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Golf Chipping Lawn Game

If you’d love to play golf without leaving the comfort of your home, then investing in a golf chipping lawn game might be ideal for you. That’s because a golf chipping lawn game is perfect for indoor plays, giving you the same thrilling experience as professional golfing in the outdoor course.

Besides giving you refreshing moments, these games also train you and improve your golfing skills. As such, they could be an investment worth the take.

What’s more, kids, teens, and adults can play a golf chipping lawn game. But as you’d expect from games that flood the market, finding the best golf lawn game might be a daunting task.

This article will review some of the best golf chipping lawn games. It will also look at the things to consider when looking for the best golf game for your yard or lawn and attempt to answer a few questions that you might have.

Therefore, be sure to read on for more information.

What Golf Chipping Lawn Games Should You Consider Buying?

CLISPEED Golf Game Chipping Net

The CLISPEED golf chipping set has everything you need to start golfing right away. The set includes sixteen golf balls, four stakes, a hitting mat, and a chipping board with three golf target nets.

Therefore, the set is a complete one, and you can begin enjoying golfing immediately after receiving your golf game!

The attention to quality is impressive. Each component is high-quality and durable. The hitting mat boasts a thick fabric for impressive durability.

Also, the chipping board is sturdy to absorb all the shocks from the hitting balls. With the sturdy chipping board design, you can expect impressive performance as much as you expect the set to be very durable.

The foam balls are also very durable and will handle the hits when golfing. Every component is high-quality, making this lawn game long-lasting.

When it comes to golfing, nothing gets in the way of fun – not even your age. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can enjoy this lawn game.

And with kids enjoying this game more than adults, you could expect the game to be ultra-portable for kids to transport it easily. And that’s the case with this golf game.

Your kids will easily fold the lightweight mat and golf target nets board and transport them to the outdoor space for summer plays. Or they can leave the golf game indoors and still enjoy playing.

With that said, you can set up the game almost anywhere, even in your backyard space, and have a backyard golf game. You can also play the game on your lawn in summer.

There is little limit to where you can play this game. If you’re looking to create social bonds with family members, this could be your opportunity. It doesn’t matter if the players are kids or adults.

Very durable.The target nets are not very durable.
Ultra-lightweight and portable.It might not be ideal for winter plays.
It is easy to play.
Golf Chipping Lawn Game Reviews

Loowoko Wood Golf Putting Green Mat

Loowoko golf lawn game is like no other. Every component of the game set you receive is high-quality and unique, setting the whole golf game apart from the rest.

First, the gold game includes a 122-inch-long green mat for playing golf. The matt is also 11.8 inches wide, giving you sufficient area for golfing.

The attention to details on the chipping mat is what sets this golfing equipment apart. Besides being reasonably large for golfing, the chipping mat is also exquisite and simulates your outdoor lawn.

Every time you run your fingers on this mat, the feeling is exceptional, beating many chipping mats in softness. The mat also has two holes: 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch holes.

With a chipping mat that boasts a non-slip bottom and a true-roll surface, you can expect the golf ball to roll smoothly and enter your target hole. And once the ball has entered the hole, you can expect it to return to you, thanks to the auto-return system.

Take your golfing from the outdoor to the indoor space by investing in this golfing game. Installation is quite a breeze since the game features a magnetic suction installation. Transportation is also effortless since the chipping mat easily folds and is lightweight.

You could play this game any time of the day or night, provided you have a well-lit playing room. And the best part is that the game isn’t age-restricted. Kids, teens, and adults can enjoy the game and have fun together!

Auto-return system.It is not for outdoor use.
Portable and lightweight.The mat might crease.
Easy installation.
Golf Chipping Lawn Game Reviews

GoSports BattleChip Backyard Golf

If you love to chip golf balls, then you might appreciate this tailgating golf game that’s fun to play! As you’d expect from a golf chipping game, you get a chipping mat for exciting plays.

But unlike most chipping mats, this game’s chipping mat is high-quality, thanks to the synthetic turf material.

You also receive sixteen high-quality foam balls. It is incredible how the golf balls are as long-lasting as they’re attractive, thanks to their high-quality material and multiple color finishes.

The target nets are strong and will handle every landing golf ball. With three holes as the target, golfing never ceases to be a fun and exciting game.

Each hole has its point. So, aim for a smaller hole to earn more points in a golf game. The target is also high-quality and will last long. That’s because it features a tear-proof fabric that will handle all the abuse you throw at it.

As if that’s not enough to persuade you, the target also has a reasonable dimension – it is 39 inches wide and 28 inches wide.

And since it is light and portable, not to mention having a fast setup design, you can set up the golf game anywhere, even in the outdoor space. But keeping track of the scores might be quite a challenge.

With this golf game, you also receive a scoreboard that’s easy to erase for recording all the scores.

However, this game doesn’t include a golfing club. Instead, you will come with yours. That’s a great advantage for players who are familiar with a given club. Bring your club of choice and slay at the tailgating golf plays for fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult.

Durable target material.It excludes golf clubs.
Synthetic turf chipping mat.Playing is challenging for kids.
Portable and easy set up.
Golf Chipping Lawn Game Reviews

SPRAWL Golf Cornhole Game Set

If you’d want a golf game for indoor and outdoor spaces, you should also consider this golf game, the Sprawl Golf Cornhole game set. You can lay down the chipping board in your preferred room or lay it down on the lawn for an outdoor golfing game.

There is not a place where you can’t play this golfing game.

Whether you want to play on the beach, park, backyard, or you prefer setting up this game in your office, nothing will stop you from having fun and excitement when golfing. What’s more, you get two chipping boards and eight high-density golfing balls.

The two cutting mats are high-quality and promise to be durable. The four cutouts on each mat serve as target nets. Aim for your target hole and earn points in golfing competitions.

The nets on the holes are strong and will handle the hitting balls. And this only adds more durability to the golf game.

The whole set is lightweight and easy to move around. Therefore, transportation is not a problem here. Besides, the boards are also compact for easy storage.

Store the boards in tight spaces after playing golf. It might come as a surprise to you that you still get a 1-year warranty to cover you from any defects due to the manufacturer’s error even though every component is high-quality.

That is a huge advantage for players looking to guard their investment. If you’d love to play gold almost anywhere you go, you should consider this golf lawn game. With its incredible build, it could be a lawn game for you and your friends.

A compact design.It doesn't include a club.
You get an Extra board and mat.Too complex for kids.
It is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces.
Golf Chipping Lawn Game Reviews

Buying Guide for Golf Chipping Lawn Games

lawn game

With many lawn games flooding the market each year, you have no choice but to look for the best ones. And to do that, you will consider the following factors when shopping:

The Material

When shopping for a golf chipping lawn game, you want to consider the material. In this case, it is the ball’s material and the cutting mat and chipping board’s materials. Foam balls are durable and will last long.

For this reason, foam is one of the best materials for golf balls, and it’s the material to select when shopping.

The chipping mat should also be high-quality. It should handle the hits from the golf clubs without deforming or wapping. Check out for material quality review to ensure you’re selecting high-quality and durable chipping mats.

Also, check the target nets’ quality. The target should be tear-proof for durability. Once you have selected high-quality chipping boards, golf balls, and cutting mats, your golf game will last longer to serve you for years to come.

Age of The Players

Golf chipping lawn games could be appropriate only for players within a given age bracket. But you can be sure to find some lawn games that are ideal for kids, teens, and adults. If you’d love to spend some time together with colleagues, you could choose a more complex golf game.

But if you’re looking to bond with your kids, be sure to buy golf games that are simple to play. Of course, you will always see a label for age appropriateness.

Depending on who you’re likely to play with, you can always choose the suitable game for the participants. Therefore, check age appropriateness before buying any golf chipping lawn game.

The Playing Space

Although you can always play a golf chipping lawn game at home, you will need to decide whether to use the outdoor space or the indoor space. Some golf chipping lawn games are suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces, but some are exclusively indoors.

That means you will pay close attention to the suitable places for the lawn golf game before buying it.

During winter, it might be freezing outside, and you still need to flex your muscles anyway. In this case, an indoor golf game will be your best choice. But in summer, an outdoor lawn golf game is ideal.

To be on a safer side regardless of the season, be sure to buy golf chipping lawn games suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Golfing Club

Most golf chipping lawn games don’t include the golfing club in the package, but a few other games include this valuable gaming equipment. If you’ve decided to opt for a golf game that comes with a club, you will check for a few features.

First, look for a better grip on the golfing club.

Second, height plays a crucial role when golfing. If you’re buying a golf game for your kids, make sure the clubs match their heights. And for adults, you will also do the same.

Also, pay attention to the material quality. The club shaft should boast a titanium construction. But steel and aluminum are also great.

Style and appearance are also important, but they should come last. Nothing feels better than playing golf with a club that matches your dressing and exquisite taste.

Step out in style and amaze your competitors with your style and gaming skills! Always try to look for golfing games that include clubs when shopping.


Golf chipping lawn games are ideal for various social occasions such as BBQs, tailgating, and weddings! Since you can never predict the next occasion you might attend, it’s better to look for a golf chipping lawn game that is highly portable and easy to transport.

Your mats and boards should fold easily to fit compact-size spaces. Also, make sure the game set comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.

You can then be sure that you will always have fun on all your social occasions you attend. Pack your golf chipping lawn game in the trunk and have fun almost anywhere.

Ease of Installation/Setup

Your golf chipping game should be ready for play right out of the box. That means setting it up should be a complete breeze! Fortunately, you can find some games with magnetic suction installation for easy game setup.

When shopping for a game, look for one that’s easy to set up anywhere for thrilling fun.

Extra Luxury Features

Although not necessary, luxurious features will add convenience to your playing experience, making the game only more fun to play. But what are these features? You could start with an auto ball return feature.

Once the golf ball has entered the target hole, you can be sure that it will return to you, eliminating the need to fetch it.

The turf’s surface should also have a true-roll feature to improve the rolling of the golf ball. You might not notice a significant change, but a true-roll surface improves your chances of hitting the target hole.

And as a bonus, ensure the mats and target boards have anti-slip bottoms. As a result, the mat and target will not move while playing golf, increasing your accuracy.


Can I make my own club for playing golf chipping lawn games?

Yes, it is possible to make your golf club. Besides, it will save you from a few hundred bucks, if not thousands, to make your own golf clubs. Golfing games, such as GoSports BattleChip, lets you use your homemade club to play.

It is never a challenging task to make a club. There are plenty of YouTube tutorial videos to help you every step of the way.

Can I play a golf chipping game in my office?

Yes, you can play a golf chipping game almost anywhere your heart desires. But only if the game is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. For golf chipping games intended for the indoor spaces, you can momentarily convert your office into a golf-playing course!

What is the best material to look for when selecting a golf game?

Foam balls are the best material for golf chipping lawn balls. Although there is no standard rule for the best mat material, you should make sure the mat is durable and doesn’t wap when hitting the golf balls.

The same applies to the target material. It should be tear-proof for durability. Once you have a high-quality game set, your golf game will last longer than you might expect.

Can I play a golf chipping game with my kids?

Yes, but you will ensure that game is ideal for all ages. You might also need to buy the correct golfing clubs separately, depending on a few factors. Once your kids have the right clubs, nothing will stop your family from having fun and excitement as they should.

Wrap Up

Golf chipping lawn games bring you the thrill of professional golfing to your doorstep. And the best part is that they are ideal for all ages, including children.

So, if you’re looking to bond with your kids or even colleagues at social functions such as tailgating and weddings, you have golf chipping games to select.

Besides, these games are portable, lightweight, and fit in compact spaces. That means you can take them to wherever you go and have fun.

You can also set them up in your indoor spaces, such as in an office, and play golf to break the boredom.

With a golf chipping game, you can go golfing almost anywhere. You only need to select the best golf game to play as you please. Fortunately, our article has reviewed some games that you might find interesting.

Check them out, or use our buyer’s guide to find a game that you love. We hope that this article was of great value to you. Improve your golf-chipping skills by investing in the best golf chipping lawn game.

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