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Get Your Home in Order with These 6 DIY Organization Ideas

Getting your home in order is a necessary routine you can’t do without at any time of the year. But how do you maintain order and meticulousness when everything is cluttered around, and the center seems to be falling apart? That’s where DIY organization ideas come in handy. Get your home in order with these 6 DIY organization ideas.

From the right storage space in the craft room, to a storage solution for the kitchen cabinet, to bedroom closet organization, to a small space storage idea, there’s tons of ways to organize in your home.

If you are highly creative and spontaneous, executing a couple of DIY projects for inexpensive home organization doesn’t have to be complicated. You can always bank on sources like us to supply you with expert-approved organizing tips for your home or office space.

Let’s put on some working gloves and get down to making some home organization solutions using the six clever organization hacks below.

1. Lazy Susans for the Fridge and Kitchen Cabinets

Lazy Susans are easy to make when you have the right tools and materials. They are simply wooden or plastic circular blocks meant to reduce the problem of dead corner space.

Since kitchen cabinets and fridges are usually rectangular or square-shaped, corner spaces are often wasted.

Lazy Susans for the Fridge and Kitchen Cabinets
Lazy Susans eliminate corner space wastage because they fit inside the cabinets and are centrally placed so no items will be pushed to the hard-to-reach corners. To access the items on the rear end, you just swirl the tool to bring them to the front.

To hit the jackpot with that otherwise elusive stylish organization idea, be sure to install a Lazy Susan in your kitchen cabinet or fridge to ease access to the containers in the rear end.

2. Laundry Basket Dresser Kit

The laundry room is another important place in the home where we spend quite some time. It’s easy to clutter it with dirty clothes strewn all over the floor space, and it gets worse when we have seasonal items of clothing we won’t be using until the season cycles back around.

Laundry Basket Dresser KitWith a laundry basket dresser kit, your clothes will be arranged easily into various groups depending on color, material, the person who wears them, and type.

Experts recommend that the best laundry basket be made of plastic and have perforations for proper aeration of clothes even in tight spaces. Wire baskets can work well too, but you run the constant risk of damaging your clothes with caked rust or accidental tearing.

3. DIY Sliding Garage Ceiling Storage Units

The garage is where most of the hardware in the home goes, and it can get a little messy if too much of it accumulates and takes up all the space. Rather than use the often-crowded ground storage units, you can use your garage ceiling space to install sliding storage units.

DIY Sliding Garage Ceiling Storage UnitsTalking of the ceiling, it might be challenging to do the project all by yourself. Be sure to enlist the help of your partner or woodworking professional to make the installation process more manageable.

Sliding rails for the units can be tricky, too, so don’t shy away from asking for help.

With this particular project, the wood may be readily available, but you will have to buy the storage containers from a store before you even start the woodwork.

Take care to ensure the units will fit the bill for the wooden rails; otherwise, your labor will be in vain if the rails can’t hold the units.

4. Use Tiered Tension Rods in the Closet

Adding tension rods in the closets and kitchen cabinets helps ensure maximum usage of the often wasted vertical space. You can even use multiple rods to form a tiered system to make the most of the closet space.

Use Tiered Tension Rods in the ClosetTension rods can guarantee you organized space on kitchen cabinets if you are looking for kitchen DIY organization hacks. You can install the rods in the cabinet under the kitchen sink to make room for hanging your everyday items for cleaning the kitchen.

When installed in kitchen cabinets above the sink, tension rods serve as excellent hanging points for all your spices if you string them up appropriately.

5. DIY Drawer Dividers

Clunky items that go into kitchen drawers can be a nuisance to sort through when pressed for time. To save the day and eliminate the agony of hard times sorting through the items, grab a few pieces of sturdy cartons or wood boards to partition the drawers into equal compartments.

If you don’t have wood or the time to make the dividers yourself, you can check for some drawer organizers in a store close to you. Bathroom drawers would be a good fit for dividers as well.

DIY Drawer Dividers

Filing drawers in the office can also makedo with some partitioning, but experts recommend using a drawer organizer for that messy desk drawer in your office. The logic here is that drawer organizers look more professional than DIY dividers in bureaucratic offices.

Before fitting in the organizers or dividers, take out all the items in your junk drawer and hold them tentatively on the countertop or a suitable container. Arrange the items in groups in the dividers based on their common uses.

Be sure to keep the biggest items aside so you can find them a new home later if they don’t fit in the narrow dividers. You can use other organizing methods for them, such as placing them on shelves.

6. Use Shelves for Books, Jewelry, and Bathroom Utilities

Most of the time, wall spaces go to waste when we don’t install floating shelves. If you have a soft spot for decorative walls, consider erecting a floating shelf where you can place craft items to add color and pomp to your living spaces.

Use Shelves for Books, Jewelry, and Bathroom UtilitiesOther items to put on the shelf include an earring holder, pencil holder, a jewelry holder, and spices in suitable jars.

For extra space, go higher and use a tiered shelf system or shelf risers in cabinets to create multiple shelf platforms.

Care for a book shelf? Have one erected in the living or dining room near your favorite leisure spot where you can easily pick a book without walking far.

Bottom Line

Which one of the six DIY organization ideas we have explored do you love the most? We hope we have inspired you to consider achieving better home organization using simple DIY projects that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Suppose you are on a tight budget or want to stretch your creativity. In that case, DIY ideas will do the magic for you given their simplicity and inclination towards using cheap, readily available materials. You don’t have to sweat it out.

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