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Fun Things to Do Outside in My Backyard

There are plenty of ways to experience the great outdoors if you’re an outdoorsy person. You could travel to your favorite campsite and experience the true beauty of mother nature.

But you don’t need to hit the long roads ahead to experience nature. You could have fun and experience the great outdoors right from your backyard!

Besides, experiencing outdoors in your backyard could be as simple as having one of those early-morning breakfasts on your porch or playing board games with your family under the twinkling stars.

You could do any outdoor activity to spice up your backyard experience. Check out Pinterest board games for an ideal of board games to play with your family.

If you’re looking for fun things to do outside in your backyard, you will need a few ideas. The fun ideas in this article could make your backyard experience epic.

What’s more, you will still have the same thrilling fun and excitement as you would in a remote campsite.

These fun ideas are, therefore, worth a try and could transform your backyard outdoor experience. So, be sure to read on for more information.

Fun Things to do Outside

Smash Water Balloons

Smashing water balloons is a fun thing to do as a family. Look for as many balloons as you can find and fill them up with water. Then hang them low enough for your kids to reach them.

Once they’re hanging low enough, rally your whole family to whack away every single one of them.

It is a simple backyard activity that your kids will enjoy! Besides, your kids could use a bit of exercise when making excellent swings at the water balloons.

Have Backyard Water Fights

When it’s too hot outside, maybe you could have one of those water fights to soak up yourselves in cooling water.

Of course, you’re going to need water guns or a water balloon launcher for kids if you’re going to have a water fight.

There are plenty of water-dispensing devices to look for when planning to have a water fight in your backyard.

You could also invest in a water fight card game. Your kids will appreciate how easy it is to play this game. Also, playing becomes easier since the game includes rules in the set.

Whether you’re a kid or adult, you can play a water fight game in the ample space in your backyard. Therefore, having backyard water fights is one of the fun things to do outdoors.

Play the Slip n Slide Game

Kids love to slide when playing. So, why not invest in a slip and slide game for your kids? With the right slip and slide game, your kids can enjoy spending hot summers outdoors.

They can also play this game at birthday parties or when the whole family gathers in one of those family reunions.

But if you love a DIY project, you can make a slip n slide game for your kids. Finding a guide to help you is easy if you run a quick YouTube search.

So, gather the right tools and materials and begin working on a slip and slide game for your kids. Set it up in your backyard and convert the backyard space into a busy playground for the kids.

Swimming in The Pool

You can also swim in the pool located in your backyard. Swimming in summer isn’t only fun but also refreshing.

You can be sure to reduce back pain and relieve some stress by just swimming. You can also build muscle by swimming.

For younger kids, swimming is also fun, but they need to watch out for the pool edges. You could cushion the edges by placing pool noodles on the edges.

These pool noodles could also help younger kids float better and enjoy swimming. So, invest in some pool noodles when planning to go swimming with the whole family in your backyard.

Having Backyard Picnics

Your backyard is spacious enough to host a picnic. But you will need a picnic blanket and a few picnic snacks to make your backyard experience memorable.

Find your ideal picnic blanket, experience nature right from your own backyard, and treat yourself to picnic snacks such as sandwiches, wrap, and roll foods.

Try out wraps such as Quinoa Veggie Wrap and Chickpea Shawarma Wraps, among other foods.

Blow Bubbles in The Air

Blowing bubbles to the air is one of the backyard activities that kids love. Your kids will need bubble wands for this type of activity.

You can find varieties on the market, so finding bubble wands that your kids love should never be quite a challenge.

Nothing thrills more than watching your kids create beautiful scenery by blowing bubbles into the air. So, look for a bubble wand they like and gift your kids with the bubble wand they love.

You could join in on the fun and create a beautiful scene together as a family!

Go on A Scavenger Hunt

Kids Scavenger hunting

There are plenty of scavenger hunt ideas to engage your kids when spending time in the backyard. And one of these ideas is the nature scavenger hunt.

Enjoy a nature scavenger hunt as a family. When planning to go on this type of scavenger hunting, don t forget essential supplies such as colored pencils and crayons.

What you will do as a family here is basic. You will list down all the plants, insects, and flowers you will find in your backyard.

You could spice up the fun a bit by encouraging your kids to draw what they’ve discovered and use crayons to color the specimens.

Your kids will learn a lot about mother nature by collecting all the flowers and insects they can find in your backyard.

Play Hula Hoop

You might think hula hooping is for kids, but you’re mistaken. Even adults can play hula hoop.

Besides being one of the fun things to do in your backyard, especially in summer, hula hooping also helps you burn calories.

Playing a hula hoop also keeps you in great cardiovascular fitness. But have sheer fun in your backyard, you will need the best hula hoop. 

Spend some time together as a family to play this fun backyard activity.

Play an Obstacle Course Game

If you have kids and you want to keep them busy outdoors without cutting back on the fun, the best obstacle course games for kids will help a great deal.

You could try the water obstacle course that involves using pool noodles and balloons as the obstacles.

Kids will love this, but you could also join in on the fun to play with kids.

Since you’re looking to spend some time with your family in the backyard, be sure to check out the backyard obstacle course to train your kids to maneuver the obstacles in time.


You could still have fun right in your backyard. You don’t need to go on road trips or go camping in some remote campsite to have fun.

With excellent ideas of what to do in your backyard, your family will appreciate all the fun they can have at the doorstep.

You can take your meals outside and have an epic picnic or play water fights with your kids. There is always something you can do to make spending time in your backyard memorable.

If you were looking for ideas about fun things to do, then you might find this article very useful.

Use the ideas in this article to liven up your kids and every family member. Select a fun activity such as a nature scavenger hunt to let your kids experience the true beauty of mother nature.

Nothing matters more than family, and spend time with your family by doing fun things together.

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