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How is Wyze Cam Powered?

Your home is an expensive investment, and you want to keep it safe at all costs. Besides, where else can you find peace and safety if not inside your home?

Wyze Cam allows you to keep your home safe from burglars since it monitors your home around the clock.

The best part is it doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outdoors that you want to keep under 24/7 surveillance.

Wyze Cam Outdoor is an outdoor camera from Wyze that monitors the outdoor space. It stands up to any weather with its IP65 weatherproof rating and boasts a crisp night vision.

What’s more, it is wireless and is a battery-powered security camera for your home. On the other hand, you have Wyze Cam v3, that’s also wireless to monitor inside and outside your home.

It boasts the same crisp 1080p night vision for ultimate security around the clock. But it works better indoors.

Wyze Cam v3 is not battery-powered since it features no internal battery. Instead, a USB wire connected to a power adapter powers it via its micro-USB port.

But the Wyze Cam outdoor is battery-powered, and it also features a micro-USB port for charging its battery, thus extending the battery life.

If you’re looking for more information about Wyze Cam, be sure to continue reading.

Smart Cameras from Wyze

Wyze has various smart cameras to choose from for monitoring your home, both indoors and outdoors. Of course, each camera is suitable for monitoring specific areas of your home.

So, you want to pick the best one for a given area of your home. Some of their smart cameras include the following:

Wyze Cam Outdoor

This smart camera from Wyze has two powerful batteries built-in. Each battery boasts an impressive charge capacity of 2,600 mAh to last your Wyze Cam outdoor 3-6 months.

That means recording everything, both day and night until you’re back from your vacation.

As you’d expect, the batteries are rechargeable, and the Wyze Cam Outdoor features a micro-USB port through which you will charge the batteries.

You will connect the included power adapter with a micro-USB wire to the micro-USB port to charge the batteries. 

The power adapter is rated for 110-240V AC outlets, and it delivers 5V 2A DC that charges the batteries. Also, this amount of electrical energy can power your Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Charging the Wyze Cam Outdoor takes 4 hours, meaning your smart camera will roll for the next 3 months without power from your wall outlet.

You can always connect the micro-USB wire to a Base Station or Wyze Lamp Socket, then connect the other end to the micro-USB port to power or charge the batteries of your Wyze Cam Outdoor.

But if your home is off-grid, you want to invest in the Wyze Solar Panel to power and charge your Wyze Cam Outdoor using solar energy.

Features That Make Wyze Cam Outdoor an Excellent Buy

Since Wyze Cam Outdoor has two batteries built-in, it can monitor your outdoor space even when there’s a power outage. The smart camera also features a 1080P FHD resolution with night vision capabilities.

What’s more, the smart camera can see up to 25 feet away at night to allow you to spot a potential burglar from feet away.

The PIR sensor works to pick up body heat signatures then alerts you to potential intruders via the Wyze app. This motion detection technology is very accurate in eliminating false alarms.

The two-way communication feature also makes this smart camera worth buying.

Since this camera is wireless, it relies on your Wi Fi network to transmit live stream data to your smartphone. Of course, the Wyze app allows you to stream videos from your security camera live.

And as we had pointed out earlier on, this smart camera is IP65 weatherproof-rated to take on any weather. Therefore, it is an excellent investment for monitoring your home’s outdoor space.

Wyze Cam Floodlight (Wyze Cam V3)

This smart camera from Wyze offers brighter and motion-activated security. Therefore, it is another incredible buy.

Basically, it is a Wyze Cam v3, only that it features floodlights to illuminate the outdoor space if it picks up motion from an intruder. 

Since this camera has no battery, it relies on external power to function. This smart camera includes a power adapter with a 6-foot micro-USB wire.

You will plug the power adapter into a wall outlet supplying 110V electricity to power your smart camera.

As we’ve already mentioned, the smart camera includes a micro-USB cable. That means you can also power your smart camera from a power bank.

A 1,000mAh can power the Wyze Cam V3 alone in 16 hours. But with the floodlights incorporated, this time could decrease, depending on how frequently the motion sensor triggers the floodlights.

Wyze Cam V3 consumes 5V 1A DC power via its micro-USB port. The Wyze Lamp Socket can also help you power the whole set-up without power running out.

Therefore, you should consider investing in this essential accessory. 

Features That Make This Smart Camera Stand Out

Since this Wyze Cam includes floodlights, it illuminates your outdoor space with its super-bright LEDs producing 2,600 Lumens.

The motion detection technology covers a whopping 270° angle to pick up motion from almost any direction.

And when it surely picks up motion, the super-bright flood lights scare away the intruder. The color night vision also ensures you can identify objects in the dead of night.

What’s more, the 1080P resolution improves the picture quality even at night.

The Wyze Cam V3 features a microSD card slot that supports microSD cards of up to 32GB. So, you want to opt for a large microSD card to store more data.

This smart camera set-up even allows you to add an extra Wyze Cam V3 to increase the monitoring coverage. A USB cable will allow you to connect the second smart camera.

The surveillance system even features a built-in speaker to produce a siren sound at a 90dB noise level.

Since the Wyze Cam V3 boasts IP65 weatherproof rating, it shrugs off the dust, water, and elements outdoors. Therefore, it is an excellent investment with all these features.

Wyze Cam Smart Bundle

You can always use more Wyze Cam v3 security cameras to improve surveillance, thus increasing security. But Wyze Cam smart bundle is the perfect starter bundle to pick.

And that’s because this starter bundle comprises Wyze Cam v3 smart camera with premium security features.

What makes this smart bundle stand out is the included 1-year Cam Plus subscription. The Wyze Cam Plus advanced AI detection instantly notifies you if someone approaches your smart home.

Therefore, premium security features boost safety, making the smart bundle worth the investment.

Unlike many security cameras the Wyze cam smart bundle allows you to fast-forward the recorded security footage. Precisely, you can forward the footage by 2x or 4x.

And that means you can cut through the extensive security video of a time lapse. 

You can access the recorded security video via the site from anywhere.

And this is possible since the security camera stores the security video on you get free cloud storage for 14 days after buying this smart bundle.

Once this time elapses, you will pay for the subscription. But a microSD card offers an alternative storage option.

Wyze Cam Spotlight Bundle

This is a Wyze Cam V3 smart camera featuring a spotlight. It is an excellent Wyze Cam for lighting up your way at night to boost security in dark corners.

Since it features a spotlight, you will be sure to view color images at night via the Wyze app.

It is weatherproof, and its spotlight works under any weather. The IP65 rating makes it an ideal security camera for your outdoor space.

It also boasts the incredibly crisp 1080P resolution to improve night vision performance. You can unlock its potential with the Cam Plus subscription.

How Wyze Cam Connects to The Base Station

Wyze Cam connects to the Base Station wirelessly. The Base Station allows you to connect all your Wyze Cam security cameras to your Wi Fi network.

Also, this component ensures you can connect your security cameras with a control device with a virtual assistant.

For example, you could connect your Wyze Cam with a Google Smart Home Hub and control it through voice commands.

And that’s possible because Google Smart Home Hub has Google Assistant built-in. So, the Base Station is important for connecting your Wyze Cam to the internet for remote access and hands-free control.

But Wyze Cam Outdoor doesn’t need the internet to remotely access the recorded security footage. The Travel Mode allows you to view the recorded video even if your internet is down. 

Final Thought

Wyze Cam Outdoor works even during a power outage to monitor your home. It features two powerful batteries that could record for 6 months non-stop.

Since it boasts IP65 weatherproof rating, it takes on any weather to keep your home under 24/7 surveillance. 

You can always charge the batteries when they run low on power. On the other hand, you have Wyze Cam V3 that only uses an external power source to function since it has no battery.

A Wyze Lamp Socket will allow you to connect this security camera to your outdoor lighting fixture. 

Wyze Cam security cameras have other features such as advanced motion detection and crisp night vision. All these features make Wyze Cam a worthy investment.

If you want to keep your smart home under surveillance by the minute, you have Wyze Cam to pick.

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