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How do you Fill Gaps Between Countertops and Ranges?

Range tops are messy places. Whether its ingredients being dropped or sauces bubbling over the pan, you are almost guaranteed to make at least a little mess every time you cook.

So, how do you fill gaps between countertops and ranges?

Generally, a bit of a mess on the range top is not a problem. You can simply wipe it up after the top has cooled down. The problem arises when there is a gap between your range and the countertop.

Food dropped that gap disappears into the void and is never seen again! For some people, out of sight means out of mind, but the same rule doesn’t apply to rodents, roaches, and other pests.

The gap between your range and the countertop can be a haven for all manner of critters and creatures who will happily wait for the next food drop.

To keep them out of the kitchen and away from your range, you need to plug those gaps! Don’t worry, the process is really easy and will save you having to pull the stove out to clean between the gaps after every use!

Filling the Gap

When it comes to plugging the gap, you have a few options. All of them are easy to install and generally available at your local hardware store.

First up is the silicone stove gap filler. These are t shaped bits of silicone made specifically to close the gap between your stove and the countertop.

They are generally available in a range of colors to match your kitchen and tend to come in pre-cut strips.

The pre-cut length might not match the depth of your kitchen, so it’s important to measure the depth of your counters. You can cut the gap fillers using a sturdy pair of scissors if they are too large.

If the gap fillers are too small, leave a small space at the back of the stove as food is less likely to fall down that area. You can also cut a smaller piece off another strip of gap filler if you wish.

You can also get stove countertop gap fillers in metal to integrate with stainless steel range tops. These are harder to customize but can be chopped down with a saw if need be.

If you can’t find any dedicated gap fillers, don’t panic. You can also use PVC tubing or T-molding.

If you’re going for the PVC tubing route, you need to measure the gap between your range and the countertops. Choose tubing that is about ¼ inches thicker than the gap.

This will make sure the tube stays in place.

Cut the tube to the desired length then poke it into the gap. You need to keep the tubing level with the counter otherwise you’re just creating a ledge for crumbs to sit on.

See-through PVC is your best option as it tends to look almost invisible in the gap. You can also choose tubing that matches the color of your countertops if you wish.

T-molding is used to cover gaps in flooring and can be found in any hardware store. Like stove gap filler, t-molding has a small vertical part that slips between the range and the countertop.

The vertical part might be too thin for your gap as it is generally designed for flooring. If this is the case, wrap duct tape around the bottom part one piece at a time until it is thick enough to fit snugly.

How Do I Stop Food from Falling Down the Side of the Oven?

Gas stove in the kitchen countertops of How do you Fill Gaps Between Countertops and Ranges?

The best way to prevent this is to plug up the gaps using one of the methods above. If you remove the gap, then food can’t get down the side of the oven.

Failing that, you could try the following:

Put lids on pots and pans to prevent bubbling or spitting. This keeps sauces and grease from going into any gaps.

Chop and prepare your food away from the gap. This will limit the food that accidentally falls in the gap.

Don’t cut, prepare, or plate any food on the range top. It might be convenient at the moment, but it will cause crumbs to fall into the gaps.

How to Clean the Gaps Around My Stove?  

This is not an easy task, especially if the gap is ridiculously small.

The best way to clean out this area would be to pull the stove or range out of place. However, this is not always doable especially if you have a gas range.

For ultra-thin gaps use a knife or similarly thin implement to scrape out any crumbs. Spray the gap with your surface cleaner and use a thin microfiber cloth to wipe it down. You might have to repeat this a few times.

If you have a larger gap, attach a cloth to a yardstick, broom handle, or other implement and scoop the crumbs towards you.

Spray a clean cloth and use that on the broom handle to wipe down once the debris has been removed. 

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