Does Texas Roadhouse Use Sous Vide?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse uses the sous vide cooking technique to achieve a consistent level of doneness when cooking all their steak cuts. And the result is a high-quality fast cooked steak without compromising the tasteful flavors. Sous vide allows the executive chef to cook the steak precisely for a juicy and tender steak with bustling flavors.

When craving a nicely cut steak, there are only a few steakhouses to visit to satisfy your craving. Of course, you will splash decent bucks to get justice served from the kitchen unless you know to go. Texas Roadhouse is one place you can be sure to visit and taste what an executive chef has prepared. What’s more, this steakhouse has promotions and gifts for esteemed customers.

They serve various steaks to their customers all over America and 10 other countries. They are one of the best steakhouses serving hand-cut steaks and Fall-Off-The-Bone ribs, among other steak cuts. But not everyone loves steaks. If you’re such a person, you can be sure to find a dish you love from their menu. Some of the foods they also serve include fresh-baked bread. So, there is always something for everyone in Texas Roadhouse steakhouse chain restaurants.

How Texas Roadhouse Tenderize the Steaks

If there is one thing you’re sure of having at Texas Roadhouse, it is a tender steak cut. But how does this steakhouse make its steak cuts so tender and juicy? Texas Roadhouse uses salt and pepper seasoning to cover both sides of the steak cut.

Then they leave the cut steak to sit for 40 minutes. Allowing the steak cut to sit for this period ensures salt penetrates the steak to break down the muscle fibers. Since the seasoning penetrates deep, the steak cut becomes tender throughout (and not just the surface).

How Else Does Texas Roadhouse Tenderize the Steak Cuts?

Besides seasoning steak cuts, Texas Roadhouse also has a few tricks rolled up its sleeves for tenderizing the steaks. And one such tenderizing technique involves long ageing a high-fat content steak cut, such as a New York strip, in a climate-controlled room for weeks.

One benefit of tenderizing the steak cut this way is that the steak will develop a beefier flavor and a buttery texture. What’s more, dry aged beef has a funky scent that makes it many people’s favorite. So, dry aged beef tenderizes because of the natural enzymes in the beef.

When you dry age the beef, the natural enzymes tenderize the beef by breaking down the collagens inside the steak. Since collagen toughens and holds together the muscle fibers in the beef, dry-ageing tenderizes the steak cuts for sure.

Your dry aged beef will also have more intensive flavors since it loses more water through evaporation. And the longer the dry ageing period, the more water the steak cut loses. And the more flavorful it becomes. Texas Roadhouses uses this tenderizing method to make some of its steak cuts tender and more flavorful. As a result, customers have one of the best steak cuts at the Texas Roadhouse restaurants across the country.

What Are Some of The Steak Cuts at Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse has built a name for itself from its flavorful and tender steak cuts. This steakhouse serves one of the best hand-cut steaks and flavorful and award-winning ribs. But what are the steak cuts you could have at Texas Roadhouse?

Ribeye Steak Cuts

Texas Roadhouse hand cuts the ribeye steaks from the rib section. Ribeye steak cut cooks perfectly in foaming warm butter to develop a mouth-watering crust. Since the steakhouse infuses the ribeye steaks with fresh thyme and fresh rosemary, they cook one of the tastiest ribeye steaks across America and 10 other countries in which the restaurant chains exist.

You could serve ribeye steaks with potatoes, wine, or lobster. You can also have the ribeye steak alone and have a refreshing meal. If you’d love to treat yourself to a nicely cut ribeye steak, Texas Roadhouse might be the place to visit!

T Bone Cuts

A T Bone is one of the steak cuts you could have at the Texas Roadhouse. It is a cut with a T-shaped bone surrounded by meat on either side. You could also prepare this incredibly tasteful meal within the comfort of your kitchen.

Of course, you will begin to pat dry the T-Bone steak with a paper towel, then rub it with some oil. You will then season it with salt and pepper on all sides before heating it on a cast iron skillet. Before adding the steak cut to the skillet, you will sprinkle it with oil and heat it until the oil smokes. Then you can add your T-Bone steak cut.

Sear the sides for 2 minutes each, then butter, minced garlic, and some fresh rosemary. Use a toaster oven for cooking your steak to 425°F until it achieves the doneness level you desire. Whether you love medium rare or find the well-done steak, you can have a tasteful meal at the Texas Roadhouse or in your home kitchen.

Prime Rib Cuts

Texas Roadhouses serves more than ribeye T bone steak cuts to the customers. They also serve Prime Rib cuts. One reason why they serve flavorful prime rib cuts is that their steaks are high-quality. And they use a master recipe for cooking their steaks and serving customers flavorful meals.

Before cooking the prime rib, you let it sit for about 3 hours to achieve room temperature after sprinkling salt all over the steak cut. Cut the steak bones away and tie them back together on the steak. This allows you to stand the cut with the bones while cooking.

Preheat the toaster oven to 500°F. Meanwhile, pat dry the prime rib cut with a paper towel. Then season your steak with salt and pepper. Place the roast cut in a roasting pan and brown at high temperature. You can then lower the temperature to finish the crusting.


Texas Roadhouse cooks one of the best steak cuts. They vacuum seal the cuts before sous vide to achieve a consistent level of doneness. And that means having the same quality every time you visit one of their steakhouses. With the ribeye, T-bone, and prime rib steaks on their menu, you can be sure to find other meals on the menu.

You could also have a tasty steak right in your home. All you will need is a recipe that takes you through the steps for cooking your steak excellently. But before cooking the steak, you might have to pre-cook it using the sous vide technique. So, if you crave a steak cut, Texas Roadhouse might be the place to visit. Or even better, you could cook a steak for you and the guests at home!

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