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Fun Things to do in your Backyard with Water

Some years, you don’t have to wait until July rolls around to start feeling the sun getting to its most scorching version.

On very hot days, it’s easy to shun the outdoors altogether and stay safely tucked inside, within range of your AC system.

But this would be a waste of a good summer, wouldn’t it? Instead, why not try some refreshing backyard water games?

After all, water combines:

  • A quick way to combine
  • An inherently playful atmosphere
  • The chance to engage in play-fighting with relatively little risk

So what fun things can you do in your backyard with water?

The answer includes anything from pool games such as Marco Polo, a modified Duck duck goose, a water gun fight, or installing a water balloon piñata.

Got a Swimming Pool? Here are Some Fun Water activities

As tempting as it is to simply lie on top of a water blob, this is a sure-fire way of catching a sunburn — while missing out on a good workout.

If you have a pool, try out any of these instead:

A Pool noodles battle

Super fun and super quick, just pretend your pool noodles are Jedi light sabres and try to knock your siblings or partner down.

If you are playing against someone smaller than you, try not to aim for their face directly.

Pool noodles are fortunately soft, so you’re unlikely to break anybody’s arm with them. Use them to spray some water around, duck, and roll a bit. The water resistance will make the workout all the more intense.

Duck duck goose

This is a very well-known backyard game that is usually played on dry land, as it involves chasing people around a circle.

However, it can easily be modified to be played inside a pool: it will simply provide a more demanding chase.

Just in case you forgot the old kindergarten rules: in this game, all players but one (who will be “it”) will be facing each other forming a circle.

“It” will go behind them, tapping their heads proclaiming them all to be “ducks”, until a random one will be “goose”. The one who is proclaimed goose will then have to chase “it” around the circle, and then become “it”.

Marco Polo

This classic pool game is often a bit more difficult to organize, as you will need at least 5 or 6 people to make it happen.

On the other hand, most people already know the rules — and if anyone doesn’t, they are simple enough to learn them after a few minutes.

Got a wide backyard? Here is how you can stay fresh

So what happens if you don’t have a pool (or if the pool is too small to accommodate a proper team game)? Then, you will simply need to get creative and find other ways to spray water around.

Don’t forget to have some iced tea ready for after the game!

Smash a Water balloon piñata

Just like the name indicates, this is meant to be a piñata filled with water balloons instead of the regular candy treats.

Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made piñata and mix half the treats with some water balloons. Then, get a broom stick and try to get inside!

A water balloon piñata is a great way to keep older kids entertained during a birthday party, and the splash will be a nice surprise.

Water gun fights

Whether you want a proper target practice session, or just an excuse to spray water around, a water gun fight will get everyone wet and hyped up in a matter of minutes.

Depending on the age of your guests, you can use proper high-pressure water guns, or keep things light with a spray bottle.

If you have a wide space and enough people to form teams, try throwing water bombs too.

Install slip n slides

Up until a few years ago, water slides were reserved for big commercial water parks.

However, newer “slip n slides” are now easy to install, and let you have a quick horizontal dip and a few second of adrenaline.

Since you won’t be falling rapidly through a steep incline, you can connect them to a small inflatable pool without the fear of a harsh landing. You’ll get wet either way!

Add water to your obstacle course

If you already have an obstacle course or tree house installed in your backyard, why not modify it with some refreshments?

You can do this by installing some hanging water balloons around the different obstacles.

You can also prank anyone inside a playhouse by poking a few holes in a used water bottle, and connecting this to a PVC pipe or water hose.

If the day is hot enough, your kids will thank you for installing a shower!

Final Thoughts

During the summer, most families end up spending more time at home with some time to kill. Don’t let this become “dead time” just because it’s too hot outside.

After everyone has cooled down, take advantage of the surrounding peace to read a book in one of these premium hanging chairs.

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