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Get the Most of Your Sandwich Grill – How to Make a Perfect Sandwich at Home

When lunchtime hits and you want to make a sandwich for your quick meal, there are lots of good options if you have a sandwich grill. They’re easy to make and great to eat! A grill can make so much more than just your basic grilled cheese sandwiches. Get the most of your sandwich grill – how to make a perfect sandwich t home.

You know a good grilled sandwich when you see that grill marks seared on the outside of your bread. Fresh bread pressed by the two hot grill plates, sear the bread while heating the yummy ingredients on the inside. That alone is enough to make a good sandwich. But we don’t just want good, we want great! Here are some ways to get the most out of your sandwich grill and make the perfect sandwich at home.

Making the Most Delicious Sandwich

The perfect sandwich means starting out with the products you want in it. You may love a particular combination of meat, cheese, and vegetables or just one and not the others. No matter what you prefer for your meal, pick what you love along with some Italian bread, and you are off to a good start.

Grilled sandwiches can be as basic as a sizzling cheese sandwich with a single slice of cheese to one that is a complete meal in between bread. Assembling the sandwich for the sandwich maker is easy but here are some tips to make the final meal experience awesome.

  • Choose the right bread – You need to choose a bread that is good with the temperature that is going to be cooking the sandwich. Italian bread types like focaccia are great or French baguettes will hold up as well. These will both be better to use than sourdough that isn’t as hearty when it comes to landing on a grill plate.
  • Heat it up! – Make sure your panini press grill is heated up and is nice and hot before you put the food on it. Heat will sear it through and leave some great gill marks.
  • Max out the Crunch – A sandwich with crunch tastes even better than a soft bread sandwich. Use either melted butter or olive oil on the bread slices for good taste. If you are going to include produce such as tomatoes that have a high water content, then put them in between the meats or cheeses you are using. This will stop them from soaking into the bread slice itself.
  • Keep it together – For those cooks who are using a large variety of foods in the sandwich, while it tastes good there is a good chance it will spill out on the cooking plates. This is especially true if you have lots of cheese in there. To keep things together try using parchment paper to wrap the sandwich before putting it on the grill. It will keep all the food items in one place when you close the panini maker. Same taste, less mess.
  • DIY panini press – We always assume a store-bought press is the only way to do this, but it is not. You can create a sandwich grill on your stove as well. It just has to be done one side at a time by placing a heavy item on top of the panini while it cooks. This also can work on a barbecue. Oddly, a waffle iron will do it as well. The look will be a little different, but the sandwich will have the same great grilled taste.

Get Ready to Make the Perfect Sandwich at Home

Now that you have the tips on getting the most out of your sandwich grill, there are some great recipes for delicious meals. Here are some suggestions:

Ham and Pear Panini

Ham and pearl Panini

This combination of food sounds odd, but it offers both sweet and savory. Ham, either sliced or shaved, along with mustard and pears is a fresh taste that is not overpowering. For an extra touch, you can add some fresh mozzarella cheese as well.

Turkey and Bacon Panini with Chipotle Mayonnaise

Turkey and Bacon Panini

This sandwich works with Thanksgiving leftovers or turkey slices from the deli. Add some bacon and a little spice with the chipotle mayo for a kick. As with any sandwich, you can add some Swiss cheese or other complementary flavors for some added taste.

Chicken Pesto Paninis

Chicken Pesto Paninis

This is an easy recipe to prepare, and cooking time is rather good too. Chicken can be in any form free from the bone and some homemade or store-bought pesto is added. Some gooey cheddar cheese can make the flavor pop as well.

Turkey Avocado Panini

Turkey Avocado Panini

A tasty sandwich that is easy to make. Avocado, mayo goes on to a ciabatta bun first then add the smoked turkey in whichever form you like plus provolone cheese, roasted peppers and some uncooked spinach. Close the grill and wait for that delightful meal to be ready.

These are just some of the wonderful tastes you can make with your grill. Try pizza style or tuna, maybe an egg or roast beef. The list is unending. As with any appliance big or small, make sure to follow the product guides for safe use since many have different adjustable temperature controls, cooking surfaces, and drip trays.

Whether you want to cook a healthier meal or simply something tastier than the regular sandwich fare, this is a great way to do it. Sandwich grills allow you to have perfectly grilled food year-round with a wide array of tastes.

These recipes and tips all point to having the freshest bread and food you can but if you are working with what is on hand that is ok too. You can still come up with some great food combinations that can be something other than your standard grill cheese.

You can also look at recipes that go beyond sandwiches so you can include desserts, breakfasts, and snacks in your menu. So, Get the most of your sandwich grill – how to make a perfect sandwich t home.

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