. You simply disconnect the bin from the device and empty it after each use. No more having to spend money on bags!

While a cordless stick vacuum still has a brush roll similar to an electric vacuum cleaner, many styles include a shut-off feature where you can disengage the roller, which comes in handy when you’re cleaning wood floors or other hard surfaces.

Using a Stick Vacuum Cleaner Has Its Perks

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There are several reasons why you might want to try using a stick vacuum cleaner over an upright vacuum, a canister device or a small, handheld vacuum cleaner.

A stick vacuum cleaner is a lightweight device, which makes it easily portable. There are several benefits in using one that might make you a fan of a stick vac over traditional carpet cleaning systems.

Most people love the fact that stick vacs can be used on both floors and carpet.

Think of all the times you’ve been inconvenienced in having to switch back and forth from a vacuum to a dust mop to a broom.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one product to handle all of those jobs?

By using various special features, such as turning off the roller brush or converting to the vac to a handheld system, you can easily take care of several rooms consecutively without having to tote several devices from room to room.

If you have pets at home, you’ll be glad to know that the suction power in a quality stick vacuum can handle pet hair debris.

If you’re moving through areas that change from carpeting to bare floors, you can easily turn off the brush roller if you have a stick vacuum that includes this feature.

Many devices have a battery life that lasts up to 40 minutes, which means you can cover a lot of ground before having to recharge while, at the same time, not having to drag a long cord around everywhere you go.

The following list includes additional benefits that many customers enjoy when they switch from using traditional vacuum systems to stick vacs:

  • Most are very lightweight.
  • They typically don’t take up a lot of storage space.
  • You can save money in the long run by not having to buy insert bags.
  • Stick vacs are often quieter than traditional vacuums.
  • Many have removable parts to use as handheld cleaners as needed.
  • They come in cordless or corded styles.

While many people prefer a cordless option, you can also choose a stick-style vacuum that has an electric cord attached.

What Are the Downsides?

There are a few potential downsides in using a stick carpet-cleaning vac.

If you choose a style that doesn’t include a removable feature to use as a handheld device, you might run into a situation where you have trouble reaching into crevices or around a tight corner.

Some people say that they would rather use a canister vacuum or other more traditional style because they feel like those options have more suction power than a stick vacuum.

When it comes to corded uprights versus battery-operated stick devices, the former is obviously able to be used for a longer period of time because you don’t have to stop to recharge it.

 Some People Keep Stick Vacuums On Hand for Quick Clean-ups

Perhaps you’re relatively satisfied with your upright or canister vac but don’t like having to drag it out every time there’s a small pile of crumbs in a carpet or spill on a bare floor.

You might consider getting a stick vac to have on hand. Because they’re so lightweight, easy to store and portable, it’s usually no trouble to grab your stick vac when there’s a small mess to clean up.

If you prefer, you can keep your traditional vacuum system for major household cleaning days but have the option of using a stick vac for quick clean-ups.

The next time someone spills rice or a flour on the kitchen floor, you won’t have to struggle with a broom, which often smears the mess around and makes matters worse or drag out a big vacuum cleaner when you’re not cleaning the entire room.

Kids Can Do Chores Easily With Stick Vacs

If you’re a parent who uses household chores to help your children learn about responsibility and how every family member plays a valuable role to help take care of the house.

You might want to try a stick-style vacuum because they tend to be much easier for kids to handle than a large canister or upright device.

Consider having a stick vacuum in each child’s bedroom, which can help kids gain a sense of independence by having cleaning supplies on-hand to spruce up their room rather than having to ask mom or dad for help.

Older people, as well, especially those with arthritis or other health conditions that make using a traditional vacuum difficult, may want to give a cordless stick device a try.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur who is launching a cleaning service business. It might be a lot easier to load up a stick vacuum in your car than a more traditional device.

If you’re expanding your business by hiring a cleaning crew, each team can be outfitted with a stick vacuum, which might help save on the cost of investing in several larger vacuum systems.

List Your Needs and Weigh Your Options

Cleaning the house can be a more pleasant experience when you have quality equipment that adds convenience and efficiency to your chores.

What works best for one person may not be relevant to another. Asking several questions ahead of time can help you choose a product that suits your preference, budget and lifestyle.

For instance, do you live in a small apartment or large home?

Do you have any injuries or health conditions that make it difficult to use an upright or canister vacuum cleaner?

Is your residence multi-level where you have to carry your floor-cleaning device up and down stairs?

Do you have several types of flooring, including carpeting, hardwood or other bare surfaces?

These and other questions can help you determine which type of carpet or floor-cleaning system would best fits your needs.

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