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Fast Growing Evergreen Shrubs to Grow in Texas

Keeping your yard constantly green improves the landscape. But you will need to plant evergreen shrubs to always keep the yard landscape at its best.

Also, evergreen shrubs could act as a privacy screen for the windows, blocking the prying view of anyone who happens to be passing by the neighborhood.

Here are the fast growing evergreen shrubs to grow in Texas.

As such, you have sufficient reasons to plant evergreen shrubs. But if you’re in Texas, you need to understand that the weather outside might get cold enough for some vegetations in the yard to lose their color.

But with the correct selection of the best evergreen shrubs, your yard will always have the coveted evergreen landscape all year round.

This article will look at some of the fast-growing evergreen shrubs to grow in Texas. And by the end of your reading, you will have multiple choices for transforming your landscape.

So, be sure to read on for more information on some of the evergreen shrubs to select.

Evergreen Shrubs to Consider Growing in Texas

Rose Creek Abelia

In North Texas, Rose Creek Abelia shrubs grow as true evergreen vegetations, thanks to the region’s climate. But this shrub might grow as semi-evergreen vegetation in other regions.

What makes the Rose Creek Abelia shrubs grow as semi-evergreen vegetations in some regions is the hue in their green foliage.

You can be sure to find some small pink leaves in the shrub’s foliage.

The small pink leaves turn green in fall and resume their hue in winter for a semi-evergreen landscape appearance.

Besides producing colorful foliage, Rose Creek Abelia shrubs also produce white flowers that add more beauty to your yard in springtime.

When you combine the fantastic-smelling flowers with colorful foliage, you get an excellent fast growing evergreen shrub for your home in Texas.

Daydream Loropetalum

You can also transform your yard by planting this low-growing evergreen shrub on it. Daydream Loropetalum has deep purple foliage that keeps your yard at its best all year round.

And with the pink flower clusters complementing the purple foliage in springtime, your yard will become the neighborhood’s envy.

If your soil has mild acidity and is well-drained, this shrub will be perfect for it. As we’ve already mentioned, this shrub is low-growing and will only be a few feet tall.

The shrubs can get reasonably wide, allowing you to plant them 5 feet apart. Since they thrive all your round, they also make a great choice for evergreen shrubs for your home in Texas.

Nelly Stevens Holly

How about transforming your yard by planting an evergreen shrub that also produces red berries?

If you love red berries and still want to keep your yard green all year round, consider planting Nelly Stevens Holly on your property.

These shrubs can grow tall, with most reaching up to 30 feet in height, beating an average small tree in height.

They make excellent shrubs for fencing and take a natural and beautiful conical shape, almost like the one you’d see in Christmas trees!

With their dark green foliage, Nelly Stevens Holly will keep your yard looking all green all year round since they are weather-hardy.

When planting these shrubs, make sure you don’t do so at a low point in your yard. Also, make sure the soil is slightly acidic and has excellent drainage.

Texas Sage

As a plant that thrives in poor soil, the Texas Sage shrub does an incredible job of stabilizing loose soil.

The plant produces greyish-green foliage with profuse lavender flowers, giving your yard a slightly landscape.

What’s more, you can propagate the Texas Sage shrubs from seeds or softwood cuttings, and be sure that your yard will remain green all year round.

The best part is the plants don’t need fertilizing since they do incredibly well in poor soil and are resistant to drought while still providing a magnificent look to any yard.

When planting these green shrubs, be sure to plant them 6 feet apart. The Texas Sage shrubs are great evergreen vegetation for homes with loose garden soil.

Spineless Prickly Pear

Succulent plants are also excellent evergreen vegetation for homes in Texas. The Spineless Prickly Pear is a succulent evergreen shrub with flat and round foliage.

Unlike most succulents, this shrub has no sharp spines, making it safer to grow in your yard.

You can also grow varieties with purple foliage and yellow flowers for additional visual appeal to your yard. These varieties benefit bees in countless ways since they have flowers.

The Spineless Prickly Pear evergreen shrubs thrive in harsh weather, making them revolutionize your yard’s look throughout the year.

You can also plant other succulents such as Aloe’ Pink Blush’ if you live in central Texas and admire the dark green and light green leaves.

Big Bend Yucca

The good thing with Big Bend Yucca is you could grow it as a shrub or a tree. Some people even grow them in large pots.

You can add a lush-green look to your yard by growing the Big Bend Yucca, whichever growing style you choose.

The plant produces foliage that can have any of the various colors: bluish-green and bright green. When planting this plant, you want to plant it in soil with good moisture content.

Also, you might want to avoid over-watering the plant. Watch out for the sharp foliage tips when caring for your evergreen shrubs.

Blue Agave

The Blue Agave plant produces fronds that are shorter and wider when still young. The fronds have an icy blue color, and that’s where the plant derives its names from, as you can see.

But you can also find other Blue Agave plants with seafoam green color fronds.

With their several feet-high stems, the Blue Agave plants make excellent fast-growing evergreen shrubs for Texas homes. Plant your Blue Agave shrubs in well-drained soil.

Also, ensure the garden receives at least 6 hours of sunlight. But a full sun is ideal for these evergreen shrubs.

Blue Agave plants can keep your yard looking all green for 8-14 years, their usual lifespan. As such, they’re worth considering!

Texas Mountain Laurel

You can propagate this evergreen plant as a shrub or a small tree. Besides giving your yard an evergreen landscape, it also adds purple color, thanks to the plant’s bubblegum-scented flowers.

The foliage remains green throughout the year, making the plants ideal for planting as small trees.


Evergreen shrubs can withstand all the seasons in a year. And that means they maintain the green theme of your landscape all year round. When looking to maintain your Texas yard, you could plant evergreen shrubs on it.

And you will also need to care for the shrubs, although the caring is very minimal.

The idea lies in selecting the correct evergreen shrubs for your Texas yard. Whether you’re looking for an evergreen shrub to grow as a small tree or a ground cover vegetation, you can always find the right evergreen shrub for your yard.

Fortunately, this article has gone through some great shrubs to grow. You can choose your most preferred shrub and transform your yard into a green landscape!

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