Safety Tips for Gas Ranges

gas range safetyWhen it comes to shopping for the right gas range for your kitchen, it can be quite difficult. Today, you will find several models on offer that come with different features which appeal to a different range of clientele.

When many people are shopping for gas ranges, apart from price, color and durability, safety is the other important factor that one considers. This is because the appliance will be in the vicinity of the house and the family members therefore it’s wise to prevent accidents early.

Are gas ranges safe?

Any product manufactured by man is made with safety in mind but the way it is used, shows more about the users safety concern. Unless the appliance was defective from the factory floor, chances are the user will either ensure safety or not.

When they are designed, they are made with safety in mind therefore making them the right appliances to use in your kitchen.

Below are the extra safety precautions you need to have in mind.

Always pay attention to gas odor

What many people don’t know is that methane or cooking gas is odorless in nature but to help identify its presence, manufacturers add the rotten smell in it. In your home, it is important to always be prepared by paying attention to any unfamiliar smells.

To identify if there is any gas leakage, you need to inspect the appliance which you may have left it on by mistake. Apart from the smell, you need to identify any hissing sound around the stove. What you don’t know is that a gas leak will fill up the room very quickly and if you strike a match, you will blow the whole house away.

To prevent this, immediately you smell rotten eggs in the air, check the gas range, shut off any open valves, open all windows and remember, do not strike any match.

Always clean it

To ensure better efficiency when using the appliance, it is important to ensure its clean. When food particles accumulate around the nozzles, it will block them therefore preventing the efficient flow of gas. This is very important since they utilize an open flame in order to provide the vital service to the user.

The open flame can set on fire the spilled food particles therefore creating an unpleasant odor in the room. Apart
from that, it could lead to dangerous flare-ups which can lead to various injuries.

Make time to inspect the pilot light before use

One safety feature that is added to gas ranges is the pilot lights. This is small flame that is constantly lit and burns a small supply of gas. When you start your gas range, the light is responsible for the appliance catching on fire in order for you to use it.

When you don’t continually inspect the appliance, the continuous gas feed will fill up the room and you may one day
burn your home by mistake. If by any chance you notice the pilot light is out, you need to shut off the gas supply and open the windows.

Let the gas flow outdoors before turning the appliance on. You can also opt to purchase modern appliances which have an electric ignition therefore eliminating the need for a pilot light.

Ensure handles are on the off position

The one mistake that many people make when using such appliances is never hanging the handles away from the open flame. Since the open flame heats the appliance directly, it will not only make it hot but the handles too. This can become dangerous especially when one handles them with bare hands. If you handle it when it’s hot, you will drop it spilling the content and create further mess or even an accident.

It’s best to always to turn away the handles from the open flame.

Final Thoughts

As a home user, it’s important to ensure your safety and the safety of your family and property. Even though care has been enhanced in every home appliance before purchasing, it is wise to set up extra safety measures.

Read through the provided documentation in order to know the various ways of ensuring safety when you are using gas ranges. Your life and that of your family matters. Small mistakes can lead to huge losses therefore it’s wise to be cautious.

Remember, prevention is the best cure.

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