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How does instant pot sous vide work?

There are different methods of preparing vacuum-sealed food at home. These methods deliver various results depending on how you follow the instructions.

Other methods would save you the worries and long procedures of preparing the foods without clear guidelines and certain outcomes. But how does instant pot sous vide work? Learn more here.

Professional sous vide cooker resolves your worries and gives additional benefits not offered by other cooking methods. If you have never used this method, it will expose you to a new healthy cooking experience.

It saves your time, allowing you to attend to other duties as the food cooks without monitoring.

What is sous vide cooking?

Sous vide is the French term for under vacuum. It is also referred to as low-temperature long-time cooking.

You sous vide the food by dipping it in a plastic porch and then dipping the sealed bags into a water-bath and heating at specific temperatures.

The sous vide machine ensures the water temperature remain steady by circulating the water within the pot.

The process of sous-vide cooking is simple and can be accomplished even by beginners. It involves putting the morsel you wish to cook into a food-grade bag.

Ensure you use quality plastic bags to ensure the polymer contents do not leach into the food.

From there, you can submerge the food into a water-bath; as you prepare other ingredients.

Different sous vide recipes require different heating and temperatures, every protein or vegetable you wish to prepare has a specific temperature suitable for making a perfect meal.

The sealed bags containing the food should stay in the water-bath for a predetermined amount of time.

Removing the food before the predetermined period may interfere with the quality of the food; the same applies when you live it in the water bath for longer periods.

Benefits of sous vide cooking

This manner of cooking has various benefits to the food and the cook.


The desire to eat more food, especially steak, depends on the procedure followed when preparing it. Steak may taste great; however, if you prepare it wrongly, the desire and the taste will be no more.

Since the cooking times are predetermined, failure to abide by these timings reduces the quality of the meal, beginning with the texture


The process does not involve boiling, frying, or baking the food meaning the flavor depends on how keen you are. Failure to follow the guidelines keenly can result in food tasting polymers from the bags or metallic ions.

Remember, small things make a difference, especially when dealing with certain recipes. When using this method, ensure you seal the bag appropriately to avoid any contaminations.


We live in times when the quality of nutrients in foods declines due to manufacturing processes. Different cooking processes present unique challenges.

For example, boiling will result in water leaching from the food hence its losses essential nutrients. Frying will add additional fats to the food, affecting our health and body weight.

Sous-vide cooking involves sealing the food; hence you do not lose any nutrients or add additional elements.


Cooking can sometimes be tiresome, especially after a long day of work.

As you prepare for a busy week ahead, you can use the shorter breaks or durations you have to cook the food for the week by sealing them in airtight bags.

Vacuum sealed food can last for more than a week; remove it and submerge it into a water bath when you need it.

Different ways of using sous vide

Photo of instant pot

Sous-vide cooking is a recent and one of the most rising cooking trends. You may have heard of it or not. Anyway, there are different methods to go about cooking.

There are two different ways to get the sous vide results: the sous vide stick, and instant pot sous vide.

There are two distinct models of sous vide pots: The instant pot max and instant pot Evo plus. The instant pot max prepares foods faster than other pots.

It is capable of other functions such as canning. It comes with different present functions such as sous vide and a digital screen to customize time and temperature settings.

The instant pot Evo plus cooks up to 70% faster than other instant pot models. It has up to 48 resent functions, including sous vide, and comes in 6- and 8-quart options.

How does instant pot sous vide work?

Before you use the sous vide pot, you need to follow these instructions carefully.

Turning on and setting the pot

Add water into the instant pot, plug the pressure cooker into the power source, and wait until all the lights turn on.

Once it is ready, you will hear a beeping sound and the time and temperature displayed on the screen.

Set the sous vide temperatures and time. Setting the temperatures depends on the model you are using.

First, press the sous vide button then you can adjust the temperature using the knob or the plus and minus buttons.

Adding the food into the pot

Once the water reaches the desired temperatures, you can add the food to the freezer bags.

Instant pot sous vide does not have an immersion circulator; you need to check the temperature manually before you dip the food. You can use a handheld thermometer.

After reaching the desired temperature, put the sous vide bag into the water.

With sous vide, you need to eliminate as much air as possible. Air is a poor conductor of heat; hence it will prevent the food from heating.

The food needs to be in much contact with the water as possible. If you have a vacuum sealer or an air fryer, you can use it to remove as much air as possible.

You can also use the air displacement method to remove the air from the bag.

Using the air displacement method

Begin by putting the food into a high-quality freezer bag. Ensure the surface of the food is exposed for proper cooking. Then close the zipper, only leaving an inch of the zipper open.

Squeeze out as much air as possible then you can lower the bag into a bowl of water; the water exerts pressure against the bag forcing all the air out of the bag.

Ensure the open surface of the bag does not come into contact with the water during the process.

As the air is eliminated, the bag will be pressed against the surface of the food. You can then close the remaining inch of the zipper.

You can then submerge the food into the water. While submerging the food, be careful to avoid the hot water splashing on you.

As you submerge the food inside the water, ensure it submerges fully. When it floats, it shows the presence of air in the bag.

The air will cause uneven cooking since the water won’t be in contact with all the food surfaces. You can add some weight to the bag to ensure it submerges fully into the water.

You can use a trivet to keep it submerged. Most food would always submerge as longs as all the air is out of the bag.

Close the lid and allow it to cook

Press the arrow button or the one that resembles an arrow to begin cooking. If you wish to change the desired temperature, press the minus or plus buttons.

These buttons are applicable for the instant pot duo crisp model. Click the M button to get back to your cook times and temperature.

Once you have the desired settings, click the arrow button to begin cooking. Sue pressure cooking pots may not have the arrow button press the instant pot sous vide functionality to begin cooking.

When it reaches the top temperatures, you will hear the beep sound three times. Rese it by pressing the arrow button once it reaches the top temperatures. You can get your food out of the machine.

Once the food has been cooked, you need to verify the temperatures by checking the screen tempters or using the thermometer to ensure the food is cooked at the right temperatures.

After cooking

After removing the food from the pot, you can allow the food to rest for about 10 to 15 minutes. Or you can reverse sear it. You can put it in a hot pan to the brown outside before cutting it on a chopping board if it is meat.

A cast iron pan can be helpful for reverse searing for about 2-3 minutes.

What kinds of food can be made in it?

There is an endless list of sous vide recipes you can prepare using this pressure cooker. It opens up your possibility to recipes beyond your imaginations.

You can prepare foods such as meats, seafood, eggs, vegetables, and even certain fruits.


If you want to advance your cooking methods, sous vide pot is the solution for you. It is designed to make high-quality foods with perfect flavor and taste to make you desire the need to eat easily.

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