Are Gas Ranges Energy Star Rated

Are Gas Ranges Energy Star Rated?

When purchasing appliances for your home, an important thing to take into consideration is how much energy they use. This can make the difference between a low monthly energy bill and a sky-high one.

If you’re shopping for a new gas range you may find yourself wondering, are gas ranges Energy Star rated?

But while recent technological advancements have greatly improved gas consumption efficiency in homes, gas ranges do not have an Energy Star rating or EnergyGuide labels.

This is due to the fact that the government does not have energy regulations or guidelines. (There are, however, Energy Star ratings on ranges intended for commercial use.)

So if you can’t consult Energy Star ratings, how do you ensure that your new range is energy efficient? Here we’ll outline a few things to look for to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Buy gas instead of electric

There are many pros and cons to both electric and gas ranges. But when it comes to energy efficiency, gas is the best option.

Using natural gas will ensure you have considerably lower energy costs than if you use propane or electricity. Gas heats up your food faster and overall costs less annually to use.

While buying a new gas range usually costs a bit more than buying an electric range, it will save you money over time. This is large because it takes one-third the amount of energy to deliver gas to your stove than it does to deliver electricity.

Of course, your monthly energy bill will largely depend on how much cooking you do. However, if your range is equipped with electric ignition, expect to pay about half of what you would for using an electric range.

Or better yet, go induction

Even more energy efficient than a gas range is an induction range. Induction stoves utilize electromagnetic energy to conduct heat from a burner directly into the pan.

Because of this, they use about one-third less energy than typical electric coils. They also heat up your kitchen for less than a gas range, which could save additional energy by requiring you to use less air-conditioning.

One caveat is that induction burners will only work with stainless steel or cast iron cookware, and not copper or aluminum.

Also, induction ranges are still pretty expensive, although the prices are declining steadily as they become more widely available.

Energy saving tips

  • Consider your cooking vessels. When shopping for pots and pans, look out for straight sides and flat bottoms. Make sure lids fit snugly. All these factors mean that your food will cook more efficiently and quickly.
  • Use the right size burner. If you’re using a small six-inch skillet, don’t use the largest burner on your range! Doing that is a surefire way to waste a lot of energy.
  • Start on high heat. Start off by cooking with your burner on high heat to get everything nice and hot, then turn the heat down to finish cooking. Utilizing all that retained heat will save energy (and money!).

Final Thoughts

While gas ranges aren’t Energy Star rated, there are some ways to ensure your new stove is energy efficient. You should definitely buy gas over electric or even consider induction.

And when cooking on your gas range, keeping in mind a few energy-saving tips can save money on your energy bill.

Ready to Buy a New Gas Range?

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You’ll also want to get educated on general gas range information, such as if gas ranges require venting and if gas ranges produce carbon monoxide.

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