7 Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

7 Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

A self-propelled lawnmower beats a regular push lawn mower as it is easier to use. And that’s because it features a drive system that you automatically activate when you squeeze the bail on the handle.

A self-propelled lawnmower is effortless to use, and that’s enough reason to invest in one. What’s more, you can get an electric model for cleaner performance.

If you want to cut your lawn excellently while barely using any effort, you should invest in the best self-propelled lawn mower. Finding the best one is somewhat challenging since the market has plenty of electric start self-propelled lawn mowers.

But you can narrow down your choices to the best lawn mowers if you have a buying guide.

We have rounded up some of the best electric start self propelled lawn mowers on the market. They boast excellent performances since they feature powerful motors.

You could transform your lawn into neighborhood envy with one of these best lawn mowers. Even if you haven’t found your best model, we have included a buyer’s guide to help you land the best deal. So, be sure to read on for more information!

The 7 Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mower

LawnMaster CLMF4016K Cordless 16-Inch Brushless Push Lawn Mower

LawnMaster CLMF4016K is incredibly powerful even though it is a battery-powered lawn mower. The featured lithium-ion battery provides 40V electrical power to the motor.

This battery is powerful to last you throughout the lawn cutting task. As such, you can depend on this lawn mower to trim your lawn for 40 minutes straight.

The brushless motor provides consistent power to the blades to maintain excellent performance. Since the motor boasts brushless technology, it conserves the battery power while maintaining powerful performance.

And this results in an impressive 40-minute run time, as we have already seen. 

The lawn mower boasts a 16-inch cutting width, making it the best choice for more extensive lawns. It makes sense that it has an extensive cutting width since the deck size is 16 inches wide.

This deck is high-quality and resists rust for durability reasons. Also, it handles high-impacts excellently, making it even more durable.

This lawn mower lets you adjust the cutting heights to 6 positions. It features a one-touch level for adjusting the blade height to 6 different positions.

You can be sure to maintain the lawn height between 1 – 3 inches for a perfect-looking landscape. This lawn mower even comes with a high-capacity grass collection bag for your grass clippings. That means you can keep your lawn clean after cutting the grass.

Since this cleaning tool has impressive battery power, cuts grass to 6 different heights, and boasts self-drive, it is a lawn mower worth buying.

Therefore, you should add it to your tools shed to keep your landscape tidy and attractive.

Model NumberCLMF4016K
Product Dimensions29.94 x 18.32 x 13.71 inches
Item Weight39.3 pounds
Power SourceBattery Powered
Cutting Width16 Inches
No. of Positions6
16-inch cutting width.The battery takes hours to charge.
40-minute running time.Sourcing replacement parts is challenging.
Brushless motor technology.
Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews

Black+Decker Cordless Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER CORDLESS LAWN MOWER is another lawn-cleaning tool of choice for reliable performance. It features a lithium-ion battery that provides 40V electrical power for a whopping 40 minutes.

This battery is usually 33% more powerful than industry-standard batteries. And this makes Black and Decker an electric lawn mower to pick for extended lawn cutting performance. 

What’s more, this lawn mower comes with a second battery. If one battery runs out of charge, you can swap it with a fully charged one and continue trimming your lawn.

At least this extends the running time, making cutting extensive lawns a non-issue. Therefore, consider buying this lawn mower.

Everything else is also above the set industry standards, especially if you check the height adjustment setting options.

You can choose between 6 height adjustments, ranging from 1.1 – 3.1 inches. As such, you can give your lawn the cut you desire. 

The lawn mower even cleans the grass clippings by sucking them in, leaving the lawn tidy and mess-free. This tool features a 9.5-gallon grass box for collecting the grass clippings.

Storing your lawn mower is convenient and requires little space. And that’s because the handles are foldable to make the lawn mower more compact.

If you want a self-propelled lawn mower that cleans efficiently and is easy to use, you should consider buying this Black & Decker lawn mower.

Model NumberCM1640
Product Dimensions28 x 19 x 16 inches
Item Weight38.00 lbs
Power SourceBattery Powered
Cutting Width16 Inches
No. of Positions6
Two powerful batteries.Unresponsive customer support.
Six height adjustments.The charger isn't durable.
Compact storage.
Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews

Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower Corded

GREENWORKS ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER CORDED is more reliable than cordless many electric start self propelled lawn mowers since it is corded. It uses a 14-gauge 50-foot power cord to connect to a wall outlet or power socket.

Of course, you can also use a 12-gauge 100-foot power cord to power this lawn mower. And this is what to do if your lawn is more extensive. So, consider opting for a longer power cord if you have a vast lawn to cut.

The 12-amp electric motor is powerful to deliver sufficient power to the cutting blades. As a result, the cutting blades trim even tough grasses, leaving your lawn looking tidy and marvelous.

The AC power source via the long power cable makes the lawn mower more reliable for cutting larger lawns. 

The steel deck is durable and boasts a 20-inch cutting width. This makes your lawn mower ideal for extensive lawns. The lawn mower boasts the same 20-inch cutting width to speed up grass-cutting task completion.

Starting your lawn mower takes the push of an electric start button.

Unlike many lawn mowers with only 6 height adjustment positions, this one takes it a step further to include the seventh height adjustment position. Therefore, you can customize the aesthetics of your lawn more!

The lawn mower features three systems in a single design: mulch, rear bagging, and side discharge. You can then use the collected grass clippings for mulching. 

The 7-inch front wheel drive makes this lawn mower self-propelled for effortless lawn trimming. All you will do is direct the blades to cut overgrown grass.

This outdoor tool has everything you need to keep your lawn tidy. Therefore, consider buying it for your lawn.

Model Number25022
Product Dimensions31.5 x 23.5 x 14.25 inches
Item Weight56 lbs
Power SourceCorded-electric
Cutting Width20 inches
No. of Positions7
12-amp powerful motor.It doesn't include an extension cord.
Unlimited run time.Sourcing replacement parts is challenging.
7 height adjustment positions.
Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews

PowerSmart Self Propelled Lawn Mower, 22 Inch Lawn Mower Self-propelled

PowerSmart Self Propelled Lawn Mower is a gas lawn mower boasting incredible lawn care performance. Since it is a gas-powered lawn mower, it features a 200cc OHV engine that uses gasoline to provide power.

This single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine is powerful to spin the cutting blades for efficient lawn-cutting performance. A gas-powered lawn mower is best for areas cut off from the grid.

So, you want to invest in this outdoor tool if you want to rely on another power source.

Like all the lawn mowers on the list, this one is self-propelled. However, it features a rear wheel drive for effortless lawn care. The 22-inch steel deck gives this lawn mower an incredible cutting width for completing larger lawn care tasks in a short time.

You can operate your lawn mower for hours and not worry about overheating as it has an efficient air cooling system. This is a great design to ensure your engine remains cool despite running for hours.

Powerful performance aside, this lawn mower features a 5-position height adjustment. As a result, you can keep the grass 1.2 to 3.5-inch short.

The lawn mower even features three systems, making it a 3-in-1 lawn mower: mulching, bag, and side discharge. Therefore, you can use it for your mulching needs. 

It features a 14.6-gallon collection bag for collecting the grass clippings. And this works to leave your lawn mess-free and tidy. Storing the lawn mower is convenient and takes less space since the lawn mower is foldable.

Precisely speaking, its handles are foldable for tidy storage. It is a powerful self-propelled lawn mower with incredible running time. Therefore, you should consider having it, especially if you’re off the grid.

ManufacturerAmerisun Inc
Model NumberPSM2322SR
Product Dimensions37 x 18 x 25 inches
Item Weight86 pounds
Power SourceGasoline-Powered
Cutting Width22 inch
No. of Positions5
Powerful 4-stroke gas engine.The warranty is limited.
5-position height adjustment.It is not energy-efficient.
22-inch cutting width.
Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews

Snapper Cordless Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Snapper 1687914 21-inch is a cordless cleaning tool with an incredibly powerful battery. If you look at the numbers, you will find this battery boasts a 45-minute run time.

Since cleaning your lawn takes fewer minutes, you can bank on this lawn mower to complete your lawn before the battery runs out of charge.

This self-propelled lawn mower allows you to vary its speed. You can select a faster speed to cut your lawn in half the period it takes other lawn mowers to cut the same lawn size.

As you’d expect from a high-end lawn mower, this unit features brushless motor technology. This motor uses less battery power while providing maximum power to the cutting blades. And the result is extended battery life.

The lawn mower even features a load-sensing technology that ensures the motor adjusts its power to meet the blades’ power requirement. You will use the single lever to adjust the cutting blades to 7 heights.

The unit uses its 10-inch rear wheels to propel itself, giving you the time to direct the blades to the grass you want to cut.

Starting the lawn mower is convenient – you will use the push button to start your engine or motor. The cutting width is also quite impressive as it stands at an incredible 21-inch.

If you combine this spec with speed adjustability, you can cut your lawn in a short time. 

Your lawn mower features a bag that fills up with grass clippings via the rear discharging port. You can then use the cut grass for mulching your garden to introduce nutrients into the soil.

The lawn mower is effective and features a powerful motor. If you want another excellent option for caring for your lawn, you should consider this lawn mower.

Model Number1687914
Product Dimensions44.5 x 21.5 x 19 inches
Item Weight80.9 pounds
Power SourceBattery Powered
Cutting Width21 inch
No. of Positions7
1,200W brushless motor.The self-propelling function isn't durable.
45-minute running time.The battery drains fast.
Load-sensing technology.
Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews

Troy-Bilt Self-Propelled Walk-behind Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt 12AGA2MT766 21-inch Self-Propelled allows you to walk behind it as you cut through a 21-inch cutting width. It features a 21-inch steel deck that speeds up lawn care tasks.

As such, you can be sure to reduce the time it takes to cut your lawn if you opt for this particular lawn mower.

Troy Bilt is a gas-powered lawn mower featuring a 159-cc OHV engine. This engine boasts an E-start that makes it easy to start your lawn moving projects.

The engine packs sufficient power that ensures the blade cuts through tough grass and shrubs. After pushing the start button, your lawn mower will cut grass sooner than you know it.

Since it is a self-propelled lawn mower, you can concentrate on guiding the blade to tough grass. And this makes cutting your lawn effortless. Durability is certainly a guarantee as this lawn mower boasts alloy steel construction.

This is an upside if you want unmatched durability.

You can also adjust the grass-cutting heights to 6 positions. Many lawn mowers only feature 5 such positions, making this lawn mower ahead of them.

The 1.9-gallon bushel rear bag collects the grass clippings, which you could use for mulching. 

Your lawn mower even comes with a mulching kit for accomplishing your gardening projects. You can be sure to release nutrients in the grass clippings back to the soil.

The side discharge ensures the blade cuts the lawn efficiently by reducing clogging. The lawn mower works efficiently and is another excellent buy.

Model Number12AGA2MT766
Product Dimensions38 x 24 x 17.75 inches
Item Weight85 pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Cutting Width21 inch
No. of Positions6
Powerful gas engine.The warranty is limited.
6 height adjustment positions.The electric start isn't very durable.
It is easy to start.
Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews

ApolloSmart 2 in 1 Walk Behind Scarifier Lawn Dethatcher Raker Corded

ApolloSmart 2 in 1 Walk Behind Scarifier is a corded lawn mower featuring a 12 Amp electric motor. You want to connect this lawn mower to a 120V outlet to cut your lawn. A 15-inch-wide deck encloses the blades.

The blades are adjustable through 5 height positions, allowing you to cut the lawn to the height you deem appropriate. It is great that this lawn cutter allows you to tailor the raking depth.

The construction material quality is phenomenal. This lawn mower features parts comprising spring steel for unmatched durability. It is surely built to last and is a lawn mower to select if you want to cut your lawn for many years.

It is also ergonomic and balances perfectly to make cutting your lawn effortless. Besides, it propels itself to eliminate pushing it across your lawn. 

Electric-powered lawn mowers have one significant advantage over gas-powered lawn mowers – they are eco-friendly.

They rely on clean energy for performance, and you can be sure to use your lawn mower around the home without polluting the environment.

The lawn mower features a thatch collection bag for collecting the cut grass. At least this accessory ensures your lawn is mess-free after cutting it.

If you want a safe lawn mower that handles the outdoor environment perfectly, you could benefit from this outdoor cleaning tool. 

ManufacturerApollo Smart
Model Number-
Product Dimensions23 x 20.5 x 17 inches
Item Weight39.8 pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Cutting Width15 Inches
No. of Positions5
Powerful 12 Amp motor.The power cord restricts movements.
5 height adjustment positions.The thatch bag has a small capacity.
Grass clippings bag.
Best Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews

What You Want to Know Before Spending Your Money on A Lawn Mower

Buying a self-propelled lawn mower is a significant investment, and you want your investment to serve you for many years. But a lawn mower will only serve you for an extended period if it is high-quality. As such, you want to buy a lawn mower of the best quality. But to do this, you will consider a few factors or features. And these features include the following:

Self-Propelling Feature

Of course, one of your goals is to find a lawn mower that’s effortless to use. But a lawn mower that propels itself is effortless to use since it requires no pushing. As such, you want to check for self-propelling function when buying a lawn mower.

However, self-propelled lawn mowers feature either rear wheel drive or front wheel drive. And you will want to pick one at the end of the day.

You will choose one of these drive systems depending on your lawn terrain. A front-wheel-drive system will suit you best if you have a level lawn.

But if your lawn is hilly, a lawn mower providing more traction will suit you best. And rear wheel drive lawn mowers provide the essential traction to traverse hilly lawns.

Electric Start Feature

Also, you want a lawn mower that is easy to start. An electric start self propelled lawn mower is easy to start. It features a push start button for starting the engine or electric motor.

Once you push this button, your engine will roar, ready to power the blades to cut your lawn. You want to keep a closer eye on electric push start buttons when shopping for lawn mowers. 

The Cutting Width

The deck size of a lawn mower says a lot about the cutting width of your outdoor machine. If the deck size is 21 inches, for example, your lawn mower of choice will have a 21-inch cutting width.

The cutting width is a crucial factor to consider when buying a lawn mower.

If you want a fast-cutting lawn mower, you should pick one with a wide cutting width. For example, a lawn mower featuring a 22-inch cutting width cuts the lawn faster than a lawn mower featuring only 16-inch cutting width.

The cutting width ranges from 10 inches to 22 inches, although you can find lawn mowers with extensive cutting widths. 

When picking a lawn mower, ensure you’re buying a unit with the most extensive cutting width. This is essential if you have an extensive lawn that you want to cut in a short time.

Once you have the widest cutting width, you will cut the lawn in a short time so that you can perform other tasks requiring your attention.

Grass Cutting Height Adjustability

Sometimes, you want to cut the grass on your lawn to a specific height. People have reasons for cutting the lawn to a given height, but many users want to cut the grass as short as possible to reduce how often they cut the lawn in a month. 

Whatever your reasons, you want to check if your preferred lawn mower allows you to adjust the blades’ cutting heights. Some lawn mowers feature a lever for adjusting the cutting height.

The cutting height positions vary from one lawn mower to the next one. So, you want to check the number of cutting height positions a lawn mower features.

The more cutting height positions your lawn mower has, the more you can tailor your lawn cutting for aesthetics. Lawn mowers feature up to 7 grass-cutting heights.

As such, you want to look for more height options when buying a lawn mower.

Electrical Power Source

If you’re looking for an electric lawn mower, you will choose between corded and cordless units. Corded lawn mowers feature a power cord for connecting them to a wall outlet.

On the other hand, cordless lawn mowers feature a battery as their power source.

A corded lawn mower runs for extended periods but isn’t very portable. And that’s because the power cord restricts its movements. You can only cut as far as the power cord allows.

But a cordless lawn mower is more portable. The only problem is it doesn’t run for long. They usually last 45 minutes on full battery power. If you want more portability, you will pick a cordless unit.

But you will choose a corded unit if you want extended performance. Also, you will check for longer power cords to improve the portability issue.

The Engine Power

If you want to buy a gas lawn mower for your lawn care needs, you will check its engine power. A powerful engine ensures the blades cut even tougher grass on your lawn.

But the engine power is usually in horsepower (HP). As such, you want to check the HP rating to know how powerful your lawn mower engine is.

Look for a lawn mower with engine power ranging from 14 – 16HP for excellent performance. Even if you want an electric lawn mower, you will still check the engine power, which is the motor power in this case.

You can check the motor power in Amps or Watts. Any lawn mower with a motor power ranging from 6 – 12 amps is powerful enough to cut your tough grasses. Therefore, check for impressive engine power when buying a lawn mower.

Compact storage

Lastly, you want to consider where you will store the lawn mower after using it. Storage is necessary for any tool, including lawn mowers. If your storage space is limited, you will check for a compact lawn mower.

Fortunately, some lawn mowers feature foldable handles that make them more compact. That means you want to pick lawn mowers with foldable handles for more compact storage.


Do I need to change the lawn mower blades?

Yes, you will replace your lawn mower blades at some point. Since your lawn mower blades spin fast to cut the grass, they risk hitting stones and other objects on the lawn. And this makes the blades dull. Once they become dull, you will replace them.

You want to replace the blades annually. But replacing them if they suffer damages is the best course of action. Therefore, check your blades to ensure they are sharp. And consider replacing them if they become dull or suffer significant damages.

Can I sharpen my lawn mower blades?

While replacing the blades if they suffer damage is the best thing to do, sometimes, you only want to sharpen them if they become dull. You can do so at a convenience store.

Also, your lawn mower retailer could sharpen the blades for you. Consider sharpening dull blades to cut your tough grass excellently.

Can I use my car oil in a lawn mower?

Yes, your car oil works efficiently to oil your engine-powered lawn mower. But you want to check the car oil specification to ensure it is in line with what your lawn mower requires.

SAE 30 oils suit small engines better. But SAE 5W-30 oil could be best for your lawn mower engine. You want to consult your owner’s manual to know the best oil for your lawn mower.

Can my lawn mower cut wet grass?

Yes, your lawn mower can cut wet grass. But you want to use it on dry grass for a few reasons. First, wet grasses stick together, making the blades work extra hard to cut them. You want to avoid cutting wet lawn to improve your blades’ durable and sharp performance.

Second, mowing wet grass causes damage to the soil. As such, you want to mow a dry lawn. You want to wait for the grasses to dry if they are wet, maybe due to rain. 

Wrap Up

Although all the lawn mowers perform excellently, one lawn mower impresses the most – BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX. It comes from a reputable brand with incredible lawn mowers in its product line.

But the rest of the lawn mowers are also powerful to take on your lawn. You can find the best lawn mower for your property on this round-up list we compiled for you.

Even if you can find the best lawn mower on this list for caring for your lawn, you can always use our buyer’s guide to narrow down your choices. We have included some of the factors to consider when shopping for lawn mowers. 

They could improve your chances of finding the best outdoor tool for your lawn. Therefore, we recommend you use it. Take the time to find the best electric start self propelled lawn mower to keep your lawn tidy and looking excellent!

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