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6 Fresh Ideas for DIY Summer Room Decorations

Are you looking forward to a day in the summer when you can say of your room, thou art more lovely and temperate? Well, you can! Here are the 6 Fresh Ideas for DIY Summer Room Decorations.

Summer is a great time to enjoy the warm sun and pops of color by decorating your room with brightly colored decor for extra vibrancy.

There are millions of DIY summer room decorations you can try for a complete summer makeover in your home.

The trick here is to find decor options that create the perfect summer backdrop your room will need for you to bask well in the splendor and brightness of any summer day.

Among the most common DIY ideas for summer room decor are crafts such as printables, summer flowers, wall art, table decorations, floral pillows, and colorful paint chip calendars.

This article explores six creative ideas for DIY summer room decorations you can try to brighten up your home and days even more.

Let’s dash for some color!

1. Go for Colorful Flowers

Flowers are never out of style during the summer season.

While you can easily buy an artificial flower or grab a bunch of flowers from the garden to place indoors in flower vases, you can get more creative by trying out a DIY flower project with materials you can find easily at home.

colorful paper flowers

Fresh flowers are a good option, too, and a bouquet hung up the wall or on the front door is a welcoming touch for the many guests you receive in the summer.

To wow yourself and your visitors with a transformational DIY summertime flower project, consider making crafty tissue paper flowers that you can hang on a wall to create a stunning floral pattern.

You need scissors, tissue paper folds with varying colors, and twist ties for the whole project.

There’s no limit to how many tissue paper flowers you can make as long as you have the materials, space, and the adrenaline to keep churning them out.

The good thing is that while you can strap them to the wall, you can enhance the room further with other flower options.

A single bloomed flower in a vase will do the trick of the combination, but it is only a temporary solution.

But that’s the beauty of bright flowers – a sight to behold as long as they remain fresh. And when they wither away and you throw them out, you retain your beautiful tissue papers as you wait to bring a fresh bunch of real flowers.

2. Beach-inspired Summer Decor

Using beach-themed wall art is another great way to add more life and vibrancy to your rooms to match each summer day’s warmth and color pomp. You can turn your trips to the beach into hunting expeditions for colorful beach items like seashells.

Beach-inspired Summer Decor

However, you can buy beach collectibles online or from a store near you and then use them to make cool wall decor for your home.

If you lean towards art, be sure to find a way to make cute wall decor through creative DIY projects with paint and canvas to paint beach scenery with the blue and white hues of the seawater and sand to grace your walls.

You can also try a DIY beach-themed stencil art form for wall art. Look for a wooden board and a marine life stencil like a seahorse and stick it to the wooden board with some white glue from a hot glue gun. Apply a suitable spray paint and let it dry before peeling off the stencil.

3. Colorful Summer Table Makeovers

Tables are one of the most key and central items in any room of the house. You want all your tables to reflect the warmth and summertime color pomp by adorning them with bright decorations using flowers and equally bright-colored table runners and napkins.

Colorful Summer Table Makeovers

Get creative with colorful flowers to grace the dining table to transform your meals into fun moments full of love, color, and vibrancy. Flowers have a way of making us ooze with positive vibes and happiness, which can be very true in the dining room during the summer.

You can also try some floral decorations on the coffee table in the living room using either artificial or fresh flowers.

Consider also treating yourself and your guests to the buzz of bright decor by placing some colorful flowers on the entryway console table.

You can also line up the walls along the entryway with other summer decoration items like gallery wall art to catch your visitors’ attention the museum way.

4. Colorful Floral Pillows

Decorative pillows are a perfect choice for summer room decorations because of their versatility. You can use them in the dining room along window sills, the living room on the couches, or the bedroom as decorative pieces for the bed, dressing table, or walls.

Colorful Floral Pillows

When making a decorative pillow, go for a pillowcase with a neutral color since it will allow you more room for customization with a wide choice of colors to complete the project.

Use a felt craft fabric with your preferred summery colors and cut out identical discs to make colorful petals. Use a hot glue gun to stick the petals in a round floral pattern that you will stick on each pillow.

Other than floral decorations, coral prints and seashell themes work wonders on pillows too. To make a complete summer theme, you can use matching summer colors for curtains, mats, and rugs to maintain a wholesome summer’s day color atmosphere.

5. Printable Watermelon Doily Garland

Are you looking for a fun decoration project for the summer with your kids? Try making a printable watermelon doily garland. You can string the pieces together and hang them against a wall as girl bedroom decor.

Printable Watermelon Doily Garland

They are a perfect way to get the kids involved and busy as they also enjoy the summer.

6. Paint Chip Calendar

Here’s yet another fun decoration piece for the kids to try throughout the months of summer. The calendar uses dry erase markers and small glass panes to redo the calendar and repaint it with the new dates and days.

Paint Chip Calendar

The paint chip calendar is an excellent choice for DIY teen bedroom decor to keep your teen busy. It’s also a great way to instill the value of responsibility and time consciousness in your kids through the voluntary fun project.

Bottom Line

There’s no limit to how many DIY summer room decorations you can make to add color and vibrancy to your house. DIY summer crafts are all about celebrating the summer’s warmth and bright color pomp, and you want to be fresh with your summer house ideas and designs.

Achieving a colorful summer design with different decor options is easy if you have the resources for any of the six DIY decor ideas we have discussed here.

Be sure to pick summer decor that will best work for you and your room to look back at it and enjoy every second.

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