How Does Wyze Cam Work?

The Wyze camera is tiny and sits perfectly on a countertop or table, monitoring every inch of space in front of it. And with its 1080P resolution, Wyze Cam v2 records HD videos and stores them in its micro SD card while also allowing you to live stream what it’s recording in real-time.

If you’re looking to boost your home security, a smart camera is an excellent addition to your smart home. And Wyze cam provides state-of-the-art home security at an incredibly affordable price point. Besides sitting on a surface like a countertop, you could also wall-mount it in your no-go rooms. And you will be sure to detect any motion or sound from such rooms, allowing you to keep alert for any intrusion.

So, a Wyze cam works by recording everything in the monitored zone while also allowing you to stream live feeds via the Wyze app. The Wyze cam has a built-in motion detector and also features a built-in microphone for detecting motion or sound. If you’re looking to know how these exceptional security cams work, be sure to read on.

Features Of a Wyze Cam Pan

Well, Wyze cam pan is tiny to monitor your residence while barely taking up any space. Its tiny size also ensures no intruder notices it to tamper with it. The smart camera is cube-shaped to sit on any surface on which you place it perfectly. With its white color finish, your smart camera blends in perfectly within your residential space.

As we’ve mentioned already, this smart camera can sit perfectly on any surface, or you could mount it on a wall. And it features a flexible hinge and swivel base for wall-mounting it in your no-go rooms to provide security. Also, the swivel base allows you to point the smart camera in any direction to monitor your preferred zones.

The base is magnetic to enable you to attach your smart camera to a metallic surface. But even if your preferred surface isn’t metallic, you can still use the metal disc and adhesive strips included in the package to attach your smart camera to the non-metallic surface.

Aside from its elegant look, the Wyze cam is also feature-packed. And one particular feature makes it more than a smart camera – the upgraded CMOS sensor. Besides ensuring the smart camera detects movements precisely, this sensor upscales the resolution to 1080p at 15fps. And this results in clearer feeds.

The viewing angle is also wide, 110° to be exact. Also, the lens can zoom 8× to view an intruder’s face up close. As a result, you will have an easy time identifying an intruder (or the authorities will have an easier time). As such, Wyze smart camera is an excellent addition to your smart home for impressive home security.

Excellent Picture Clarity in Low Light

Another reason for considering adding a Wyze smart cam to your home is that it features excellent night vision. Your Wyze cam features LEDs to illuminate up to 30 feet away. And this ensures every video clip is clear in the dark, even if the night vision video is black and white. As such, you can still identify an intruder even when it’s dark in your home.

Motion Tagging

This particular Wyze cam has what the Wyze labs call motion tagging. If an intruder triggers the motion sensor, your smart cam draws a box around the intruder. And the camera will track his every movement while alerting you. Also, your camera will be sure to record every movement for later reference.

And where does this smart cam store the recorded videos, you might ask? Well, your smart camera features a micro-SD card slot at its base near the startup button. Once the smart home device has started recording, the recorded videos will be on your micro-SD card.

Cloud Storage

Wyze cam supports micro-SD cards of up to 32 GB in storage size. But even with such impressive storage space, you can’t store every recorded video clip on a memory card. That’s why you get 14 days of free cloud storage if you buy a Wyze cam. But after the free storage period is over, you will pay monthly fees depending on your subscription package. Therefore, you can choose to store your recorded videos in local storage or cloud-based storage services.

If you’re looking for an impressive continuous recording, you want to invest in a 32 GB micro-SD card. Your smart home security camera could capture every event during intrusion if the memory card is spacious. So, consider investing in a spacious SD card, and don’t forget to use cloud-based storage for more video recordings storage.

Sound And Smoke Detection

Wyze cam allows you to create motion detection zones to monitor only areas worth monitoring. And this could mean zones more prone to attacks are under the radar 24/7. But a Wyze cam does more as it also detects sounds, thanks to a built-in microphone.

The built-in microphone also listens to the sound from your smoke or CO detector. As a result, you will receive push notifications if there’s a fire outbreak in your residence. You can then act fast before the fire razes everything down to the ground. Therefore, Wyze cam provides more than security to your smart home since it can also protect it from various hazards.

Also, you can be sure to receive alerts if your water leak sensors produce sound due to a water leak. Even if your fire alarm goes off, your Wyze cam will be sure to let you know something is wrong in your residential space. Therefore, it is an excellent buy.

Two-Way Audio Communication

Wyze smart cam also has a speaker besides featuring a microphone built-in. You can be sure to hear everything in the background as much as anyone in the background will hear you. The built-in microphone allows you to hear your visitor talk if you’ve installed a Wyze cam on your door.

And the built-in speaker will relay your spoken message to your guest. As such, you can be sure to communicate verbally with your guest if you have installed a Wyze cam in your smart home. Therefore, Wyze cam is worth the investment in every aspect.

Controlling Wyze Cam 

You will control your smart camera like any other smart home device. You will primarily use the Wyze app to control your smart camera. But you can also use a voice control device such as Amazon Alexa to control your smart home device.

The Wyze app runs on Android and iOS control panels (smartphones) smoothly. So, you can be sure to operate your Wyze cam smoothly if you have any of the mentioned smartphones. Wyze cam v2 uses your home’s Wi Fi network to send push notifications to your smartphone or tablet. It also uses the same connectivity to work with a voice control device.

The mobile app is intuitive and has all the buttons you need to control your smart speaker. You can access the Device Screen on the app to see every connected Wyze smart camera. And the app shows every Wyze camera by name so you can know how many cameras are monitoring your residential space.

Viewing a live stream is a no brainer – you will only tap on any Wyze cam image you see in the app. And if you want the live stream to cover full-screen, all you have to do is rotate your smartphone sideways. The mobile app also has four functional buttons at its bottom: Sound, Record, Speak and Take Photo.

Of course, you will use the Sound button to mute the sound from the monitored background; the Record button allows you to record everything as they happen, while the Speak button activates the Two-Way Audio. The Take Photo button does what it says – taking a photo of the intruder. Therefore, you can do plenty of stuff with your Wyze camera.

If you’d love to activate or deactivate motion tagging, you can tap on the More button. The button also allows you to create or view a Time-Lapse video, but this requires your Wyze cam to have a micro SD card. The app also features a View Playback button playing the video feed recorded and stored on the micro SD card.

Even if you want to view videos stored in the free cloud storage, you can do so. You will use the Notifications button to view, share, or delete your security video feeds. The app allows you to do plenty of stuff, putting you in more control of your smart home. And this only makes the Wyze cam worth the investment.

Setting Up Your Wyze Cam V2

Of course, you want to install the Wyze app on your smartphone before starting the set-up process. If you don’t have an account already, you will create one. But if you have an existing account, you will only sign in.

You will then add your Wyze cam to the app for efficient control. Tap the Add Device button on the app and follow the instructions to complete the set-up process. But you will add your camera after plugging it into a power source. Wyze cam has a USB port for powering two cameras from one power adapter. You can also use the included power input to power your smart home device.

Then you will press a Set-up button, and yellow LED lights will flash. You will connect the Wyze Cam to your Wi Fi network using the Wyze app. Also, you will scan a QR code to complete adding the smart home camera to the app for remote access and control. The whole process takes less than a minute, meaning you will be ready to use your Wyze smart cam in a short time.

Controlling Your Smart Camera by Voice

Wyze cam also works with voice control devices, particularly Amazon Alexa. After pairing your smart speaker with a Wyze camera, Alexa show monitored zones with security breaches. And that means getting audio alerts so you can act fast. Therefore, you can control your smart home camera by voice as much as you can control it via the Wyze app.


Despite its small size, Wyze Cam Pan monitors a large area, thanks to its 110° field of view. The camera boasts a 1080p impressive resolution to deliver incredible image and video clarity. And it does all this at an incredibly affordable price point!

But that’s not all – your security camera allows you to live stream feeds from the monitored area. And with two storage options (micro SD card and cloud storage), you have plenty of space to store your security videos for later references. What’s more, your camera boasts night vision to capture events even at night.

If you were looking for how a Wyze cam works, we hope you have a basic knowledge at this point. We encourage you to invest in a high-quality and feature-packed smart camera to monitor your no-go rooms. While we recommend smart cams like Wyze Cam V2, we advise you to keep a closer eye on other top-performing smart home cameras. Add a smart camera to your home and add an extra security layer!

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