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6 Gorgeous DIY Wood Table Ideas and Plans

Tables are essential for many purposes, from dining to meetings to picnics to decoration platforms. Here are the 6 gorgeous DIY wood table ideas and plans.

They are the central piece of furniture that glues the family together, and you want to ensure that you are creative enough with them for a complete homely experience.

Since wood is the most common material for furniture, it may be easily accessible to you for free or only at a small price. But where do you get some inspiration on simple DIY wood table ideas and plans?

You do not have to worry anymore. Let’s explore six interesting DIY wood table ideas and plans you can easily execute at home, even when you aren’t too experienced in using power tools.

1. Farmhouse Table Plan with a Modern Touch

If you are a fan of weathered wood, you can integrate a farmhouse table in a modern dining area to result in a beautiful dining set with a touch of both worlds.

a beautiful dining table

The tabletop of the farmhouse dining table gives your home a distressed wood appeal that blends well with the modern home backdrop.

Be sure to choose chairs that blend well with the dining room colors to make this one of the best farmhouse table plans you’ll ever make in your home.

If you like this plan, check it out at for the full image.

2. Indoor Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet wood furniture enthusiasts will find this simple pallet coffee table a real image of their burning passion for DIY furniture plans. Pallets are easy to find or buy and require very few modifications to turn into loveable pieces of furniture.

Indoor Pallet Coffee Table

While this particular pallet table has a glass top, you can opt for a plywood tabletop to maintain the salvaged-material appeal. But as it is, the glass tabletop is great for a modern touch.

The wheels are an excellent addition for ease of movement. However, you can customize it for your home by using wooden legs to make it a fully wooden coffee table.

3. Outdoor Crate Coffee Table

Just like the pallet coffee table, this crate coffee table for your outdoor fun is one of the most manageable outdoor furniture pieces you can ever make. It’s a simple setup of four salvaged crates arranged creatively to form a complete table on four wheels.

Outdoor Crate Coffee Table

It’s easy to find the wooden crates for free or at a small price from friends or drinks companies looking to dispose of them. However, if you can’t lay your hands on them, you can follow simple building steps to make your own crates with custom height and width.

The wheels make it easy to move the table to any outdoor spot you prefer. You can also enjoy its versatility by using it indoors in the dining room or garage for the sneaky cup of coffee to calm your mind as you sort out things in the garage.

4. Fold-out Storage Table

A simple indoor furniture piece to make on your own, this fold-out table will also serve you as a storage point for various items in your home.

Fold-out Storage Table

It could go into the garage, basement or remain in the living room for storage, buffet-style meals, or as a snack station for movie nights.

The wheels make it easy to move it around to different spots for experimentation until you find the best spot for it in the house. Be sure to add a locking mechanism for the folding board to add some level of security for the items you put on the storage shelves.

Once you are done with the frame construction, you can choose to finish it with some suitable wood paint. Wood varnish is also a good option if you want it to retain most of its raw wood look.

5. Herringbone Dining Table Plan

If you have plenty of space in your dining room or backyard, this massive table plan is suitable when you combine it with an excellent set of chairs to make dining space for four to six persons.

Herringbone Dining Table Plan

Cherished Bliss has detailed step by step instructions for the construction, but it is only best to try it if you have some exceptional woodworking skills since it can prove a bit challenging.

You’ll need a handful of woodwork items other than lumber, so you had better start by creating a detailed list of supplies for items like nails, screws, wood glue, sandpaper, wood stain, nails, and wood sealer.

You might also need a detailed tools list, including a circular saw, pocket screw jig, sander, Kreg jig, chisels, and a nailer.

6. Octagon Picnic Table

If you are up for a DIY challenge, you can try the Octagon picnic table from Ana White. It is a complex framework of lumber that will require a long list of materials and tools featuring lumber, wood glue, sandpaper, wood conditioner, paint, paintbrushes, nailers, and primer.

Octagon Picnic Table

The cuts list is also a long one, and you might want to use pre-cut lumber if you do not have all the necessary power tools for the detailed cuts.

Other items in the tools list include a Kreg jig, drill, miter saw, sander, hot glue gun, level, drill bit set, hammers, pencils, speed square, and tape measure. Be sure to have some ear protection gear and safety glasses to keep out noise and chippings.

Ana White has laid out the whole DIY process for the table, including a materials list, step by step instructions, and lots of images for each stage.

Although she doesn’t use real images for the steps, the demonstration pictures are detailed and will give you a clear idea of what to do.

Bottom Line

Regardless of the DIY wood table plan or idea you choose, making a new one is a great way to explore your DIY interests and develop a gorgeous and less expensive table for the living room, dining area, basement, garage, or even your favorite outdoor spaces.

It all starts with choosing a plan and bringing together resources for it. Once you get down to the actual construction, the DIY passion in you will push you to keep at it until you can finally gift yourself or the whole family with a new genius piece of DIY furniture.

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