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Fun Things to Do at A Backyard Campout

You might want to hit the long roads ahead and go on a campout in summer or spring. Besides, these are the seasons when the weather outside is warm and dry – an ideal outdoor condition for pitching a tent in the wild.

But your family might feel they can’t make it to a campsite you had in mind for some reason. If that’s the case, don’t be in despair!

Here are the fun things to do at a backyard campout.

You can still turn your backyard into a campout site. That’s right – your backyard space could be an ideal site for campout if you can’t go out to a remote campsite in summer or spring.

What’s more, one of the perks is that you can use the washrooms in your home, and you won’t need to pack bags and load them up in your truck.

So, you have sufficient reasons to turn your backyard into a campout site.

You can still do fun things at your backyard campout site if you have well-planned ideas. Fortunately, this article will review a few fun things that you can do outside in your backyard.

So, if you’re ready to experience the great outdoors without leaving your property, be sure to read on for more information.

Pitch a Backyard Tent

The first thing you probably want to do is to pitch a tent outside in your backyard. If you’re spending the night outdoors, be sure to grab the best camping tent and pitch a teepee for you and the kids.

If you love to get hands-on, you will appreciate pitching a tent in your backyard space.

Of course, you can get a camping tent that suits your needs. The search doesn’t have to be a hard and long one. Find an ideal camp tent that will accommodate your family.

You could also invest in two tents, and make the other one for your kids.

Build a Bonfire

Father and son build a bonfire

If you’ve decided you’re going to have a backyard camp, you will need to build a bonfire. And there’s plenty of reason to have a fire pit outdoors.

Besides the fact that a bonfire provides warmth to everyone in your backyard, it also lets you cook food over it.

Eating is an essential part of camping, and you’ll be glad to have a bonfire for a heat source. Roast some s’mores over the embers of the fire to feed your kids since kids love them.

Or tell a ghost story when the flames are flickering and raging through the night. So, building a bonfire is one of the fun things to do at a backyard campout.

Sleeping Outdoors

Sleep is a necessity and is one of the essential things to do in a backyard camp. But you can make sleeping outdoors more fun by bringing a sleeping bag into the tent.

Of course, there are a few things to consider when selecting your sleeping bag.

You want to look for a waterproof and comfortable sleeping bag. With such properties, you will be sure to sleep comfortably inside your pitched tent.

You will stay warm without worrying about getting wet from water should there be a drizzle.

Go Scavenger-Hunting

Kids Scavenger hunting

A scavenger hunt is a camping activity that increases the fun in your backyard. And it is one of the backyard camping ideas to engage your kids and make them enjoy every bit of backyard camping.

So, you can write down the names of insects, flowers, and trees on paper bags. Then ask your kids to fill the paper bags with the correct specimen as per the labels on the paper bags and see if they’re up to the task.

After this activity, your kids will learn a bit of biology, meaning this activity brings more fun and knowledge to the kids. So, let your kids make a run for it.

Play a Backyard Game

You can improve your camping experience by bringing board games to the backyard space. Lawn games are fun to play when on a camping trip, but you could also play them when camping in your backyard.

Besides, your kids will enjoy these games, and this improves their fun and camping experiences.

Other games that you could play include badminton, Jenga, and ring toss. Be creative and look for other games that you could play in your backyard with kids.

And once you’ve landed a great backyard game, let the fun begin.

Hang String Lights

You could add string lights to your backyard camp tents to add a magical touch to your backyard camping. You could also hang the string lights from four poles to map out the backyard campsite.

The string lights will decorate the backyard and also ensure your vision is excellent at night. With excellent visibility, you can locate your essential supplies and use them for their purpose.

Therefore, adding string lights is one of the fun things to do at a backyard campout.

Make Camping Bug Spray

Well, you could make a bug spray out of natural plants such as sage, mint, and lavender. What’s more, your bug spray will be all-natural and non-toxic, meaning it will be safe for use to repel pesky mosquitoes in the tents.

With all the bugs gone, your kids will enjoy camping in the backyard.

No bloodsucking bugs will bring discomfort and spread diseases to you and the kids.

If you don’t want to make bug sprays, you could also buy one and protect everyone at the backyard campsite from mosquitoes and other bugs.

Watch a Movie

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Your white bedsheet or canvas could be an ideal screen to watch a movie from while eating a campfire popcorn.

Drop down the bedsheet or canvas and let the family enjoy the cinematic experience of their favorite movie.

You could also enjoy watching movies such as Troop Beverly Hills and The Parent Trap with your family. When selecting a movie to watch, you want to make sure you check the age rating.

It is only then that your kids will enjoy the movie. Also, this will ensure your kids are watching appropriate content.

Practice Yoga

You can practice yoga in the morning at sunrise as a family. Practicing yoga is another fun thing to do at a backyard campout. And you’re going to need yoga mats for this kind of exercise.

Fortunately, you can get the best yoga mat with everything you need to start yoga in the morning.

The best yoga mats are extra thick to offer unmatched comfort to the users. They are also textured to offer excellent traction that eliminates slips.

Although you will not transport them far away since you will be camping in your backyard, they still need to be lightweight and durable.

Portability is a big bonus, and make sure you look for yoga mats with carrying straps. Once you’ve found an ideal yoga mat, you can do this exercise in the morning at sunrise.

Besides, yoga is another fun thing to do in your backyard space.

Cook Hot Dogs

Cooking Hot Dogs in backyard

You have two cooking styles for preparing hot dogs – you can boil them or grill them over a campfire. Also, you can fry your hot dogs and let the family boost their energy for the long busy day ahead.

Grilling is one of the easiest ways to cook hot dogs, and even older kids can do it.

Place the hot dogs over a barbecue grill and turn them as each part cooks and acquires a mouth-watering color. Once all the sides have cooked, your dinner is ready, and everyone can have a bite.

If you thought grilling hot dogs was the easiest way to cook them, then you thought wrong.

Frying hot dogs is perhaps the easiest cooking method. You only need to throw the hot dogs into your frying pan and let each side fry.

Once you have fried all the sides, you can invite everyone to have some hot dogs for dinner. Cooking a hot dog is never a complicated task and is a fun thing to do.

Make Homemade Graham Cracker 

Make Homemade Graham Cracker of Fun Things to Do at A Backyard Campout

Making a homemade graham cracker requires a recipe. With the right ingredients and cooking instructions, your kids will have one of the best treats to tease their taste buds.

Be sure to follow a great recipe to cook the best graham cracker for your kids.


Even if you can’t leave your home to go out to a remote campsite, you can still have fun in your backyard. Besides, your backyard offers enough space for a campout.

But you’re going to need a few ideas of fun things to do to make your backyard camping a memorable experience.

Fortunately, we’ve looked at a few fun things to do. We have also looked at some supplies that you might need to make your camping enjoyable.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your campsite with glow sticks or you want to pitch a camping tent, the ideas in this article will help you.

You could also cook a few foods for everyone at the backyard campout site. Use the ideas in this article to make your backyard camping an experience worth remembering.

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