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Fun Things to do Outside in Your Backyard

When the weather is nice, it’s nice to be outside. But if you want to enjoy your time in the backyard, you need a good plan for keeping things interesting.

Sure, you could hang out in the sun and do nothing else, but if you’re looking for some more active ways to enjoy the outside in your backyard, here are some suggestions:

Consider a nature scavenger hunt or a DIY project for you and your family. There are many free printable guides on how to handle these events all over the web.

You can also choose to fight with water balloons, which is always a classic summertime event.

Below, we are going to dig into some specific DIY projects for your family. By the end of this article, you will have a list of things you can do in your backyard.

DIY Projects with Pool Noodles: The Ultimate Crafting Tool

bunch of pool noodles

Pool noodles are the ultimate tool in versatility. You can use them for several different backyard activities.

If you happen to have a bit of patience and a knife, you can also use these special noodles to build.

Here are some suggestions of where to get started with your pool noodles: 

Use Them To Decorate your Garden

Pool noodles are pretty weatherproof. How do I know that? Because pool noodles resist water in a pool. 

If you wish to cover your edging up with pool noodles and have you or your kids paint them, they provide an excellent way to decorate your garden.

Beautify your flowers with an extra layer of “bubbly fencing.” Connect different sections of your rounded fence with duct tape.  

DIY Ring Toss 

Lawn darts are great, but your kiddos aren’t always able to play. Sometimes, they are too little to enjoy throwing sharp objects into the ground.

However, you can solve that issue with a bit of tape and a knife. 

Tie one pool noodle into a circle and tape it together, so it doesn’t move.

Place another pool noodle in the middle of this, sticking it into the ground, so it doesn’t move, and throw large rings at the pool noodle and see if you can’t get your ring on the noodle. 

Obstacle Course

If you have a large number of additional items (including pool noodles), you can easily create an obstacle course for people to run around your backyard.

Utilize your outdoor spaces by creating a race of backyard fun. 

You can even choose to get adults involved in this one. Be creative with things to crawl over, have a zone where people have to dodge water balloons.

This creation is up to you, so have fun with it! 

Don’t Forget an Outdoor Picnic 

Happy family picnic

While you can solve most problems with pool noodles, you sometimes have to think outside of the box. Another (often forgotten) outdoor activity is picnicking. 

Lay your picnic blanket along the ground and bring you, your family, and your food to the local park. Once you are done eating, you can choose to do other outdoor stuff.

You can bring a hula hoop, frisbee, and other simple games. You can do this both in your backyard or the park, try and pick up something easy from your local grocery store!

Encourage an Outdoor Adventure!

Part of what encourages your kids to enjoy the outdoors is treating things like an adventure. A fun backyard activity can be anything from finding and talking about insects to pretending to be Indiana Jones.

The point is that you should encourage your kid’s imagination. 

Consider an adventure outdoor re kit for kids. These include things like magnifying glasses, butterfly nets, a (fake) compass, and binoculars.

By encouraging your kids’ imagination, you can have them participate in a nature scavenger hunt.

Ask your kids to find local bugs, different types of leaves, and rocks. While this DIY project doesn’t involve much building, it provides them and you with a great educational opportunity. 

Turn Your Backyard into Massive Board Game 

For those with large enough backyards, another DIY project worth doing comes back to turning your yard into a giant board game. You can do anything from Scrabble to Connect Four.

Just be sure that you’ve got enough cardboard, hose, and time to take care of the board game. 

Creating an at-home board game also provides you with an excellent opportunity to invite some local families. You can combine this with several other activities like a water balloon fight.

Be sure you’ve got the backyard space measured out before you start this process. The size of your game board might need to be reduced to account for these limitations. 

Final Thoughts

Planned backyard activities are an excellent way for you to engage with your kids, friends, and neighbors.

You will be surprised how much people like you if you take the need to plan something fun out of their schedule. Provided you are willing to put in a bit of effort; you can find excellent ways to entertain yourself this summer.

If you are looking for other methods of backyard entertainment, consider these ideas that you can include as part of your backyard fun. Thanks for reading!

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