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How Do I Empty The Dyson Stick Vacuum Without the Terrible Mess?

Whether you prefer cordless vacuums or corded vacuums, the Dyson is clearly one of the best.

But if you’ve ever emptied one of those bins, you know it’s one wrong step towards dumping a load on the ground.

So how do you empty the Dyson stick vacuum? Learn how do I empty the Dyson stick vacuum without the terrible mess? 

To empty Dyson vacuums, pull the red lever back and lift it towards yourself. Be sure the bin is hovering over an available trash can as this lever opens the bin.

Be careful not to pull the trigger as you empty the dust bin.

If your Dyson vacuum needs cleaning, the rest of this article will go through a step-by-step process of cleaning a recently emptied bin. 

How To Empty Your Dyson Stick Vacuum Bin (and Clean It) Step-By-Step

These steps assume you’ve already emptied dust from your bin.

Step Number One: (After Emptying) Press the Removal Button

You should see a red button at the very end of the bin connecting it to the remainder of the vacuum. Press this button to remove the dust bin from the vacuum. 

Check your owner’s manual if you are unsure of the position of this button. Be sure the bin is empty before removing it.

If you find the illustrations to be ineffective, check out this video

Step Number Two: Clean the Bin Interior With Warm Water

Using a lightly damp cloth, cleaning the inside of the bin container. Do not use any soapy water or other cleaning products, as those might ruin the filter. 

The Dyson V8 and Dyson V11 are constructed the same way, so these steps apply regardless of what type of vacuum you have. Once the bin interior is clean, wait for it to dry.

Step Number Three: Clean the Brushroll

After cleaning the bin, now is an excellent time to clean the rest of your vacuum. The brush roll is removable using a locking mechanism on the bottom of the vacuum.

Simply place a flathead screwdriver into the indicator and twist it until it is facing the unlock position. 

If you don’t have any extra tools lying around, you can use a key. Be sure not to bend it!

If the brush roll is wrapped in pet hair, grab a pair of scissors to cut through it. Wipe any remaining debris left behind in a trashcan. 

You do not need to use water to clean it unless you care about the appearance of your brush roll. It will still operate well while dirty. 

Step Number Four: Clean The Filter

Dyson recommends you clean all of their filters using cool water. HEPA filters are pretty sensitive, so you don’t want to use chemicals or soapy water. 

Start by removing the Dyson filter from the machine and setting it aside. This removal will allow you to clean the untouched portion of your bin. 

Before washing it, tap the HEPA filter against the side of your (not gross) trash can. This tap will remove any excess dust. 

Once the dust is off, rinse the filter underneath cool water. The filter should absorb the cool water and eventually look cleaner as the dirty water runs out. 

Once finished, shake the filter until most of the excess water is off. It should be damp, but the filter should not be soaking wet. 

Once you are finished with the filter, you need to wait 24 hours before reinstalling it. Using a filter while wet might ruin it, causing the filter to tear. 

You only need to wash Dyson filters every three months. Follow your owner’s manual for further details. 

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Dyson Vacuum? 

Clean your bin about as often as you clean your filter: every three months. If the container is dirty and clogged, you might expedite that process. 

With your brush roll, you should clean it when the roll is clogged. This is typically more often than every three months and sometimes can be as often as once a week. 


A regular cleaning schedule for your Dyson vacuum enables it to last longer, maintain suction power, and extend battery power. A clean Dyson is easy to work with and takes less power.

For more information on the best vacuum that you can clean, check out our list of the best stick vacuums for pet hair on carpet.

You’ll find that the Dyson Animal is the number one pet vacuum available on the market. Thank you for reading!

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