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Does Wyze Cam Have a Battery?

Wyze has made a name for itself by being one of the most economical security cameras. This means that even those who consider ourselves ordinary Joes can afford to protect our families and possessions.

Their cameras are well-built and have plenty of features. They even offer a small amount of free cloud storage, HD video, and 2-way audio capabilities.

But the real question is, are they battery-powered?

 Wyze indoor cameras do not have batteries. However, the Wyze outdoor camera is battery-powered. You choose the camera to meet your need.

They have three varieties of indoor cameras and the ever-popular battery-powered outdoor camera.

Types of Wyze Cameras

Wyze introduced its first camera to the world in 2017. By the next year, they expanded their line of cameras to include the Wyze Cam v2 and the Wyze Cam Pan.

Let’s take a look at the different varieties of the Wyze cam.

Wyze Cam v1 and the Wyze Cam v2

Wyze cam v1 came with tons of features. It had free cloud storage, sound and motion detection, 24/7 continuous recording,  time lapse recording for video clips, and smoke and C0 alerts.

Both cameras are stationary and do not have batteries.

You’ll need an external power source.  They kept all of these features on the Wyze Cam v2, but designers improved image quality, including night vision. And the v2 has a better sound quality. 

Wyze Cam v3

The v3 also doesn’t have a battery and requires an external power source.

It has all the features users loved about the v1 and v2, but the processor is 2 times faster, you get more frames per second, and you’ll get a much wider field of view.

The night vision is stellar in the v3 because it has a low-light amplifier and passive infrared LEDS that provide vivid detail in dark areas. 

Wyze Cam Pan

This latest indoor security camera can scan an entire room. You can set up its “way points” so you can see the room’s entire details. The camera provides 1080p HD images and automatically tracks motion.

It works with both Google Assistant and Alexa devices. It plugs into a standard outlet using a 6-foot power cable and does not have a battery.

Wyze Cam Outdoor

The Wyze cam outdoor does have a rechargeable battery. It is designed to be wire-free and mounted outdoors in areas without a power source nearby.

The rechargeable battery life lasts about three to six months before needing to be recharged.

Of course, how long it lasts depends on factors like its settings, usage, and outdoor temperature. The outdoor starter bundle includes one camera and a base station.

You have the option of expanding the system by purchasing additional cameras, but you will need the starter bundle so it can sync with the base station. 

The outdoor cam provides you more freedom. You can use it anywhere even without any connections to your router or internet.

Just enable travel mode before leaving home. You cannot set up travel mode remotely. 

Battery Life and Charging the Wyze Cam Outdoor

The Wyze cam outdoor has an internal battery to work without being connected to an electrical outlet. In addition to the battery, it has a micro USB port to be connected to an external power source for recharging.

Here’s what you need to know about the battery in the outdoor cam.

  • It is battery powered.
  • The rechargeable batteries are 7.4V.
  • The expected battery life is usually three to six months.
  • The included charger is rated for 5V 2A.
  • To recharge the batteries from 0 to 100% will take about four hours.
  • The home screen updates the remaining battery life in real-time so you always know how much battery is left.
  • A push notification is sent to the Wyze app when the battery drops below 20%.
  • Live streaming stops after the battery drops below 10%.

How do you recharge the battery in the Wyze outdoor cam?

The camera has a micro USB port accessible on the back. It can be plugged into a power source to recharge. This port is only designed to recharge the battery and cannot be used as a power source.

The camera needs to be brought indoors to recharge. It can be on or off while it is being charged.

Where are recordings stored?

The Wyze cam comes with limited, but free cloud storage. The camera also has an SD card slot, but it doesn’t come with the microsd card. You’ll need to purchase it separately.

If the card gets full, the camera automatically starts recording over at the beginning.

Is a Wuze cam worth buying?

The quick and easy answer is definitely. The different cameras offer high-quality streaming and recording. You can use the free cloud storage or use an SD card in the card slot.

They are easy to set up and they don’t break the bank. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get the home security you want.

Even though each camera will only cost you between $20 and $50, they help protect your home and offer some great features too.

You do not even have to have a smart home, just a wi fi connection so you can interact with the app.

Final Thoughts

The Wyze cam outdoor security camera does have a battery. This company’s other cameras do not have a battery and are all powered by plugging them into an external power source. 

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