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Does Instant Pot Have A Sous Vide Program?

Instant Pot is a popular pressure cooking device, sometimes called a multicooker, known for making delicious meals.

Sous vide, which stands for under vacuum in French, is a cooking technique involving food under pressure in a plastic bag.

Souls video is cooked at low temperatures for an extended period, making it suitable for use with an instant pot. 

However, do Instant Pots have a sous video program? 

Many Instant Pot appliances have a sous vide program. Here are the models that come with this function:

The basic Duo model does not come with Sous Vide functions.

Below, we will delve into what you need to look at to ensure you get an instant pot with sous vide. We will also tell you how to use the sous vide function in your Instant Pot. 

What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide is an old cooking process that involves placing food in a vacuum-sealed bag. Food is cooked over time in this bag, demanding precise water temperature and extended cook time. 

Typically, a combination of meat and seasonings is inside of a sous vide bag. This process gives the bag time to absorb flavor from the meat.

When you slow cook the meat, it also allows for great tenderness.

It’s a simple cooking process that is easy to learn but difficult to master.

Some modern pressure cookers wish to simplify the process by adding this function to a few button presses.

How Can You Tell Your Instant Pot Has Sous Vide?

Instant Home, the company behind Instant Pot, has an online comparison chart you can use to determine which models have the functions you are looking for.

If you are shopping on Amazon or at a local Walmart, look a the packaging or product description. 

A promising sign that your pot has the capabilities to handle this cooking function comes from size. Pots below six quarts do not come with any sous vide process.

You can look for the sous video button on the front of your machine.  

What are Alternatives To Getting an Instant Pot?

To pressure cook in an instant pot is one such option. But there is one additional option for digital tracking: A sous vide immersion circulator. 

Immersion circulators are small devices you connect to the side of the pot. Ideally, you’ll want a classic stainless steel pot.

After sealing the contents of your meal with your sous vide machine, the circulator boils the water to a precise temperature. 

One example, the Anova Culinary Sous video Precision Cooker Nano, connects to your smartphone.

It’s also closer to the reality of what sous vide is, as circulating water is a crucial point behind the classic cooking process.

How Do You Sous Vide Using an Instant Pot?

If you are new to this cooking method, you should follow sous vide recipes. The recipe will give you general guidelines related to cooking time and temperature. 

Step One: Fill The Pot With Water and Prep the Bag

How much water you use depends heavily on what you are cooking. Your goal is to submerge the dish completely but leave enough of an opening for air to escape out of. 

For these non-standard sous vide methods, you’ll want to use resealable freezer bags. Perfectly vacuum-sealed bags are unnecessary for this, often leading to pressure issues.

 Electric pressure cookers already apply some pressure, so you’ll want to turn the venting knob so it is open. 

The freezer bag should have almost no air in it. Any air left behind has the potential to ruin the process. Also, the opening up top should be no larger than an inch. 

Step Two: Adjust the Time and Temperature with the Control Panel

The amount of time it takes to cook your meal will depend on the recipe’s instructions. When setting the controls up, the process for almost all Instant Pots are as follows:

  1. Press the sous vide button 
  2. Set the water temperature based on the “+” and “-” signs
  3. Set the time using the “+” and “-” buttons 
  4. Hit the sous vide button again

This process may change slightly depending on your model, but almost all Instant Pots follow something similar. Check your owner’s manual to be 100% sure of the process. 

Because instant pots are a temperature-controlled environment, you shouldn’t have to check them too often.

If you set the time correctly, it should blink with “0:00” and beep to tell you when the meal is finished. 

Step Three: Remove The Food and Perform All Optional Steps

Your next step is to remove the food from the Instant Pot. Be sure to grab it using protective cooking gloves, as it’s going to be pretty hot. 

Use tongs to remove the food from the bag, placing it on a cutting board or plate. Depending on what the recipe calls for you to do, it may ask to sear the food. 

In that case, have a skillet ready to get that nice outer texture. Oil the skillet slightly so you can avoid burning the food. 

If you don’t plan on eating it right away, you can store the food in an ice bath. The ice bath allows you to shorten the time needed for the food to enter the fridge. 

Quick Reminders On Instant Pot Sous Vide (Conclusion)

Many Instant Pots have sous vide functions, but it’s never good to assume.

Always check product descriptions to be sure you can take full advantage of this sweet cooking method. 

It’s difficult to overcook food with sous vide, especially with an Instant Pot. However, it is easy to undercook, so pay close attention to getting the right temperature.

If you plan on storing the food, just don’t forget to move your bag to an ice water bath. 

If you’d like to see some other chef specials for your room, check out our article on what stoves chefs use at home. Thanks for reading!

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