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Feeling Stressed? Here’s 23 DIY Bath Bombs to the Rescue

Find out how to make bath bombs in this article, here’s 23 DIY bath bomb to the rescue recipes that will help you bring an end to a difficult day.

Bubble baths aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be, and last I checked, a bathtub full of plain water doesn’t do the trick either.

DIY Bath bombs are a perfect solution – they are easy to make, easy to store, and come in as many shapes, sizes, scents, and colors as you can imagine.

So check out this list of our favorite bath bomb recipes and pick your favorite ones to try out!

1: Citrus Fizz Bath Bombs

Citrus fizz bath bombs with an amazing scent using citrus scented essential oils.

Feeling Stressed? Here’s 23 DIY Bath Bombs to the Rescue

Source: Happiness Is Homemade

With a clean look and a bright and springy scent, these bath bombs are perfect for those days when you don’t want a heavy aroma to weigh you down (airmaniax). They are easy to make, and you can customize them by using your favorite citrus scented essential oils. See the steps here.

2: Fizzy Cupcake Bath Bombs

Be careful....these fizzy cupcake bath bombs look so real you'll try to eat them instead!

Feeling Stressed? Here’s 23 DIY Bath Bombs to the Rescue

Source: Made From Pinterest

What could be cuter than a cupcake bath bomb? These look good enough to eat, and although they’re obviously not edible, they are the perfect thoughtful gift for that person in your life that loves sweets! Wrap these up in a cupcake box and top with a pretty ribbon. Find the recipe here.

3: Muscle Relief Bath Bombs

Take care of those achy muscles with these relaxing bath bombs with a lavender smell.

Feeling Stressed? Here’s 23 DIY Bath Bombs to the Rescue

Source: Yurielkaim

If you suffer from sore muscles for any number of reasons, give these bath bombs a try. With a relaxing lavender scent, detoxifying baking soda, soothing essential oils, and nourishing coconut oil, your achy muscles will feel relaxed in no time. Repeat as often as necessary. Full ingredients and steps found here.

4: Bunny Bath Bombs

Perfect for Easter, these bunny bath bombs are colorful and festive.

Feeling Stressed? Here’s 23 DIY Bath Bombs to the Rescue

Source: A Pumpkin & a Princess

Perfect for an Easter basket filler (no more chocolate eggs, please!), these cute bunnies are colorful, smell great, and will make your bath feel lovely. Tip – you can even use them as a centerpiece or table decoration before you use them in the bathtub! Make them with this recipe.

5: K-Cup Bath Bombs

Create bath bombs with a very unique shape by recycling your used coffee k-cups.

Source: the good stuff

Looking for a way to make some bath bombs without having to buy special molds? While you can often use muffin tins or other molds that you may already have, why not create a bath bomb with a truly unique shape? Recycle your used k-cups, and end up with a distinctly shaped bath bomb that’s one of a kind. Get the tutorial here.

6: Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs

Hot cocoa bombs made with cocoa powder and cocoa butter....your skin loves the caffeine as much as coffee drinkers do!

Source: Lovely Greens

Do you love chocolate so much you’ve often thought about bathing in it? Well, here’s your chance. While it may seem odd to actually bathe in chocolate (versus just daydream about it), there are some good reasons to give it a try – these lush bath bombs use Cocoa powder, which contains caffeine.

When used externally, caffeine can help firm skin and reduce puffiness. Cocoa butter, also included in these, keeps your skin supple with its creamy oil and is rich in antioxidants.

Best part? This is a calorie free way to enjoy your chocolate. Yes please! Full recipe and steps are here.

7: Bath Bombs (Minus Citric Acid)

This recipe does not call for citric acid but you can still create the fizzy effect.

Source: eHow

While citric acid is not hard to find, many of us don’t keep it on hand, and many of the recipes out there include citric acid as one of the ingredients. Looking for how to make bath bombs without having to buy citric acid? Give this version a try, which uses cream of tartar to get the same fizzy effect as citric acid. Check it out here.

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8: Homemade Vicks Shower Bombs

These shower bombs made with Vicks Vaporub will help you clear that stuffy nose and help you through a cold.

Source: Taking Time For Mommy

If you’re fighting off colds every which way in your house right now, add these shower bombs to the mix. With a healthy dose of Vicks VapoRub mixed right in, they’ll clear those foggy heads in no time. Details are here.

9: Aloe Bath Bombs

Aloe bath bombs with a leaf design that also provide an actual bubble bath too.

Source: Soap Queen

Do you want the best of both “bath worlds?” If you’re looking for a bath bomb that ALSO gives you the bubbles like a traditional bubble bath, here’s your answer.

These aloe bath bombs include SLSA (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate), which will fill your bath with bubbles! Don’t be scared off by the extra ingredients – many of them can easily be found online, and the process to make these is really quite simple. See the process here.

10: Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs

Mermaid shell bath bombs are perfect for a mermaid themed birthday party.

Source: Totally the Bomb

If you have a little one who loves the sea, or mermaids – let them help you make this one. Then let them take one in the bath with them and play “under the sea.”

These would be THE perfect gift idea as a party favor for a mermaid themed birthday party! See how to make these bath bombs here.

11: Tie-Dye Bath Bombs

Make each of these unique with tie dyed layers of all different colors.
Source: Soap Queen

These are almost too pretty to use, don’t you think? If you like lots of colors and lots of layers, give this one a try.

Mix up the layers too so no two are alike –the more variations the better! Even though you’re creating multiple colors, this recipe is easy to follow and is totally worth the effort.

12: Galaxy Bath Bomb

Create this DIY bomb that looks like outer space and fizzes into different colors and patterns.
Source: DIY Projects For Teens

These are fun to make, and look really cool as they fizz into your bath water. Have a teen who loves outer space? Let them help make these! Find out how with this tutorial.

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13: Peppermint Bath Bombs

Enjoy that wonderful peppermint scent with these bath bombs - perfect for holiday gifts.
Source: Ann’s Entitled Life

With a bright and clean peppermint scent, these are a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. Make them for yourself, and then make some extras to give as gifts – perfect for teachers, neighbors, coworkers, or family and friends. Find recipe here.

14: Soothing Oatmeal Bath Bombs

Homemade oatmeal bath bombs are wonderful for soothing irritated or sunburned skin.
Source: My Frugal Adventures

Oatmeal is wonderful for soothing irritated skin, and gives these bath bombs and fresh and clean appearance. You can make these without scented oils, which could be super useful if you are treating irritated or sunburned skin. Or, you can add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil to customize the scent. Check them out here.

15: Rainbow Sherbet Bath Fizzies

These bath fizzies look just like rainbow sherbet and can really brighten your day.

Source: Nature’s Garden

These would be great for that person in your life who is really into bright vibrant colors and of course, sherbet! What a great way to bring summer right into your bathtub. Follow the steps here.

16: Pink Champagne Bath Truffles

Pink champaigne bath truffles complete with pink wrappers make for very lush bath or impressive gift.

Source: The Country Chick

Looking for a cute or unique way to package up some luxurious bath bombs? Try making them in the form of truffles.

These pink champagne bath truffles are easy to make, look extremely elegant, and have a HUGE wow factor. Perfect gift for your bridesmaids or for Mother’s Day.

17: Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Create these bath bombs that double as dinosaur eggs and entice your little one to take that unwanted bath!

Source: Fun at Home With Kids

Do you ever have to fight with your kids to get them to take a bath? Well, those days are over. Make a few of these fun bath time treats, and your kids will be begging you to let them take a bath so they can find the surprise inside!

If your kiddos aren’t really into dinosaurs, don’t limit yourself. You can put any kind of plastic trinket inside…and with small ones running around the house, you’ve probably got tons of choices. Check it all out here.

18: Emoji Bath Bombs

Give these a shot if you have a favorite emoji or want to physically give an emoji to someone.

Source: YouTube

Emojis have become a part of our everyday lives and all kinds of products are made with emojis these days, so why not bath bombs too? With only a few extra minutes of time, some glycerin, food or soap dye and an exacto knife, you can make your favorite emojis into bath bombs!

19: Doughnut Bath Bombs

Doughnut bath bombs with colorful sprinkles - these look ridiculously real.
Source: North Atlantic Books

Doughnuts aren’t that bad for you…as long as you use them this way! These are so fun to make, they look simply delicious, and they’ll keep up to one year (much longer than edible doughnuts). See the recipe here.

20: Lavender Bath Bombs

These bombs make for a luxurious bath with the pleasing color and scent of lavender.
Source: Happy Mothering

With a soothing lavender scent, these homemade bath bombs are perfect for a relaxing bath at the end of a long day. So do yourself a favor – spend an afternoon making these (with ingredients you probably already have). Then anytime you’d like, treat yourself to a luxurious bath with a beautiful soft scent of lavender.

21: Kid-Calming Bath Bombs

To get your little tikes calm before bed, let the essential oils in these particular bombs work their magic.

Source: B-Inspired Mama

Kids don’t always love their baths, but they are a necessity. Let your kiddo help you make these super simple bath bombs.

They’ll love being a part of the process, and you choose essential oils like lavender and chamomile to help them calm down before bedtime. Get the instructions here.

22: Energizing Shower Steamers

Customize these shower steamers with your favorite colors and your favorite scents.Source: One Essential Community

This version of a bath bomb is used in your shower, and releases a perky fruity scent as you lather up. What could be better when you’re trying to stay awake after a long night than the sweet scent of grapefruit, or lemon and lime? Customize your favorite scents with essential oils, and add a pop of color that matches the bright scent.

23: Romantic Bath Bombs (with Rose Petals)

An extremely unique gift for that special person in your life, complete with rose petals.
Source: HubPages

A great gift idea for the romantic in your life, the combination of rose oil and almond oil produces a luxurious scent, and the rose petals give it just a touch of elegance.

Whether you want a soft and relaxing scent or a fun splash of color with a unique scent, there’s a recipe in this list for you. Bath bombs are beautiful, smell great, and can be used lots of different ways by kids and adults alike.

Use them for that “perfect” bath at the end of a long day, or even use a medicinal one when someone is sick. They can make great personal (but not too personal) gifts for family, friends, coworkers, or neighbors.

So which recipe is your favorite? And which one will you try first?





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