Best Gas Range Reviews 2020: Our Top 10 Picks

Best Gas Range Reviews 2020: Our Top 10 Picks

People in the market for a new kitchen stove face one fundamental choice: gas or electric? The first commercial gas ranges were sold way back in 1836, as an alternative to coal and wood stoves (of course, electricity wasn’t a factor in the mid-19th century). But it took quite a while for gas ranges to “catch fire” with consumers, as a network of gas pipes was slowly constructed over the next 100-150 years.

Today, nearly half of Americans choose gas ranges over electric stoves for their cooking appliances, and many who buy an electric range have no real choice (unless they purchase a propane gas stove) because they live in rural areas without residential natural gas lines.

Electric and gas ranges, obviously, perform the same basic function: cooking food. They function quite differently, however. Electric cooktops slowly heat cooking elements which then transfer the heat to pots and pans (or heat up the inside of an oven); on a gas stove, the burners are ignited immediately and the resulting flames are directly responsible for heating up pots (or an oven’s interior).

In this article, we will help aid your decision in choosing between kitchen appliances by providing a comprehensive outline of the best gas ranges on the market.

The features of gas burners vary considerably, and it’s important to choose a model which best meets your needs. We’re here to help by taking a look at the benefits of using gas for cooking, the important considerations and decisions which factor into a purchase so you can easily pick the best gas range.

We will outline our top choices on the market today. Then we will first evaluate them based on a number of features that are very relevant to your decision. We will conclude the guide with a mini buying guide where we will outline the top factors to consider when making your decision.

Top 10 Gas Range Reviews List

We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing most of the top choices on the market to help you narrow down your decision. Here’s what we’ve found.

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U Gas Range Review

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U 30" Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range

The Thor Kitchen Professional gas range is a great product that will fit in smaller spaces without lacking professional quality.

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If there’s a gas range worth buying for the way it looks alone, the Thor Kitchen HRG3080U would be it! If the stainless steel finish, heavy duty cast iron cooking grates, and blue porcelain oven interiors are not enough to make fall in love with it, then its power definitely will.

The HRG3080U has 4 burners – 18,000 BTU, 15,000 BTU and twin 12,000 BTU burners. Considering that some models only offer one high powered burner while the others only give out 5,000 BTU, the fact that this unit’s lowest heat output is 12,000 BTU already puts it at ahead of the race. To top all of that, the 4.2 cu. ft. convection oven is 22,000 BTU!

This gas range is freestanding and will fit any kitchen design. To top all of that, its stainless steel finish makes it very easy to clean.

Gorgeous designHigher price tag.
High-powered burners.
Powerful convection oven.
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

Kenmore 73433 Gas Range Review

Kenmore 73433 4.2 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range

This Kenmore gas range offers the best of all worlds with a powerful oven, broiler, and versatile cooktop. With its five sealed burners, every technique from boiling to searing is simple.

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Kenmore is one of the most trusted names when it comes to home appliances. So it’s no surprise that the Kenmore 73433 is one of the best selling gas ranges out there.

This beauty has 5 burners – 3 5,000 BTU simmer burners, an oval 10,000 BTU centre burner, and a powerful 14,200 BTU power burner – all guaranteed to make cooking a whole lot easier for you. The oven is equipped with an Easy Set electronic controls which allow you to set the temperature with just one touch and allow you to monitor it through the LED display.

The Kenmore 73433 also comes with a Broil and Serve drawer at the bottom for easier cooking of steaks, vegetables, and cheeses. This drawer can be used as a broiler, as a storage drawer, or as a warming drawer for various tasks.

Simmer burner and high-powered burner.Higher price tag.
Electronic controls
Versatile bottom drawer.
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

Samsung NX58H9500WS Stainless Steel Gas Range

Samsung NX58H9500WS Slide-In Stainless Steel Gas Range

The Samsung gas range features a large oven capacity with three levels of temperature probe warming drawer.

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This Samsung model is in the premium price area, and looks the part. It’s an attractive Samsung NX58h9500WS stainless steel gas range with five burners (including a simmer burner) covered by continuous grates, and like the GE we’ve just reviewed, you can put a removable griddle plate in the middle of the cooktop.

One small but cool feature is a wok grate which can be placed over any of the hobs to cook Chinese food.

There’s one good-sized (5.8 cubic feet) convection oven and the setting worked well, but standard setting temperatures are uneven and the broiler doesn’t have the “oomph” you’d expect at this price. The digital touchpad controls are terrific (complete with a “Guiding Light” system that helps novice cooks choose settings), and the cooktop works fine, but you can probably do better at this price. This is a slide-in model.

Simmer burnerHigher price tag
Removable griddle plate and wok grate.Broiler isn't particularly powerful.
Good-sized oven.Standard setting temperatures are uneven.
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

Bosch HDI8054 U 800 30” Gas Range Review

Bosch HGI8054UC 800 30" Stainless Steel Gas Slide-In Sealed Burner Range

The Bosch HDI8054 gas range is a slide-in model with a well-designed front control panel.

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The major European appliance manufacturer Bosch has created a nice premium-level gas range, which comes with a few surprising style differences from the norm.

The cooktop of Bosch HDI8054 has an unusual layout, with the high-powered 18,000 BTU burner in the center, rather than on one of the sides. And the oven is fan-based, rather than true convection as usually seen at high price levels.

The good news is that it performs well; the bad news is that the burners are good in the high-to-medium heat ranges but it’s difficult to get the heat low enough to simmer stews and sauces. The minimalist European design is gorgeous, though. This is a slide-in model with a well-designed front control panel.

Minimalist European design.High price tag.
Well-designed control panel.No simmer burner.
Not a true convection oven.
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

Ge Café CGS750 M2 NS530” Freestanding Gas Range

The Café line from GE is a step up from the Profile line, both in price and in construction. This model is as attractive as the Profile PGS950SEFSS we’ve reviewed above, and the major specs are pretty much the same, including five burners (with middle burner griddle capability), and one convection and one standard (the same sizes as on the Profile).

There are a couple of other features you’ll find on the Café model, though: two high-powered hobs (there’s a 17,000 BTU burner in addition to a 20,000 BTU one), and a conversion kit to change to LP gas.

There is even a double oven for maximum cooking flexibility. This allows you to cook two different dishes at once, which may slice your cooking time in half.

Functionally, there are the same pros and cons as with the Profile, except for the added heat provided by the two high-powered burners. This is a freestanding model, but the control panel is on the front rather than behind.

Two high-powered burners.High price tag.
Double oven.
Middle burner can fit a griddle.
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

Thor Kitchen LRG3001U Gas Range Review

Thor Kitchen 30" Stainless Steel Gas Range Oven

The Thor stainless steel oven features a five-burner gas range.

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Thor has been making quite a name for itself in the world of gas ranges in the recent years. If you are looking for a powerful and professional looking gas range but can’t afford to pay an arm and a leg for it, the Thor Kitchen LRG3001U is your best bet!

This beauty has 5 burners which range from 4,000 to 18,000 BTU. The black porcelain drip pan and cast iron grate not only makes it look professional but also makes clean up a lot easier. The oven capacity is 4.55 cu. ft. which is perfect for roasting and baking.

One thing that seems to be a common complaint about this model though is the fact that you would have to hold the igniter before the burner lights up. This isn’t actually a fault in the product. Rather, it is a safety feature that gas range manufacturers currently moving towards installing on their products.

Affordable for the quality.Have to hold igniter to light burner.
Easy to clean
Beefed up safety features
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

Thor Kitchen Freestyle Professional Gas Range Review

Thor Kitchen HRG3618U 36 in. Freestanding Professional Style Gas Range

The Thor Kitchen presents this hot new gas range to help you create meals like a professional chef. For those with discriminating tastes, this 5.2 Cubic foot oven has the space to get it all done and the power to get it done fast. 

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The name of this freestanding range might make you think it’s Scandinavian, but it’s not. The Thor Kitchen Freestyle gas range is made in China; don’t let that put you off, though. It’s from the same manufacturer that produces highly regarded NXR ranges (we’ll discuss one of those shortly), and this professional stove impresses.

It’s heavy-duty, beautiful, and even though it will cost you a big chunk of change you’d pay a lot more for a comparable “brand name” unit. There are six burners, ranging from two 15,000 BTUs to two 9,000 BTUs; it cooks well and simmers OK, but doesn’t have a high-powered burner or a devoted low-power one. The 5.2 cubic foot oven has a powerful convention and an infrared broiler.

The controls are tough but standard, with no electronic touchpad.

That’s pretty much the story of this range; it’s “almost there” on all of the features and does everything quite well, but doesn’t hit the “exceptional” button in any area except for size and beauty.

Beautiful aestheticsNo electric control panel.
Six burners.
No devoted simmer burner.
Professional quality.High pricetag
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

Frigidaire FGGF3047 Tfgallery Series Review

We briefly move to the intermediate price range where we meet this Frigidaire Freestanding stove, a good buy for the money.

It has five burners (one relatively high-powered at 17000 BTU, another a “simmer” burner at 5000 BTU) with continuous grates and a single fan-convection oven. We wouldn’t expect a full version at this price, although we would have liked it to be a little larger than five cubic feet.

There’s a full electronic control panel on the back of this freestanding model, and it comes in black instead of the “classier” stainless steel of the more expensive options we’ve looked at so far. It performs well, and in some areas – like the convenience of the high-and-low powered burners, it outperforms some of the “professional” models you could buy.

Great buy for the moneyOven is quite small
Electronic control panel
Comes in a black finish
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

KUCHT KRG3080U Pro-Style 30 Inch Review

KUCHT KRG3080U-S 30 Inch Natural Gas Range

Enjoy more cooking power than ever before because your new Pro-Style range features one 18,000 BTU burner, one 15,000 BTU dual burner with simmer, and two 12,000 BTU burners.

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At the low end of the price scale for professional gas ranges, perhaps because it’s 30 inches instead of 36 inches wide, this Kutcht Pro-style 30 Inch German-manufactured model impresses.

There are five burners (two of them hit 18,000 BTU and there’s a multi-function center burner as well), and the 4.2 cubic foot convection oven, while somewhat small, produces more heat and performs better (as does the broiler) than just about all of the other ranges on our list.

There are some nits that we’d pick with it, such as there’s no “simmer” burner, the controls are all manual, the oven isn’t self-cleaning and of course we’d prefer the oven to be larger.

For the money, though, we really like the freestanding KUCHT. So if you are looking for a more economical choice on our list, this might be exactly the one you are looking for.

Affordable for the quality
No simmer burner
High-performing convection oven
Not self-cleaning
Attractive lookAll manual controls
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

Nxr Professional SC3011 Review

NXR Professional DRGB3001 Gas Range

The DRGB3001 Features a manual oven control with full stainless steel construction and a blue porcelain interior.

Check Price On Amazon Learn More

The freestanding NXR Professional aspires to the quality of comparable Viking ranges, at a lower price point. It comes close, with its classic stainless steel European look without electronic controls, but doesn’t quite get to the level it seeks. 

Even so, it’s still pretty darned good. There are only four 15,000 BTU burners on this range, and while there’s no extra-high powered option, there’s a terrific feature which lets any of the burners be set to “simmer.”

The 4.5 cubic foot convection oven, while not enormous, performs even better than the one on the KUCHT with impressive evenness of heat throughout, and a powerful broiler.

One party-pooping note: it’s not a self-cleaning oven. In terms of value for price, we found the NXR to be pretty close, if not at the top, of the list.

Powerful convection open.Not self-cleaning
Simmer option for burners.Oven capacity could be bigger.
Best Gas Range Reviews 2020

Deciding to buy a gas range

There are many benefits to choosing gas over electric, ranging from the cost of operating gas ranges to the convenience of cooking with them.

It does cost slightly more to purchase a gas stove than an electric one, but the initial price difference will be greatly overshadowed by your savings over the long run. Gas ranges are much more energy-efficient, and the price of gas is much lower than the price of electricity. That’s why, on average, you’ll pay 50% more to cook with an electric stove than with a gas stovetop. Your savings will be even higher if your stove has an electric igniter instead of a pilot light which burns constantly.

Most people who’ve grown up using electric stoves and then try gas for the first time are amazed by the experience. Since it takes a little while for electric burners to heat up but gas is effectively “instant-on,” it requires less time to prepare a dish on a gas range. And if you need to change cooking temperatures while cooking, adjusting the height of the flame takes less than a second, compared to the several minutes an electric burner will take to heat up or cool down.

This is why most professional cooks and chefs overwhelmingly prefer gas stoves; only bakers, who require a completely even distribution of heat in their oven ranges, may choose an electric smoothtopinstead.

Other advantages of an electric oven range include the ability to cook during power outages, an even distribution of heat across the burner, and the often-overlooked fact that you’re less likely to accidentally burn yourself (because you see flames when a gas burner is on, and it cools down much more quickly than an electric burner when shut off).

Gas ranges can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars, while high-end models can cost a couple of thousands. Naturally, your budget will be a prime consideration in choosing a gas stove, but there are many options available in just about every price range, with higher price tags usually meaning higher quality and more features.

Next are some general guidelines to what you can expect:

GAS RANGES: Outline of options

Before we jump into our buyer’s guide, here is a quick outline of what you can expect from gas ranges at different price points. Before looking at specific products, it helps to have an overview of the market, and what you can expect from your investment.

Models on the low price range will be fully functional but there will be some limitations; they include burners which only reach a heat of around 10,000 BTU (not as hot as those on more expensive models), a lack of digital timing functions, and color availability limited to white.

Mid-range offerings may add higher-performance hobs reaching 12-13,000 BTU, steel burner grates instead of cast-iron ones, an oven with digital controls and a self-cleaning function, and a choice between white, black and stainless steel.

Premium gas ranges will normally cost a couple of thousands (with the higher priced units often featuring a second oven). Their burners can reach temperatures as high as 17,500 BTU, they’ll have digital and programmable functions, and may include features like a convection oven, five hobs instead of four and/or a stovetop griddle.

Once you’re paying a high price for a gas range, you’re into the category of professional-style stoves. They’re usually larger in size (36-48 inches, compared to the normal 30 inches) with wider or deeper ovens, and will often have five or six burners, including a super-burner which can reach up to 20,000 BTU. They may have double convection ovens or Wi-Fi enabled remote controls, and might be available in designer colors. You can also find combination gas/electric ranges in the higher end of this price range, featuring gas cooktops and electric ovens.

When making your decision, you’ll naturally consider the features which match your lifestyle and the size of your family.

Among the factors most people find most important (other than price, color, reliability of the manufacturer and their factory warranty): the number of hobs and ovens, the size and the number of positions for the racks, a high-heat burner, and a self-cleaning function. It is important to consider these factors before you begin surveying your options, because it will make your decision-making process that much easier.

Do Gas Ranges Produce Carbon Monoxide?

In this article, we'll discuss the potential risks posed by your gas stove. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is highly poisonous in high concentrations.

Learn More Learn More

Top considerations

Now that we have concluded our picks for the best gas ranges on the market, it would help to provide a little more guidance on making the perfect decision for you. In this section, we are going to provide a guide on the main considerations before you make your decision.

It is pretty easy to get overwhelmed by choice in this area. But if you first take the time to sit down and think about what features you are looking for, the decision becomes a lot easier. For this reason, we recommend you consider the following factors before making your final decision:

Your Culinary Needs: There are a lot of bells and whistles on this list. There seems to be no end to the amount of extra features and conveniences you can find in a new gas stove. But these features mean very little if you won’t actually put them to use. For this reason, we recommend that you first consider how you cook and what you plan to make.

Think about the features you would actually use on a regular basis, so that you can identify which of the special features above is actually necessary in your purchase.

Decide whether you need a freestanding or slide-in range, and then look at how you cook. Do you need more burners, or more oven space? Is being able to boil water quickly on a high-powered burner or simmer spaghetti sauce on a low-powered burner important to you? Do you often have the need for two ovens operating at the same time, or does a griddle for Sunday morning pancakes sound great? Would you rather cook over a campfire before buying a range that doesn’t have a self-cleaning oven? These are just a few of the important considerations by which you can evaluate your own culinary requirements.

Price: An extension of the point just above, more features tends to come at a higher price tag. You need to consider whether the extra price gets you more of what you actually need in a stove. If you are spending extra money for features you won’t use, it won’t be worth the investment.

However, if you are spending more money on a stove of higher quality, that will last you longer, then the extra investment might pay off.

Future Plans: Be sure to think about what the future holds as well. If you are picking up new culinary skills on a regular basis, you might have a use for the bells and whistles that you don’t require now. Or if you plan on expanding your family or hosting more often, you might require a larger stove.

Think ahead to the future, not just the here and now.

Solid Cookware: Finally, don’t just think about a stove as an isolated investment. Remember, to really up the quality of the things you make, you might need to invest in some new cooking wares as well – including pots and pans, accessories, cooking sheets, and more.

Try to think of your stove in the context of your greater investment in preparing food. Remember to budget for the little things as well.

We think the above considerations are very important before you make your final decision. As you can see, it is all about assessing your needs – both current and future. If you identify what you actually want out of your purchase, then you won’t come away with more or less than you require.

Final thoughts

The features you think are most important when choosing a gas range – such as price, power, features or size – are personal; we can’t fully evaluate any gas stove with your specific needs and preferences in mind. These reviews, though, should give you all the information you need to weed through all of the gas ranges on the market and narrow down your possible choices.

You’ll quickly find that only a few of the gas ranges on our list will meet all of your requirements. At that point, you’ll be ready to buy the best gas range for you.

Learn more about gas ranges

Once you’ve chosen a new stove for your kitchen, read all about how to install a gas range. Prior to installation make sure you are familiar with all the requirements for gas ranges, like how to properly vent a gas range and if gas ranges require a dedicated circuit. Also be sure to read up on safety tips for gas ranges, and learn about gas ranges and carbon monoxide.

You’ll certainly want to learn how to clean a gas range top (it’s really not too difficult!) so you can keep your new stove looking fabulous and working well. And if you’re looking to upgrade your backyard barbecue game, do check out our selections for the best gas grills


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