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10 Essential Types Of Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox

Every good toolbox has plenty of basic tools, but what are the essential, quality tools you’ll need when starting off your toolbox? Walking into your local home improvement store can become very overwhelming as there are plenty of tools and plenty of aisles filled with tools. Here are the 10 essential types of tools you should have in your toolbox.

From gardening tools to electrical work to even woodworking, you’ll need the right quality tools to perform everyday tasks around your home. Narrowing down your essentials can appear to be very difficult. However, it can be relatively easy with a list to follow.

Safety Gear

In every toolbox, you should have some form of safety gear. This includes, but is not limited to, safety glasses, gloves, and you may choose to put a mask in your toolbox as well.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are to protect your eyes from any sawdust, shards of metal or wood, from getting into your eyes.


Any kind of work gloves should be in your toolbox. Whether they are working gloves, rigger gloves, or plastic gloves. These are used to protect your fingers and hands, as fingers can get jammed. Sometimes this is the safest option when working with any material to lessen burns, cuts, and exposure to any possible chemicals. For more information on when to wear safety gloves.


In your toolbox, you should have a mask, not a surgical mask, but a dust mask. This type of mask is designed to limit the amount of dust that you breathe in. Though it is not as effective as a respirator, it is effective enough to limit some of the dust you will breathe in.

Utility Knife

The most common cutting tool is the utility knife. This is a basic hand tool that everyone needs in their home. This knife is commonly used to open boxes and crafts. However, it does have more uses than only opening boxes and craft cutting, it can be used for many other things making it essential for your toolbox.

Utility knives, sometimes called Exacto knives, can be used for cutting drywall, removing caulking, or helping to cut wallpaper. If you’re using it to cut any smaller items, make sure to use a cutting board to avoid scratching surfaces.


In your toolbox, a saw is one of the essential tools you will need. There are different saws that are used for different tasks depending on what you are looking to do. Your typical handsaw usually has two sets of teeth and is about a foot long. This saw is called a crosscut hand saw, it is a push it forward to cut through wood.

The best power tool to place in your toolbox would be a hacksaw. Hacksaws are smaller and cut through wood, plastic, and metal. It is used like a crosscut saw but pushing the saw forward. Here’s more information on using a hacksaw.

Measuring Tape and Small Level

Before getting to cutting, you will need to measure out your project. It is important to keep a measuring tape in your toolbox to properly measure out your project, space, and materials. This way you are not wasting material by cutting it too short or making it too big. It will make them all the correct length, based on your measurement.

Keeping a level in your toolbox and a measuring tool will also help in keeping your project level and even.


When a nail or a staple gets stuck in a piece of wood, you will hope you have a pair of pliers in your toolbox. Pliers are a great extra to have in your toolbox, they can be used for gripping objects that are in awkward places, or get a grip stronger than that of your hand.

You will want to get a set of pliers as they vary in use. Though pliers are commonly used as a wire cutter or stripper, they are an essential tool for your toolbox.


Screwdrivers are great to keep in your toolbox as they are not as powerful as a drill, however, they will get any screw in. They are perfect for installing light switch covers, opening the cover for batteries, screwing in screws that are on smaller projects.

Drill and Drill Bits

When the project is too big for a screwdriver, it is time for a drill. A cordless drill is an excellent addition to your toolbox. When you need to place a screw into the wall, for example, the drill makes it easier to put the screw in the wall. Using a screwdriver would be much more difficult.

Be sure to have a variety of drill bits in your toolbox. It is essential, as different screws use different heads. It is frustrating when you have to make a run to the hardware store, for that one bit you do not have.


Clamps are an excellent addition to your toolbox as they will hold things in place while you work on them. They are useful when cutting a piece of wood or gluing something together. It will make your project that much easier.


Every toolbox needs a hammer. A hammer can be used for many things. It can take down drywall, plaster, or drive in a nail. It can be used for simple things like, hanging a picture frame, or pulling out a nail. Either way, having a hammer is extremely convenient to have in your toolbox.


Having a sander in your toolbox can be extremely useful. Sandpaper alone will help to file down any rough paint, and drywall repair patches. As wood gets used, it can get rough, and you’ll want to smoothen it out with a palm sander, or an orbital palm sander. This will help to bring wood products back to life again.

This is essential, as when the wood begins slivering often, or an old desk or dresser needs new life, the sandpaper will do just that. Or even before applying a fresh coat of new paint, as it will make the paint stay better, and appear fresher without nearly as many lumps.

Though finding the essentials for your toolbox can seem difficult, consider your upcoming projects. Take into account what will be needed for your upcoming projects and what steps you will need to follow, then reassess your needs for your toolbox.

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