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Does My Samsung Smart Tv Have a Camera?

Samsung is a brand that needs no introduction since it is one of the most recognizable brands. Everything in their product line is top of the range, especially their latest Samsung smart TVs.

Every Samsung smart tv is feature-laden, with Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor 4K standing out the most. The feature boasts an upgraded AI processor that results in 4K image resolution.

Also, Samsung TVs feature an ultra-wide viewing angle that allows you to enjoy crisp pictures from almost any sitting position.

Since Samsung smart TVs also connect to other devices wirelessly, you can be sure to connect them with your preferred smart speaker for hands-free control through voice commands.

Samsung smart TVs can do pretty much everything, thanks to their feature-laden design. But you might wonder if your Samsung smart Tv has a camera to unlock even more potential.

Only some Samsung smart TVs have a camera. And that means many TV models don’t feature a camera.

The few Samsung smart TVs with built in cameras have their cameras positioned at the top center of their display. But many smart TVs from Samsung have a microphone.

Precisely, they feature two microphones – one at the bottom of the screen and the other one on the remote control. If you’re looking for more information about Samsung smart TVs, read on for more details.

How To Check If Your Samsung Smart Tv Has a Camera

You could benefit immensely from a Samsung smart Tv with a built-in camera and microphone. One thing you could do is to hold meetings with your smart Tv.

The built-in camera could also enable your smart Tv to recommend movies and Tv series you might find interesting.

And that’s possible because the latest Samsung smart TVs feature an automatic content recognition technology that uses the built-in camera.

The ACR technology will suggest movies for you based on a show you watch frequently.

Since the built-in camera comes with some benefits, you might want to check if your Samsung smart Tv has a camera built-in. So, here’s how to check for the built-in camera:

Check Your Smart Tv Physically

Some Samsung smart TVs feature a built-in camera, while other Tv models lack this feature. You might want to check for the camera for some reason.

One reason might be you just want to see if your Tv has a camera to use for holding meetings. You might also check if there’s any camera that could spy on you.

Whatever your reason, you want to check the bezel of the smart Tv.

Specifically, you want to check the top bezel around the center. If your smart Tv has a camera built-in, you will notice a slight difference in the bezel.

The built-in camera will resemble the one on your laptop or tablet screen. Some smart TVs even feature a retractable camera.

Finding these cameras is also easy – you will feel the area around the back of the smart Tv’s edge to find this type of camera.

Check Your User Manual

Your user manual contains all the specification details about your Samsung smart Tv. Therefore, this document offers the surest way of checking for any camera built into your smart Tv.

The user manual will tell you whether your smart TV features a built-in camera or if it has no such feature. So, be sure to read your user manual to eliminate any doubt.

Information about any built-in camera is also on your Tv’s box. Since there’s a high chance you’ve thrown away the box already, you’re only left with one alternative place to check for information about any built-in camera.

You can check the back of your TV for the model number and use this number to do quick online research. You will then know if your Samsung smart Tv has a built-in camera or not.

Samsung Smart TVs with built-in Cameras

Samsung F Series Model features a built-in camera. To be more precise, the F Series features a retractable camera that’s easy to use. You want to Extend TV Camera before using it.

And to do this, you will gently push the camera while ensuring you don’t touch the lens. Your camera will click, and it will pop up.

Of course, you will retract this camera when not using it. Again, this is an easy thing to do. You will push the camera gently while not touching its lens.

Also, the camera will click once you’ve retracted it. Samsung F Series Model also has motion and face recognition features. However, you will not use these features once you’ve retracted the built-in camera.

Do Samsung Smart TVs Have a Microphone Built-In?

Even though many Samsung smart TVs have no camera built-in, many of these smart TVs have a built-in microphone. What’s even more impressive is that Samsung F-Series Models have two microphones.

One microphone is below the screen, while another microphone is built into the remote control.

How To Use the Microphone on Your Samsung Smart Tv

The built-in microphone on your Samsung smart TV allows you to use the voice recognition feature.

As a result, you can choose virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby to control your smart Tv. Voice control allows you to ask your Tv some questions, search for new apps, or give commands.

Since the virtual assistant supports multiple languages, your Tv will follow the voice commands you issue regardless of the language you speak.

You will head to your Tv Settings, select General, then Voice. You will then select Voice Assistant from the menu and select the virtual assistant you’d love to use.

You will then press OK afterwards. Once you Allow your preferred voice assistant to access your smart TV, you will conveniently use the microphone to control your smart TV.

You will also need to agree to the user agreement terms to use virtual assistants on your Samsung smart TV. So, be sure to agree to the license.

Keeping Your Samsung Smart Tv Working Excellently

Whether you’re looking to use your Samsung smart Tv’s built-in camera or microphone, you want flawless-working television. One way to keep your smart tv working at its best is to run Tv software updates.

However, a software update might revert your video and audio settings to default. But the software updates are worthwhile since it ensures your smart Tv works excellently.

You can update the software automatically after you connect to the internet. Once you’ve connected your Tv to your internet, you will navigate to Settings to select Support.

Then you will choose Software Update from the menu before selecting Auto Update. You only want to update your smart Tv to fix a bug.

You can also update your smart Tv over the internet. Again, you will need to connect to the internet for this update.

You will then follow: Settings > Support > Software > Update > Update Now. You will then press OK to exit. 

Lastly, you can use a USB drive to update your Samsung smart Tv. First, you will download the latest software updates to a USB drive.

You can visit Samsung Download Center to find the software update. You will then insert the USB into the USB port of your smart TV.

Once the Tv has detected the USB drive, you will proceed as follows: Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now. Then you will select Yes.

Do Samsung Smart TVs Spy on Users?

Since some smart TVs have built in cameras, with many featuring built-in microphones, you might wonder if they really spy on you.

While smart TVs can spy on you, they don’t transmit the collected data to anyone. And that makes smart TVs safe to use.

Samsung smart TVs use the Automatic Content Recognition technology to suggest Tv shows you might find interesting.

This technology analyzes your entertainment behavior to recommend movies and shows to watch. So, smart TVs spy on you in a sense. But they don’t breach your privacy.

The good news is you could limit ad tracking to control the data collection.

How To Limit Ad Tracking on Your Smart TV

You can always secure your privacy even if you’re using other smart Tv brands such as Vizio TVs and LG smart TVs.

You only have to know where to navigate to limit the Ad tracking and secure your privacy. Let’s look at steps for disabling the ads and tracking on some of the smart Tv brands:

Samsung Smart TV

You will navigate to Settings, then navigate to Terms & Policy. You will navigate to Viewing information services from here before turning it Off

Roku TVs

Roku TVs use a tv operating system that’s different from Tizen, the OS for many Samsung smart TVs. But you can still disable their Ads and tracking. You will follow the steps below:

Settings > Privacy > Smart TV Experience. Then disable Use Info from TV Inputs.

You will then go to Advertising > Adjust Ad Tracking Settings > Microphone, then select adjust the Channel Microphone Access before adjusting the Channel Permissions. 

LG Smart TVs

You will navigate to Settings and select General. You will then go to Live Plus and turn the Ad Tracking Off

How To Remove the Protective Film on your Samsung smart TV

Your brand-new Samsung smart Tv has a protective film on its screen. After unboxing the TV set, you will want to remove this film from the screen.

The film usually has pull tabs for excellent and hassle-free removal. The barcode might not be easy to remove from your screen since it could leave a part of it. And this will obscure the view.

That’s where a sticky piece of tape comes in for your rescue. You will use this type of tape to remove the protective film from your smart Tv screen.

And the result will be a clear screen with no trace of barcode and protective film. 

Final Thought

Some Samsung smart TVs have built-in cameras. The cameras allow you to hold virtual meetings since these smart TVs also feature built-in microphones.

However, not all smart TVs have a camera built into them. So, you want to check for a built-in camera if you intend to use your smart TV for more than watching your favorite TV shows. 

Besides allowing you to hold a meeting, smart TVs could also grant you voice control over them.

Once the smart TV is on the same network as the connected devices such as a smart speaker, you will use voice assistants to control your smart Tv.

And that means changing the TV channel, adjusting the volume, or even turning your Tv on/off. Smart TVs are a worthy investment, especially if they have a built-in camera.

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