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Fun Things To Put In Your Backyard This Summer

The amount of underutilized space in your outdoor spaces can be disappointing. But when it comes to backyard fun, entertainment ideas can be challenging to brainstorm.

But when it comes to fun ideas, where do you start. What fun things can I put in my backyard this summer?

Fun things you can put in your backyard include the following:

These are just a few examples of fun things to include in your summer projects. The rest of this article will go over some creative ideas you can use for summer fun. 

Summer – A Time for DIY Projects

Whether it comes to creating a giant board game or a blanket fort, summer is the best time to dig into those DIY projects collecting dust in the back of your head.

Below, we are going to go through a quick overview of some of the more exciting ideas you can steal:

How to Build a Treehouse

Photo of Tree House

Building a treehouse is one of those dream things that you don’t get many opportunities to do. They are lots of fun for the kids and provide them a natural hide-a-way.

Given that you are in a tree, you need to be picky about their design. 

Here’s a quick list of things you need to do when building a treehouse: 

  1. Select an established and large tree for your house 
  2. Design your treehouse using help from an engineer or carpenter 
  3. Make sure you have saws, hammers, nails, and other vital supplies ready
  4. Pay particular attention to bracers 
  5. Make sure the flooring is sturdy 
  6. Be sure you have railings, walls, a window, and one entrance 
  7. A patio roof will always be a nice touch

Working with someone who knows how to work with wood is crucial, as they will learn more about structural requirements and the type of wood you need to buy.

If you happen to be handy, they can help produce the plans while you follow the structure. 

If you don’t trust your tree, you can also choose to have a lifted foundation that doesn’t go relatively as high.

There are many examples of inspiration on sites like Instagram and Pinterest; use all of the resources you can. 

How to Build a Zen Garden

a zen garden

Another unique approach you can apply to your backyard is a Zen Garden. A zen garden has a defined path constructed with a rake, usually has some large rocks, pots, and moss, and is primarily relaxing. 

Here are some quick steps you can use to build a Zen Garden:

  1. Purchase a rake. They do make rakes for zen gardens, but any standard rake will do
  2. Purchase sand that you can spread in areas of your garden. 
  3. Acquire rocks that appeal to you.
  4. Look online for inspiration for the design. 
  5. Consider low water zen gardens that include water features. 
  6. Follow general steps for taking care of flowers (and other plants you find appealing)

A zen garden is a fantastic project that you can take on over the summer. These long-term projects can keep you sane and provide excellent ways to spend a summer.

Just make sure you follow general gardening tips and have a large enough garden to establish a section of it for your zen project. 

Low-Effort Fun Things for Your Backyard

If you don’t feel like building a shed in a tree or a zen garden, there are many low impact options you can choose; below are some low-effort suggestions for your backyard: 

Use pool noodles to create giant backyard games (like Tic-Tac-Toe) that you, your family, and friends can play together.

Invest in a fire pit you can use to roast weiners and turn your backyard into a natural camping experience

Slip n’ slides are classic fun for adults and kids. Be sure not to be too close to the fence, as you don’t want to cause an expensive accident!

You can’t beat the classic feel of an inflatable pool. Consider something that can fit the whole family. 

You cannot beat water guns and water balloon fights for backyard fun. Turn your backyard into a wet warzone with an open challenge to any other families. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to backyard fun, there are several long-term projects that you and your family can do together. Two of these include treehouses and zen gardens, but a classic garden works just as well.

The idea is to have fun, so make sure to have room for some simple games along the way. 

If you need help with the gardening part of your backyard project, check out this article on what flowers need to grow. Thanks for reading! 

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