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How Is Wyze Cam Powered?

Wyze cam outdoor camera uses DC power to function, and this power comes from a battery. As such, these zone-monitoring devices are battery powered.

The Wyze cam outdoor is the first outdoor camera from Wyze, a startup company making affordable yet high-quality smart home cameras.

At an incredible price below $50, Wyze cam outdoor is one of the most affordable smart home devices.

And its specifications rival that of top-shelf outdoor cameras, making it an affordable option for smart home enthusiasts looking to save some bucks while transforming their homes.

Besides monitoring your residential space, you could also use your Wyze cam to monitor your hotel room. The smart camera works efficiently and boasts a remarkable battery life of up to six months.

And with the camera’s 1080p resolution, impressive night vision, and highly efficient motion detection, you will receive push alerts via the Wyze app.

If you’re looking to boost security at your home or hotel room, be sure to read on for more information.

Features Of Wyze Cam Outdoor Camera

The Wyze cam outdoor camera stands up to any weather quite impressively, thanks to its IP65 weatherproof rating.

Whether you live in an area experiencing heat waves, heavy downpours, or blizzards, this outdoor camera monitors your outdoor space with unwavering glare.

Since Wyze makes many wireless cameras the Wyze cam is also wireless, relying on battery power to monitor your outdoor space. The smart home camera uses two batteries, each boasting 2,600 mAh of charge.

With such an impressive juice in the battery packs, you can be sure to monitor your outdoor space for 3-6 months straight!

The Wyze Cam is also wireless to make installation a total breeze. With no wires to handle, you will spend a few minutes installing your Wyze cam to monitor your outdoor space.

The camera certainly has more upsides than downsides. And one of those upsides is its 1080p FHD resolution.

The lens records nothing short of crisp security images and videos, allowing you to stream the same video and image quality via the Wyze app.

Of course, the Wyze cam features a MicroSD card slot for sliding your MicroSD cards for local storage. But more details about storage in a bit.

Since you also need clear eyes at night, the Wyze Cam comes to your aid to give you impressive night vision capability.

The camera can see up to 25 feet away to allow you to see anyone lurking in the dark. As such, it is an incredible outdoor security camera for any home.

Impressive PIR Motion Detection

Passive infrared motion detection eliminates false alarms with its efficient accuracy.

Since your Wyze cam features this motion detection technology, it can tell the difference between a person and an animal, sending you only accurate push notifications if an intruder steps on your lawn.

The PIR sensor initiates automatic video recording within 12 seconds after which, the camera stores the recorded security feeds in free cloud storage.

PIR sensor picks up body heat from the intruder to detect the presence of someone in your yard. As such, motion detection is highly accurate, as you already know.

Two-Way Audio Communication

If you’re looking for a starter bundle, you can buy a Wyze cam with a base station. But you want to add more cameras to the base station to monitor every corner of your smart home.

Fortunately, one base station supports up to 4 Wyze cam outdoors. You can then use the Wyze app to monitor your preferred corners.

What’s more, each Wyze cam outdoor features a built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication.

If you’re expecting a package from your Amazon Prime account, you can ask the delivery person to hide the package for you via the Wyze app. And he will get the message.

Even if you’re expecting your dog trainer to come home any minute, you can pass along a crucial message, and she will get it.

The two-way audio communication is an excellent addition to your smart home camera, making it more functional. Therefore, Wyze cam outdoor could help you communicate with a guest at your front porch.

It Features the Travel Mode

Usually, your Wyze cam outdoor connects to your home Wi Fi network to allow you to stream live security feeds. Also, your internet allows the smart home camera to store the recorded footage in a free could storage.

But sometimes, your internet might be down, meaning your Wyze cam outdoor might be offline.

Fortunately, your Wyze cam records videos even in its offline state and stores the recorded videos on microSD cards.

When it’s offline, the Wyze cam activates the Travel Mode to record and store videos on a microSD card, as we’ve already seen.

Once your smart camera has picked up motion from an intruder, it records time lapse videos to ensure you don’t lose crucial data.

The travel mode comes in handy when you’re away from your residence or hotel room since it keeps you posted. And this adds to the functionality of your Wyze cam outdoor camera.

Power Consumption of a Wyze Cam Outdoor

Wyze cam uses 5V, 1A of electric energy from its two 2,600-mAh batteries. Of course, the batteries will dry out after a given period, specifically 3-6 months.

After this period, you will need to recharge the batteries. Fortunately, your Wyze cams feature micro USB ports for charging the batteries.

Installation Process

Another area that might interest you is the ease of the installation process. Well, installing a Wyze cam outside is straightforward.

The Wyze cam features a stand with screws to screw it into a wall or a tree. And the Wyze cam attaches itself to this stand using a magnet.

Once you’ve screwed the stand into a wall outside, you will only attach the cam to the stand and proceed with the setup process – it is that simple!

There are plenty of surfaces on which you will install your Wyze cam outdoor. As you already know, a tree can also be helpful to monitor some corners of your residence.

Wireless Connectivity

Since Wyze cam outdoor boasts a wire-free design, it means it also connects to the internet wirelessly. But how exactly does it connect to your home’s network?

Well, Wyze cam comes with a base station that supports up to 4 Wyze cam outdoors.

And it’s this base stand that connects to your Wi-Fi network to allow you to stream live security feeds remotely via the Wyze app.

You will set up the base stand using the companion app to connect your smart home camera to the internet.

When looking to connect your Wyze base stand to the internet, you will follow the step: Wyze Base Station> Settings> Device Info> Change Connection> select your network> connect via Wi-Fi.

Or you can visit the Wyze Cam Support page for more information.

Compatibility With Voice Control Devices

Since Wyze Cam outdoor features Wi-Fi connectivity, it pairs with two virtual assistants: Alexa and Google Assistant.

If you have a smart speaker with either of these virtual assistants, you can control your Wyze cam outdoor cameras through voice commands.

And this gives you hands-free control of your home security!

The Downsides

Although Wyze cam outdoor stands up well in many situations, it has a few downsides that you should know about before buying one of them.

First, the smart cameras don’t feature color night vision. The night vision these cameras boast is black and white. But you can still make out the faces since the 1080p FHD resolution is quite impressive!

Also, Wyze cams no longer feature AI services after the company it partnered with –, which provided AI services –   became Apple’s company.

This was a bit of a setback, but Wyze plans to replace their AI service with an in-house AI version for improved motion detection.

Although the night vision works efficiently up to 25 feet away, Wyze cam outdoor cameras don’t use Motion-activated illumination yet.


Even though Wyze cam outdoor has a few downsides, its exceptional features make up for its inadequacies.

One incredible feature that you might appreciate is the IP65 weatherproof rating that makes it ideal for any weather.

Your smart home camera also has astounding 1080p FHD resolution to record crisp videos to help you identify what’s in the frame.

But that’s not all since your Wyze cam outdoor boasts two-way audio communication with plenty of additional features.

If you’re looking to monitor your outdoor space at an affordable price, Wyze cam outdoor could be your best option.

We hope this article provided useful information if you were looking for more information on Wyze cam outdoor that use battery power. You can share your opinion with us down in the comment section below.

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