Why Did My Gas Stove Stop Working?

Have you ever started to make dinner, only to realize that your gas stove has stopped working? Suddenly having a non-functioning gas stove can be extremely frustrating, leading you to wonder — why did my gas stove stop working?

There are many things that can potentially go wrong with a gas stove. If you smell gas, be sure to call a professional immediately! Gas stoves can release carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that’s known as “the silent killer” for good reason.

The article will explore some of the other challenges that you may encounter with your gas stove, as well as the reasons why it may stop working and how to fix it.

Common problems while using a gas stove

  1. The surface burner fails to light. This is a major challenge and if it is not addressed, your stove may stop working altogether. This can occur when the pilot light gets extinguished or the burner has clogged potholes. If your gas stove has an electric igniter, you may simply need to reset the circuit breaker.
  2. The pilot light goes off. The problem can generally be addressed without relying on a professional, provided you’re comfortable doing so. You simply need to clean the pilot light opening and adjust the pilot light.
  3. The gas stove produces a weak flame. Gas stove flames should always be blue. A flame that’s weak may appear yellow or orange. These burn less hot than a blue flame and indicate incomplete combustion, which can release carbon monoxide into your home. This can happen when level of the gas flowing into the burners is reduced. You may simply need to adjust the burner, or your burners may be clogged with food debris.
  4. The oven burner fails to light. This could indicate a problem with the power cord or that the clock time has been tampered with.
  5. There’s a gas odor. This can occur if the burners are not tightly closed or if the stove is not properly vented. Always ensure your kitchen has proper ventilation to ensure safety. If you notice the smell of gas in your home, please call a professional immediately as it’s a major safety hazard.

Common reasons your gas stove may stop working

Above we explained some of the common problems that can occur with your gas stove. Here we’ll explain the most common reasons that your gas stove may stop working.

  • The burners are wet or dirty. If the burners become clogged with food particles or other debris, the gas stove is not likely to work. Burnt food or overflowed liquid may interfere with the burners. Keep in mind if the top of the heater is wet, ignition will be impossible. When you turn the knob you’ll hear the clicking sound of the ignition, but it won’t be able to actually ignite until it is dry. Always be sure to keep your gas stove clean and ensure that you remove excess water after cleaning.
  • The electrodes aren’t properly aligned. They should be sitting well-aligned to the cooktop. Ensure you press the wire and twist until it is well seated.
  • The burner cap or head are missing or in the wrong position. If the burner caps aren’t on properly, the gas stove will not work. This commonly happens after cleaning the stove and putting burner caps back on in the wrong spots. Therefore, ensure that all the components of the gas stove are in place before you ignite the gas stove.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there are many things that can potentially go wrong with your gas stove. However, if your burners aren’t lighting, there are probably only a couple of possibilities for this. Start by checking the easiest fixes first. Firstly you’ll want to ensure that your circuit isn’t tripped if you have an electric igniter. Second, check to see if the burners are clogged with food debris. And if you detect the smell of natural gas, be sure to call a professional immediately as this is a real safety hazard.

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