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Fun Things to Do Outside in Your Backyard in Fall

As the temperatures cool down considerably and the deciduous trees shed their leaves, you could do plenty of exciting and fun things in your backyard.

Fall is that season of the year when you can spend time with friends and family and make memories together! Here are the fun things to do outside in your backyard in fall.

Also, fall is the season to give you life’s best memories right in the comfort of your warm and welcoming home.

But that’s only possible if you have an idea of what to do together with the people you hold dear.

You can do a simple thing such as having an early-morning breakfast on your front porch or playing late-evening board games.

The family fun all depends on who you’re making memories with and who your guests are.

But if you’re looking for fun things to do outside your house in the backyard, then you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because this article will delve into some of the fun things you could do with your family in your backyard. So, be sure to stick for a while for more information.

What are some of the family fun activities to have in the backyard?

Backyard Photoshoots

There are plenty of fun backyard activities to do with friends and family. And one of them is pulling out a camera and taking a group family photo.

It is an excellent way to capture and frame a memorable moment in your backyard. What’s more, you can also shoot outdoor photos with friends.

After celebrations, there is no better way of remembering the occasion with some high-resolution photos.

Treasure Hunting Adventure

Kids Playing tressure hunting

Everyone loves discovering hidden treasures. You can be sure that your kids will join in on the fun of finding buried treasure.

As such, treasure hunting is a sure way of keeping everyone at home and keeping them interested altogether.

You can bury a small trinket somewhere in your backyard and draw a map to guide the participants. You can place the trinket under a rock or somewhere near a flower pot.

You can bury it anywhere! Your family members will have fun and experience challenges finding the hidden treasures.

Spice up the fun a bit by making it the scavenger hunt style. And to do this, you will write down clues and hide them all over your backyard.

Each clue will lead to another, which then leads to the location of the hidden treasure. You could write: “The next clue is by the flower pot 3. Find it.”

Examining Using A Magnifying Glass

There are plenty of tiny things that you could bring into focus under a magnifying glass. They include bugs, flowers, rocks, or even leaves!

Observing them up close reveals tidy details that you might never realize existed. If you’d love to develop your kid’s scientific reasoning and observational skills, investigating tiny objects with a magnifying glass is ideal.

Besides, it is a sure way to spend the fall season helpfully with kids while feeding their intellect altogether.

Teaching Your Dog A New Trick

Teaching A Dog A New Trick

Your dog is an essential member of the family. And you can spend more time with your dog by playing with him or teaching him new tricks. Fortunately, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help you teach your dog new tricks.

Alternatively, you could turn to various magazines with helpful information on how to teach your dog new tricks.

The best part is that you can shop for these magazines online and have them by your doorstep in a short period.

You will have plenty of magazines to choose from, so finding one that yields the best result should never be very challenging.

Outdoor Picnic Dining

Once you have your picnic blanket ready in the fall, nothing will stop you from having an outdoor picnic dining in your backyard.

There are plenty of foodstuffs that you could have for a picnic. You might be surprised to learn that picnic foods aren’t only delicious but simple to make.

A sandwich is one delicious food that you could have for a picnic. And there are plenty of ways to make your sandwich unforgettable.

For one, you could make a Caprese Sandwich with simple ingredients like fresh basil, juicy tomatoes, and creamy mozzarella. Or you could have a bean and pasta salad for a picnic.

Everyone stays home with a great picnic in the fall, which is one of the best fun things to do outside in your backyard.

Go on A Manhunt

Kids Playing Hide and Seek

Don all black clothing and play a hide and seek game with your family in your backyard. Let the participants have flashlights and have a night that’s filled with nothing but fun!

Let your kids hunt you down in all the possible hideouts. The black clothing will camouflage in the darkness, giving you an edge not to be visible.

Have a thrilling and fantastic night with your family by going on a search.

Draw and Paint Stuff

If you have an eye-catching object in your backyard, you could spend some time with family drawing it and compare your drawings.

You could also paint the object and give it excellent visual appeal. Of course, you will need supplies to paint and draw eye-catching details on your backyard.

The good news is that you could buy such supplies from online shops. Acrylic painting sets will come in handy when drawing and painting stuff in your backyard.

So, be sure to get a high-quality set for your drawing and painting venture.

Navigating an Obstacle Course

Your backyard offers enough space to set up an obstacle course for kids. There are plenty of obstacle courses for kids to select from online shops.

Finding one that excites the whole family just as much as it is thrilling should never be a daunting task.

But don’t forget to be on the lookout for high-quality when selecting obstacle courses for kids. Once you have found the ideal product, you can set it up and let your kids enjoy and have all the fun they can have.

Your kids will draw plenty of benefits from this backyard activity that they can do in the fall. Besides training them for strength, obstacle courses will also offer excitement.

Make Various Items with A Pipe Cleaner

Making stuff using Pipe Cleaner

There are plenty of things you could make using a pipe cleaner. You could engage your kids in making animals with a pipe cleaner. Of course, you’re going to need instructions.

Fortunately, you can find plenty of instructions if you searched the web.

Or even better, you can also find your ideal pipe cleaner on Amazon with a set of instructions to help you twist the pipe cleaners into various animals.

Since kids love making animals, buying pipe cleaners is a sure way to let your kids have outdoor fun in your backyard.

Engaging in Grocery Store Learning Activity

Mother and her daughter buying in the grocery

There are plenty of grocery store learning activities to engage your kids when spending time with them outside. Making a list is one of these activities.

Before shopping for various items, you could ask your kids to come up with a list of items to buy.

Besides, efficient shoppers know what to buy before they visit a grocery store. Your kids can make a list depending on their age.

For kids aged 2-4 years, they can make a picture list. And this is a fun way for them to come up with a grocery store item list.

Well, you can provide the kids with circulars containing grocery store items. Then ask them to cut out items you’ve named and glue the pictures on a piece of paper.

It is this simple for such young kids. But older kids aged between 5-9 years will need to write down a list of what to buy.

Price estimation is another grocery store learning that can engage your kids. Once your kids have made a list, ask them to write down their estimated price of each item.

Then let them walk into a store and compare their estimated prices with the actual prices. This will let them know how close their estimations were.


You can still enjoy your fall season even if you decided not to go outside your home. You don’t need complicated activities to create a memorable moment with the people you love.

With an idea of what to do outside, you can spend time with family or friends and make memories together.

Fortunately, this article has presented you with a few ideas. Therefore, spending time with your family outside in your backyard isn’t much of a challenge now.

You can always pick on an activity to do together as a family. Whether it’s a picture of the family you want to take or you want to do an outdoor picnic dining, your backyard provides enough space for the activity.

Use your free time in the fall to make memories with your family in your backyard. Increase the fun a bit by introducing exciting things such as board games or lawn games.

This article contains an affiliate link or two, and we hope it provided real value to you.

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