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Five Fun Things You Need to Have in Your Backyard for Outdoor Fun

It’s easy to forget that the first stop on your outdoor fun list is your backyard. Given the hectic nature of the rest of the year, this upcoming summer needs to be about you and some small gatherings.

With the items on this list, you will have an idea of some fun things you can put in your backyard for outdoor fun. By the end of this list, you will have everything you need for a fantastic time with your friends or a book. 

Five Fun Things You Need in Your Backyard 

  1. Yaheetech Multifunctional Fire Pit Table – Great for Inviting Your Friends Over
  2. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa – Great for Portable Relaxation 
  3. Pandawill Color Changing Mosaic Solar Light – for Your Late Night Gatherings
  4. Y-Stop Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing – Great for Reading a Book Outdoors
  5. JMEXSUSS Solar Fairy Lights – Great for Beautiful Lighting Design 

Yaheetech Multifunctional Fire Pit Table – Great for Inviting Your Friends Over

The best fun backyard activity involves a fire pit. When it comes to jazzing up your available space, those warm summer nights are better with a fire pit.

Thankfully, Yaheetech has you covered with a 32-inch metal firepit suitable for camping, outdoor heating, bonfires, and picnics. 

Lay a picnic blanket along the ground and have your friends gather around the space. Buying some accompanying metal skewers will also allow you to cook food on the fire.

Just be warned, some images show the top grate, even though the item doesn’t come with this particular model. 

This fire pit is perfect for people who want to get into their first one. It is easy to build and sturdy, but the metal is a bit thinner than some. As with anything metal, be sure you place it in a place away from dry grass.

If you happen to have a stone pathway, that’s your best bet. As a beginner fire pit, this is an excellent investment for your backyard!

It's great for people who want something easy to assemble.The metal on the surface is somewhat thin.
It is lightweight, making it pretty easy to move.There is no top gate, leading some images to be misleading. 
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Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa – Great for Portable Relaxation 

Another spot you want to cover comes with a combination of portability and relaxation. If your friend doesn’t happen to have any extra available seating, bring your own.

Wekapo allows you to handle this with an inflatable lounger air sofa. With it being inflatable, you have ultimate portability in a sturdy design. 

Kiddos are also likely to enjoy this as a great area to sit. It is large enough to fit about four kids comfortably and sturdy sufficient to deal with some rowdiness.

For adults, you can plop this thing in a clear (bramble-free) chunk of your yard for some outdoor reading. To turn any backyard space into a relaxation zone, this is your focus. 

Its first fill is a bit tricky and might require you to purchase an additional electric pump. If you are like me and happen to have a kid who sees this and thinks “jump,” you might want to discourage that behavior quickly.

While it may withstand it first, you don’t want to test the warranty on your inflatable sofa. 

Great for relaxation for both kids and adults.It's a bit too tempting for kids to jump on it. 
It's incredibly portable, making it great for converting any backyard into a relaxation space.It's a bit tricky to fill through the regular pump. 
It's a big, comfy, inflatable seat. Nuff said. 
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Pandawill Color Changing Mosaic Solar Light – for Your Late Night Gatherings

If you can’t sit on it or cook with it, what can you do with it? The answer: see with it. Part of the fun of late-night fire pit gatherings is grabbing a beer with your buddies around the fire.

To add a bit of extra sight to that, invest in bright solar-powered light like the Pandawill color-changing mosaic light

It being solar-powered means you don’t have to worry about extension cords. This option is excellent for people who have larger backyards, as it’s easy to run over your extension cord the next day in your lawnmower if you happen to be forgetful.

It’s also waterproof and won’t add anything to your electric bill. 

The one disappointment with these portable lights is that they won’t work directly out of the box. You will need to be sure what shipping gets them to you a couple of days before the party begins.

With enough solar energy, this thing will be outstanding in the way it illuminates outdoor space. 

If you have a huge backyard and don't have a long extension cord.It doesn't have the power of floodlights .
If you want to illuminate your backyard in beautiful colors .The design options may not appeal to everyone.
If you wish to have something solar-powered for your yard.
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Y-Stop Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing – Great for Reading a Book Outdoors

If you happen to be one of those proud owners of a big ole’ tree out back, your entire family can enjoy fun ideas like a rope swing. However, the adults in the family that crave relaxation may be more appreciative of a place where they can sit down and enjoy the environment.

Enter the Y-Stop Hammock Chair

At about 40 inches long and 50 inches high, you can quickly sink into this hammock chair. It also has a weight of 320 pounds, which makes it great for big people. Just don’t expect this chair to fit any second person, as the size is a bit unsuitable for that. 

Thankfully, it fits a single person for the most underappreciated outdoor activity: reading outdoors. The hidden pocket makes it great for storing books for a few hours. However, don’t leave that book in there overnight, as this isn’t entirely waterproof. 

If you are looking for a nice relaxing single-seat outdoors.It won't be able to fit two people easily.
For those who need a hammock that can handle big weights. .Not weatherproof.
If you want a hidden compartment to hide your book.
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JMEXSUSS Solar Fairy Lights – Great for Beautiful Lighting Design 

Fairy lights are a cute idea to improve the overall appearance of any part of your yard. For late-night outdoor fun, lighting your way can be done with picnic tables.

You can have simple lighting to direct towards adults or use fairy lights to light the pathway for activities for kids. the JMEXSUSS Solar Fairy Lights are a great way to do this. 

As a solar-powered set of lights, it contains two of the more critical features for outdoor lighting: it doesn’t drive up your bills and is solar-powered.

While that means you may need a few days before the lights stay on for any period, it means you won’t have to run any extension cords. 

When it comes to outdoor fun, these lights are great for providing an excellent way to light your late-night party. You might have to do some brainstorming to figure out what to do with them. 

They are great for lighting the way during late-night parties.The lights could be a bit stronger. 
Kids love them! Working up to 8 hours after 8-12 hours.
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Fun Things in Your Backyard – What You Need to Know

Photo of Backyard 

If you are struggling to develop ideas for your backyard fun, here are some tips to keep in mind when scheduling activities and getting together the right stuff. 

How Do I Ensure My Items are Weatherproof?

When it comes to outdoor activities, some items are weatherproof while others are not. Those claims are in the product descriptions, but all the items on this list are for outdoor use.

The hammock will need to be located in a shady location (under the porch typically). 

Another critical area of concern is your outdoor plugs. For energy saving, we recommend outdoor smart plugs, as those save money and are typically weatherproof

How Do I Ensure My Outdoor Light Works in My Backyard?

If you want to be sure that your outdoor light can handle your backyard, you need to look in three different areas:

  • Your working hours should be four or more. 
  • The waterproofing should be IP44 under waterproofing (splashproof).
  • It would be best if you were looking for LED lights. 

The combination of those three factors should be sufficient to ensure your lighting works. LED’s heavily outperform all other light forms, so you don’t have to worry as much about wattage with LED lights, as they will almost always be brighter than other forms.

LED bulbs are also typically more energy efficient than other models. 

How Do I Ensure My Inflatable Lounger Won’t Get Punctured?

Anytime you purchase an inflatable bed, you have to ensure that nature won’t puncture it. Wekapo has solved the issue by having multiple layers: preventing deflation and maintaining its weight limit. Below are some tips to keep in my to stop deflation:

  • If you place an inflatable in your backyard, make sure that you’ve recently mowed the yard and there are no sharp objects below. This same logic applies to you taking inflatables to the beach. 
  • Don’t show your inflatables the new knife you got for your collection. As proud as you are of it, that will make your inflatable seats nervous. 
  • Please pay attention to the weight limit and try to keep the combined limit of whoever is sitting on it well below that limit. 
  • As satisfying as it might be, do not give your inflatable The People’s Elbow. A sudden drop of any amount of weight isn’t fun for whoever (or whatever) is underneath. 

Creative Ideas You Can Use for Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are about marking areas of your backyard with fun designs. However, the fun is not limited to your ability to light up areas around your driveway; here are some ideas you can steal from us: 

  • Use fairy lights to mark outdoor furniture so your friends won’t eat a portion of your lawn. 
  • You can use them to mark walking paths (including driveways), so you and your friends can pretend to be an airplane coming in for a landing. Also, these lights can protect your beautiful flower gardens. 
  • You can use fai8ry lights to illuminate your backyard board games. Have you ever wanted to play giant backyard games? Now would be the opportunity. 
  • Use them to mark areas for a nature scavenger hunt for your kiddos. 

Fairy lights are a great way to mark your backyard for a round of friendly play. To make all days of summer fun, you can create an experience to make your summer a family favorite.

Check out this article for some extra items for a family-friendly backyard

Other Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy This Summer

Favorite backyard activities cover a wide variety of things. Even if you can’t leave your backyard for some reason, you can have plenty of fun between you and some close friends. Here are some extra tips you can keep in mind outside of fairy light-based activities:

  • Backyard Camping: If you want to go camping, little ones can be just excited about you taking your camping adventure to the backyard. Just make sure your family tent is big enough for everyone!
  • Truck Tunnels: Some parents with extra PVC pipes use them to create truck tunnels. Bury them, so both ends are sticking out.
  • Movie Night: A movie screen can be a large white sheet. Hang it up so that it drops from your roof and get an excellent outdoor projector. For extra ideas, check out our article on backyard entertainment.
  • Small Lake: Use an old tote lid for the ideal setup on a small pond. Have your kids create little boats using small pieces of wood and watch them race across the way with an outdoor fan and a small sail. 

Whatever you choose, make sure it is fun and creative.

Best Backyard Fun Brands 

The products above mention a couple of different unique brands. Here are a few to look out for:

Backyard Fun FAQs

Here are some additional FAQs for backyard fun projects:

What are Some Other Ways for Backyard Fun During this Summer?

For those of you who read our other articles, we have a wide variety of topics delving into managing your garden. Under our outdoor category, check out different tips and tricks for helping out your garden

Engaging your kids with a long-term project is an excellent way to keep them from getting bored. With any DIY project, you have the chance to help your kids contribute to something they can enjoy. Below are some additional tips:

  • Create an outdoor painting environment with non-toxic paint on a large scale. Do this before mowing your lawn so you can remove any painted grass chunks. 
  • Use a currently unused outdoor clothesline to create a hanging fort of unwanted sheets. Having your kids out there can combine the excitement of fort building with outdoor activities. 
  • You can create a DIY water wall using your water hose and some strategically placed yard pieces. Kids (and some adults) love to be involved in projects that include moving water, especially if it resembles the awesomeness of a waterfall. 

Can I Legally Camp Outside of My Home?

When you camp outdoors, you may find it surprising to gain the wrath of local HOA groups or officers. That’s because it is typically illegal to establish campgrounds outside of your home. However, they aren’t likely to do anything about it unless it becomes a regular staple. 

Please speak with your neighbors before setting up any at-home kids camping adventure so they know what’s going on to avoid potential headaches. The same rules apply when you have HOAs tell you that you can’t have any campers outside of your home. 

Final Thoughts 

All of the items we reviewed on this list don’t have the “best of” considered. Instead, the only thing we can recommend here is that you think about a fire pit.

Fire pits turn your backyard into a small campsite for both your family and your friends. Yaheetech knows this, as they produced a high-quality fire pit to address it. 

If you don’t feel like a fire pit in your backyard, we have a couple of different unique lighting situations to address late-night meetings. It would help if you also considered some outdoor lounging options for both reading and relaxing. Don’t forget to have fun!

By clicking some of the affiliate links above, you allow us to continue to produce articles like this one. If you enjoyed the products listed above, click on the links in this article to support our efforts. Thanks for reading!  

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