The Best Electric Log Splitters For 2020

The Best Electric Log Splitters For 2022

Splitting logs for your fireplace is easier than before with the best log splitter. Although you have gas-powered log splitters to choose from, you want to take the green route by picking an electric log splitter.

Electric log splitters might not offer as much log splitting force as their gas-powered counterparts, but they are eco-friendly.

And that means you can split logs indoors, especially in winter when it’s extremely cold outside.

What’s more, they feature zero-maintenance motors that reduce their maintenance costs. They also deliver remarkable force to slice through many wood materials.

Some even rival gas-powered models by delivering up to a 14-ton log splitting force. As such, they are worthy contenders with almost as much powerful performance as gas-powered electric splitters.

However, you want to invest in the best electric log splitters to get the best splitting performance.

If you’re looking for the best electric log splitters for 2022, you have come to the right place! We have taken the time to narrow down the list to five ultimate log splitters to consider buying.

Of course, we couldn’t exhaust all the best electric log splitters, and that’s why we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you pick other incredible modes not appearing on our review.

So, be sure to read on for more information.

What Are the Best Electric Log Splitters on The Market Today?

YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

YARDMAX YS0552 is an incredibly powerful log splitter featuring a 15-amp motor. That makes it a powerful electric log splitter. The electric motor powers a pump that pushes the hydraulic fluid within the cylinder.

And the result is an impressive 5-ton splitting force. Therefore, you can bank on this particular log splitter to fast-track the project at hand.

Aside from massive splitting power, the electric log splitter boasts a large log spitting capacity. Its horizontal log tray ensures you can fit 20.5-inch-long logs with diameters reaching a whopping 10 inches.

This powerful unit’s incredible log splitting capacity is a sure remarkable feat, making it worth considering for heavy-duty projects.

Moving it across the worksite is effortless since this unit features 7-inch wheels. The wheels make the log splitter portable, and you want to use it indoors during winter.

Your safety is something the designers had in mind when they made this log splitter. That’s why you have two handles for the safe handling of the machine.

What’s more, it features a stroke limiter that also makes it safer to use. Also, the horizontal log tray ensures your log lays safely and does not fall as it would if the log tray were vertical.

The featured stand guarantees a stable platform and allows you to work while standing. As such, you don’t have to bend over or squat.

As we’ve already mentioned, the stroke limiter and a short cylinder cycle of 16 seconds fast-track the project. So, this is one unit you want for faster performance.

The unit even comes pre-assembled; the only thing is to clip the wheels on and start splitting logs into firewood. If you need reliable power, safety, and portability, you have this electric log splitter to consider.

Model Number‎YS0552
Product Dimensions‎40 x 8 x 5 inches
Item Weight‎99.8 pounds
Horse Power-
Splitting Force5 Ton
Log Capacity20.5" in length and 10" in diameter

5-ton splitting power.The commercial warranty lasts only 90 days.
5-inch wedge size.Poor packaging.
93-gallon hydraulic fluid tank.
Best Electric Log Splitters Reviews

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial ES7T20 offers more power, making it ideal for industrial applications. Specifically, it offers a 7-ton splitting force – the perfect power to split hardwoods.

The unit derives its powerful performance from its 2HP electric motor. Since the motor is very durable, the electric log splitter will indeed serve you for many years. 

The patented ram and pump boast a design that makes the electric log splitter easy to use. As such, you can also use this unit at home.

As with any electric log splitter, this one is a zero-emission unit that runs clean since it relies on electrical power for performance. Therefore, it is eco-friendly.

That means you can even split your logs indoors without harmful exhaust fumes affecting your respiratory system. This Boss Industrial ES7T20 features a horizontal platform like the first unit on the list.

The work platform has rails built-in to hold the logs steady. And this makes log splitting safe.

You also get a convenient front handle for excellent maneuverability. The patented hydraulic system supersedes many systems on the market, making this particular model stand out from the crown.

The automatic ram return makes usage even a lot easier and more efficient. 

Portability is a non-issue as the electric log splitter features two wheels. Despite weighing 121 pounds, you will move this machine across the worksite while barely using any effort.

This electric machine offers professional and domestic log splitting performance, making it an ideal choice for anyone. Therefore, you should also consider it.

ManufacturerBoss Industrial, Inc.
Model NumberES7T20
Product Dimensions40 x 13.5 x 20.5 inches
Item Weight117 pounds
Horse Power2 HP
Splitting Force7 tons
Log Capacity20.5 inches long and 10 inches in diameter

7-ton log splitting force.The warranty is limited to two years.
Automatic ram return.The motor doesn't work excellently over extended periods.
The work platform is safe.
Best Electric Log Splitters Reviews

SuperHandy Log Splitter

SuperHandy Log Splitter maintains a low profile for a space-saving design. Also, this ensures it perfectly fits in your truck bed for more accessible transportation and utility.

Besides its excellent design, the electric log splitter boasts a reputable steel frame that makes it handle any worksite abuse excellently. And that makes it a genuinely durable unit for slicing your logs into your desired sizes.

Durability aside, this electric machine delivers an astounding 14-ton log splitting power. Of course, the featured 2.5eHP electric motor makes this massive crushing power a reality for this log splitter.

The motor is very powerful, boasting 15 amps of power. Despite generating incredible power, the motor consumes only 1,800W of electricity. And this makes it a more energy-efficient machine.

The precision gear pump delivers consistent power to the crushing plate, making the unit consume as little electricity as possible. The brushless motor is also durable, making your unit last even longer.

The motor also handles long hours of operation without mechanical issues since it features a brushless design.

The platform handles chunky logs that are 20 inches long and 14 inches wide. The horizontal platform guarantees safety since your logs will not roll over and cause potential injuries.

As such, this is a user-safe electric log splitter. 

Portability is also an advantage since the log splitter features two transportation wheels. Your unit can move over any terrain with its wheels to take on even the roughest of worksites.

The rapid retraction speeds up your log cutting, while the ergonomic handle guarantees exceptional maneuverability. 

This electric log splitter offers unmatched slicing power and crushes chunkier logs.

As such, you should consider it for heavy-duty log splitting performances.

Model Number-
Product Dimensions36 x 25 x 12 inches
Item Weight126 pounds
Horse Power2.5eHP
Splitting Force14 Ton
Log Capacity20 inches long and 14 inches in diameter

14-ton log slicing power.It doesn't come with hydraulic fluid.
Unmatched splitting capacity.Unresponsive customer support.
Powerful and durable construction.
Best Electric Log Splitters Reviews

Wen 56207 Electric Log Splitter

Wen 56207 Electric Log Splitter is even more powerful as it delivers a 13-ton log splitting force. Of course, an incredibly powerful 15-amp electric motor is responsible for this massive power to the logs.

The cylinder cycle also stands at an impressive 20 seconds, making this unit ideal for splitting up to 120 logs an hour.

The log tray is horizontal and large to handle larger logs. You can split 20.5-inch-long logs with diameters reaching an impressive 10 inches. What’s even more impressive is that this particular electric log splitter takes on a whopping 120 logs an hour.

Therefore, it is an outstanding unit for splitting many logs in a short period.

The work platform even features side-mounted support wings for log splitting stability and user safety. Also, the 5-inch wedge accurately splits the logs to the right sizes.

This exceptional accuracy comes from the 45° inclination of the two wedge plates for excellent edge sharpness.

The electric log splitter allows you to adjust its 4-inch plush plate. If you’re looking to split shorter logs, having shorter cycles might be convenient.

And that’s what the adjustable push plate does – it lets you adjust its travel. The cylinder retracts automatically for faster and more efficient log splitting.

The whole unit weighs 98 pounds and features two 5.5-inch never-flat wheels. This makes the unit very portable and effortless to move across the worksite.

The unit incorporates a stand in its design, allowing you to work while standing upright. You can lower the stand closer to the ground for more stability since the stand is adjustable.

Lastly, the electric log splitter is easy to use and offers reliable start-ups consistently. It features a circuit breaker to protect the electric motor, thus lasting longer than many electric log splitters.

If you need extra crushing power to split hard materials, this unit provides all the power you need.

Model Number56207
Product Dimensions38.5 x 28.25 x 39.25 inches
Item Weight98 pounds
Horse Power2.5 HP
Splitting Force6.5-Ton
Log Capacity20.5 inches long and 10 inches in diameter

13-ton log splitting force.The log can jam the log ram.
34-inch adjustable stand.The packaging isn't the best.
The circuit breaker protects the motor.
Best Electric Log Splitters Reviews

Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

Powerhouse XM-380 features one of the most powerful motors churning out an incredible 3.5HP power. Besides its massive power output, the electric motor rotates fast at speeds peaking at 3,500 RPM.

As such, you can expect it to fast-track your log splitting projects.

Such impressive power demands more wattage, and that’s why the motor consumes 2,200 watts of electricity.

Fortunately, the electric log splitter makes up for its humongous power consumption by delivering an incredible 7-ton log splitting force.

As such, it is worth all the electrical power it consumes from your electricity supply.

Safety is a concern when operating any machinery, and it’s a good thing this particular machine has a few safety features. First, it features a two-hand safety control feature.

This feature ensures your hands stay away from the wedge and log for safety reasons. Second, the hydraulic ram safely splits your logs with controlled precision, thus eliminating potential hazards.

Lastly, this is a zero-emission log splitter that relies on electricity for power. As such, it is an eco-friendly unit that you can use indoors.

Durability is another advantage as this unit boasts steel construction.

Even though the unit weighs 104 pounds, transporting it across the worksite is effortless, thanks to the flat-free wheels.

The log-cutting capacity is also more impressive. If you invest in this machine, you can split your 20.5-inch-long logs with up to 12-inch widths.

At least this makes the electric log splitter ahead of some units on the market. Therefore, consider it if you want to cut slightly broader logs.

ManufacturerAmerisun Inc.
Model NumberPS9006
Product Dimensions41 x 19 x 12 inches
Item Weight104 pounds
Horse Power1.75 HP
Splitting Force 8 Tons
Log Capacity22 inch in length and 10 inch in diameter

7-ton cutting power.It consumes more electricity.
Durable steel construction.It has no adjustable stand.
It is safe for usage.
Best Electric Log Splitters Reviews

Features You Want to Check for Before Buying an Electric Log Splitter – Buying Guide

The best electric log splitter is what you want to buy and nothing else! But finding the perfect electric log splitter for slicing your logs relies on checking for some crucial features.

And that’s because the best electricity-powered log splitters have some essential features that guarantee excellent performance and durability.

So, you want to check for the following features before spending your hard-earned cash:

The Power Source for The Machine

A log splitter requires power to create the splitting force that ravages through the entire mass of wood, cutting it into your ideal pieces.

You have three log splitter types as far as power source goes:

Electric Log Splitters

These log splitting machines feature electric motors that drive the hydraulic pump. The pump then creates pressure that the hydraulic fluid transfers to the pushing plate.

And it’s this pushing plate that creates the essential log splitting force you require to reduce the chunky logs to useful pieces.

Since this type features an electric motor, electric log splitters use electricity to function. But you already know electricity is clean energy since it emits no exhaust fumes into the air.

As such, electric log splitters are eco-friendly and perfect for cutting logs into usable pieces indoors.

Many electric models have a log splitting force of up to 10 tons. But a few exceptional models surpass this mark to reach a whopping 14 tons of force.

If you’re looking to split logs indoors with relatively powerful splitting forces, you have electric log splitters to pick. Also, this is your best type for splitting up to 400 cubic feet of logs a year.

Gas-Powered Log Splitters

Gas-powered log splitters are an alternative model to electric units. Usually, they feature engines that use gasoline.

They employ the same working principles as their electric counterparts. But they usually produce more log splitting power. As such, they’re suitable for splitting harder wood masses.

Their reliability on gasoline also makes them ideal for cutting logs down to usable sizes in off-grid homes. But they emit exhaust fumes to the air, polluting the surrounding air.

As such, they are the perfect solution for outdoor log splitting, especially when cutting down hardwood materials.

Their incredible force peaking at 22 tons and longer running hours make them the best choice for heavy-duty log splitting.

So, if you need to split up to 450 cubic feet of logs a year, you have gas-powered log splitters to pick.

Hydraulic Log Splitters

While electric and gas-powered log splitters rely on some spinning engine or motor motion to function, this type requires manual operation.

That means you will use effort to generate the splitting force. But you can also use machinery to generate this splitting force.

They are the most powerful models, with their log splitting force starting at 11 tons. Of course, this could go higher, depending on the model you’re operating.

They are the least portable; you will require a tractor to tow one. They are also ideal for cutting 450 cubic feet of logs a year. 

The Log Splitting Force

Once you’ve chosen the log splitter using your readily available power source, you want to check if it has sufficient power to cut your logs.

Usually, manufacturers express the force in pounds. So, the higher the pound rating, the higher the log splitting force.

Each wood species requires a specific force to split them. That means you will consider the splitting force before buying the log splitter.

Since log species require negligible force differences to split them, what you truly want to pay attention to is the length and thickness of the logs.

Also, you want to consider if you have seasoned the logs or you have green logs. So, check your log size (log diameter) to know the log splitting force you require from your machine. 

The Design of The Work Platform

Generally speaking, you have two options when it comes to the work platform design:

Horizontal Log Splitters

This type of log splitter has a horizontal work platform, hence the name. As a result, these log splitters have a table-like platform on which you lay the logs.

Some log splitters even feature a stand to allow you to work while standing upright. What’s more, they feature side-mounted support wings to stabilize your logs while splitting them. As such, they are safer to use.

However, loading the logs to these log splitters requires more effort. And that’s because you will carry the logs to the horizontal work platform.

If you’re looking to split thinner and shorter logs of up to 20.5 inches, you want to invest in horizontal log splitters.

Vertical Log Splitters

These log splitters have work platforms positioned vertically, hence the name vertical log splitters. They require less effort to load the logs.

Also, they are ideal for splitting thicker and longer logs. And that’s because they tend to pack more splitting force.

They are also safe to use as they feature a guide to hold your log vertically. These log splitters work excellently, and you only want to choose them for splitting longer and thicker logs, nothing else.

You can assess your situation and choose the log splitter type that handles the project at hand.

Reputable Construction

Buying a log splitter is an investment like any other, and you want your investment to serve you for many years. But your electric log splitter will only last many years if it boasts a reputable build. Usually, steel is an industry-standard material since it is sturdy.

As a result, log splitters featuring steel are sturdy and handle any worksite. Since steel is sturdy and high-quality, you want to prioritize electric log splitters that are steel-made.

Motor Power

If you’re looking to buy an electric log splitter, one component should draw your attention: the electric motor. Your electric log splitter should be energy-efficient but powerful.

As such, you want to look for a model with these attributes.

Brushless motors are usually durable and energy-efficient. They use little electricity while churning out massive power, translating to sufficient log splitting force.

Therefore, they are the motors to pick when shopping for electric log splitters.


How much splitting force do I require from an electric log splitter?

You require a minimum of 1350 pounds of force to split logs. But you want to choose powerful electric log splitters that provide way more power than the required minimum force.

So, you want to settle for powerful log splitters. Besides, you might need to split thicker and longer logs, and powerful electric log splitters will complete your task shortly.

Can I use my electric log splitters indoors?

Yes, you can use your electric log splitters inside your home. Since these machines use electricity to function, they emit zero exhaust fumes to the surrounding air.

And that makes them ec0-friendly. Therefore, you can use them in a closed space without risking your respiratory system. 

Zero-emission makes electric log splitters the machines of choice for splitting logs indoors in winter. At least this means not exposing yourself to the extreme cold outside.

So, pick an electric log splitter to cut your chunky logs to usable sizes indoors without exposing yourself to cold or exhaust fumes.

Do electric log splitters have a maximum log size they can handle?

Yes, electric log splitters have log splitting capacity – the maximum log size they can handle. You can expect this capacity to vary across the board.

Electric log splitters can handle up to a given length and thickness. But many units handle up to 20.5-inch-long logs with diameters reaching up to 14 inches.

So, it means the maximum log size you can split with an electric log splitter is a 20.5-inch length and 14 inches width.

Wrap Up

An electric log splitter works excellently even in a closed space without exposing you to polluting exhaust fumes. They also pack sufficient power to split your logs of various sizes.

If you invest in the best electric log splitter, you will split up to 14-inch-wide logs with lengths reaching 20.5 inches excellently.

Also, you will not pollute the air since they are eco-friendly. These machines will surely serve you for many years since they usually feature steel construction.

As such, they are worth investing in when looking to use no effort to split logs into firewood. 

We’ve recommended some electric log splitters to you with incredible power and durable builds. They also feature designs that make them convenient and safe to use.

As a result, they will meet your log splitting needs. We have even included a buyer’s guide to help you spot other incredible machines for your future buy.

We hope we have provided valuable information. Share your experience with the best electric log splitters in the comment section below.

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