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How Long Does a Dyson Stick Vacuum Battery Last?

When it comes to cordless vacuums, one of the most critical statistics relates to battery life. The run time of your cordless vac relates directly to the room in your battery.

But how long do Dyson vacuums typically last?

The run time on Dyson vacuum cleaners typically goes from 30 minutes to one hour. Lithium-ion batteries have genuinely increased the amount of battery power in every vacuum.

Below, we will go through a list of the top Dyson vacuums and how long they last.

We will also provide you with some solutions for ensuring you can clean your larger house with a stick vac. 

What Dyson Stick Vacuums Have the Longest Running Time?

Four Dyson sticks are known for incredible running times:

  • The Dyson Outsize
  • V15 Detect
  • V11 Animal
  • V10 Cyclone

The Dyson V8 comes close to fifth place with a run time of 40 minutes. That run time is filled with great suction power. Below is a review of all four vacuums:

The Dyson Outsize 

The Dyson Outsize is on the company’s list of premium vacuums. It has an LCD screen and a high-torque cleaner head. It also lasts up to two hours (120 minutes)

The size of the vacuum is a bit less lightweight than other models, making it comparable to an upright vacuum.

The Outsize Absolute+ also includes laser sensors that enable you to see smaller particles.

The Dyson V15 Detect

The Dyson V15 Detect is a smaller vacuum that also contains a laser head. It has multiple boost modes, which might impact battery life.

However, it does last up to sixty minutes on a good day. 

This vacuum (and the ones below) can easily convert to a handheld vacuum. Because the engine size doesn’t change, you won’t find the handheld vacuum to impact battery life. 

The Dyson Detect’s premium features come from a Piezo sensor that lets you see the amount of dust it has picked up on a screen. 

The Dyson V11 Animal

The Animal is tailored for pet hair and medium-pile carpet. It has a V11 torque drive and a high-torque cleaning head that makes it suitable for all floors. 

Like the Detect, this vacuum lasts up to an hour for cleaning time. However, it does not have more advanced tools included with other models, so it is lower-priced. 

The Dyson Cordless Cyclone V10 

The Dyson Cyclone is another stick vacuum on this list that lasts around 60 minutes. As you might expect, this (and the Animal) both lack the laser head. 

The Cyclone is slightly less flexible, losing the DLS technology that makes it suitable for cleaning floor types.

The Cyclone is better for low-pile carpet and hardwood floors as a result. 

Thankfully, all four vacuum cleaners include a HEPA filter. HEPA filters do not impact the battery life. 

Ways To Give Yourself More Cleaning Time With Your Dyson 

If you do not want a corded vacuum and have a larger house, you’ll need to find ways to save your energy. With powerful motors in each of these vacuums, it is easy for you to overuse them.

Below, we will provide you some quick tips for using your vacuum in one cleaning session:

Have a Replacement Battery Ready

Many cordless stick vacuums include a battery charger and a detachable battery. Having a spare battery prevents you from relying on a single battery. 

The battery charger for vacuums typically takes five hours. So waiting isn’t an option unless you want to vacuum the next day. 

Avoid Using The Higher Power Mode

While the higher power settings on cordless vacuums are appealing, they aren’t always necessary.

Hardwood floors, laminate, and other bare floors typically don’t need that much to remove the crumbs. 

Higher power settings are best for medium-pile carpets or rugs. Use the power of your cordless models smartly. 

Invest in a Robot Vacuum For Light Messes

Despite not being upright vacuums, stick vacuums are better than robot vacuums. So if you want to avoid spreading them across the entire house, a robot vacuum is a great supplement

Robot vacuums can be expensive, though, so be sure it is something you can afford. Expect to spend at least $500.

Clean The Filters Before Use

To ensure your vacuum doesn’t have to work overtime, clean the filters if they are dirty. Dirty filters create clogs in the vacuum, causing your vacuum to have to work harder. 

Final Thoughts

When selecting the right Dyson vacuum, battery life is a huge deal. These cordless vacuums need to have enough juice for you to clean your house comfortably.

Be sure your vacuum is fully charged before use. If you are in the market for a vacuum, consider this list of another famous brand: Shark Stick Vacuums.

It is alright to be picky with the features you want. Thanks for reading!

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