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Fun Things to Do Outside in Your Backyard In Spring

If there is one season that looks designed for outdoor play, it has to be spring: the weather is warm, but not oppressively so.

Spring days tend to be longer, which gives us more time for finding fun after hours.

This season also brings back long weekends into our schedule, which only contributes to the general cheery moods that we all tend to develop after March rolls around.

However, this new energy can quickly go sour if you don’t find an outlet for it. If you don’t have any plans for a fun outdoor activity schedule, it’s also very easy to watch the season slip by without enjoying it.

Here, the key is to have something to motivate you into going outside!

So what are some fun things to do outside in your backyard in spring?

The answer includes reviving old classic childhood games like hopscotch or Frisbee and inventing new challenges that will allow you to express your creativity.

This Spring, Revive Old Classics with Your Family

There is a special joy in coming back to old classic games from your childhood. For starters, there will be no need to watch any video tutorials explaining the rules – you will just need to dive into your memory banks.

These are all kid-friendly activities, but they can help the adults in the family revive simpler times.

Some old childhood classics that can occupy your spring afternoons include:


Jumping over sidewalk chalk lines while attempting a rhyme has a universal appeal.

Hopscotch is not just a timeless game, but it also exists all around the world (it is called escargot in France, Kith-Kith in India, Rayuela in South America, and Tumatu in Ghana). Do you remember the rules?


The ultimate speed classic, a good game of tag will quickly tire everyone out and so it should be followed by snacks.

This is also very easy to play in a backyard or a quiet street – but don’t forget to watch out for any cars!

Hide and Seek

Less frantic than Tag, Hide and Seek can be won through speed or wit. This game often benefits from slightly wider spaces than your backyard – so if you are playing with adults, you can also try to take it to your local park.

Picnic dates

The ultimate budget date activity, picnic dates can be especially romantic during the spring.

This is because the “golden hour” tends to make everything look beautiful during the afternoons. Just prepare a basket, a blanket, and a few snacks before spending a few hours cloud-gazing and smooching.

Get Your Heart Pumping!

Obstacle course

Spring is a good season to leave behind your wintery hibernating habits. Whether you are looking to prepare your beach body or just to destress, these activities will serve you well:

Obstacle courses

Kids love a good obstacle course! And naturally, so will most adults if you design it with appropriate challenges and an enticing prize at the end.

Just take any random objects or spare boxes around your garage and have everyone jump, crawl and dodge them in a set order.

If your family includes dogs, make sure to include them too.

Frisbee catching

Do people still play with Frisbees? If not, they definitely should start doing so again. Frisbees are a great excuse for crazy sprints and an impromptu Physics lesson.


At first glance, nothing is exciting about jumping rope – it’s just something that all these 30-day fitness challenges are trying to convince us into doing every day.

However, some variations of jumping rope can offer a more social, competitive challenge.

For example, skipping (also known as Chinese jumping rope or French skipping) will offer you an increasingly harder challenge that combines agility and dexterity.

Use Your Mind as Well As Your Hands

Painted Rocks of Fun Things to Do Outside in Your Backyard In Spring

If your idea of a fun outdoor activity calls for a more relaxed atmosphere, you may want to experiment with complex mind challenges and crafting projects instead.

For example:

Painting rocks

Adding a row of painted rocks to your backyard can simply be about the esthetic appeal.

However, if you want to combine colors and arrangements, you can also use them to create temporary art installations right at home.

Look up any free printable templates for spiral-like or nature-inspired patterns.

Board games

Although board games are usually thought of as a “rainy day” activity, there is often nothing stopping you from taking them outside.

If you have a picnic table or a gazebo in your backyard, use this opportunity for a change of scenery.

Nature scavenger hunt

Instead of a traditional treasure search, a nature scavenger hunt will give you a chance to get your hands dirty and learn about nature.  This is also a great opportunity to get a large group of kids to entertain themselves.

Just give them some gloves, Ziploc bags, and a magnifying glass before sending them to collect specimens around your garden.

This can include leaves or flowers (which you can press later) or a bug hunt (although you should release the little ones afterwards).

Build a bird feeder

If you derive joy and bragging rights from working with your hands, try taking up a new carpentry project.

Bird feeders will provide home and nourishment for local species, which will allow you to admire or sketch them later on.

Spring is an ideal time to set one up, as this is their mating season – so they will be looking for gifts to impress their fellow winged creatures.

Final Thoughts

For most people, the arrival of spring marks a renewed desire to spend some time outdoors. On this list, we have included activities for kids and adults alike.

Many of these combine an opportunity for exercise with the chance to learn something new.

Planning something special can help the entire family feel engaged with each other, as they will be all looking forward to what you are plotting.

Sometimes, you may want to just lie back and rest with a good book. For those days, why not take a look at these super hanging chairs?

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