Do Above Ground Pools Increase Home Value?

can above groud pool add to home value

A home is the biggest investment most of us will ever make, so it’s only natural to be concerned about the value of your home. Buyers and resellers alike are interested in the extra details they can add to a home to make it more profitable in the future. It’s a widely known fact that a pool in the backyard can give a significant boost to a home’s value. But what about their less expensive counterparts, above ground pools? Do above ground pools increase home value?

Although every neighborhood is different, the general answer from appraisers and realtors is that they typically do not. Here we’ll take a look at the reasons why.

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An above ground pool attracts a specific type of buyer

One of the things realtors always stress is to make your home appealing to as large a sector of buyers as possible. Not every home buyer wants an above-ground pool on their home’s landscape; in fact, many people do not. An above ground pool can be a significant responsibility for which many people today do not have the time or money. If an above ground pool is large, it takes up valuable acreage which could be used for something else.

When a buyer looks at a prospective home, he is also considering the amount of renovation he may need to do after purchase. If he doesn’t want your pool, he will have to figure in the cost and labor to remove it. Since many buyers are looking for a house in move-in condition, this can be seen as a deterrent.

Maintaining an above ground pool can be expensive

Unlike a stationary architectural detail such as a deck, a pool requires continuous maintenance which many homeowners are unwilling or unable to give. When asking the question “Do above ground pools increase home value?”, you may come to realize that an above ground pool can actually be more of a hindrance. Consider the following expenses that go along with owning an above ground pool:

  • Water and electricity cost
  • Pool filters and accessories
  • Chemicals for overwintering
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Pool safety features
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Pool repair

First-time buyers and older buyers may not want to assume these costs.

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Above ground pools can be unsightly

Anyone who has ever seen an above ground pool that has been left uncared for by the previous homeowner can attest to what an eyesore it can become. In addition, the design of many above ground pools isn’t continuous with the design of the home. Buyers are attracted by spacious lots and beautiful landscapes which allow room for their own creativity.

Best Above Ground Pools for 2020: Top 10 Picks Reviewed

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Consider installing an in-ground pool instead

In terms of home value, an in-ground pool can be a better investment than one above ground. It is considered by buyers to be an integral part of the home, and is thought to be a desirable asset. In some neighborhoods, particularly in warmer climates, it is actually viewed as a necessity.

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Advice for your own home

Now that we’ve answered the question “Do above ground pools increase home value?”, has it swayed your opinion on above ground pools? If you are living in a home with an above ground pool that you like, enjoy it. But if you’re trying to sell your home, realtors advise you may be better off removing your above ground pool before you sell, so that you can appeal to a larger group of buyers.

Always consider the other homes in your neighborhood when trying to figure out what things will add value to your home. “Value” is a somewhat subjective term that varies with the area, the type of home, and even the state of the economy.

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Learn more about above ground pools

Want to read more about above ground pools? We’ve got articles covering all the basics such as how much to fill an above ground pool, how to empty an above ground pool and the best way to level an above ground pool. If you’re curious about ways to modify your above ground pool, check out our answers to the questions Can Above Ground Pools Be Heated? and Can Above Ground Pools Be Converted to Salt Water? Or you may be wonderingif above ground pools can be buried or if above ground pools can have different depths. Be sure to do plenty of research before making a big purchase like an above ground pool.

Ready to purchase an above ground pool?

If you’re not overly concerned with the resale value of your home, an above ground pool can be a worthy purchase. Check out our picks for the best above ground pools on the market right now. And whatever you do, don’t forget to to add your above ground pool to your homeowner’s insurance policy. We’ve also got selections for the best above ground pool lights and the best solar heaters for above ground pools so you can fully deck out your new pool.

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