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How Long Does it Take for Flowers to Grow?

The hardest part about growing flowers is waiting for them to grow and bloom so you can enjoy their beauty. Different types of flowers grow at various speeds.

A lot of the time needed for flowers to grow depends a lot on several different factors including germination speed, location, depth of seed, and the climate.

Different types of flowers grow at different speeds. However, on average it takes 95 days for annual flowers to grow.

There are some fast-growing flowers that can grow from seed to bloom in just 50 days. To see how long it takes your specific flowers to grow, check the back of their seed packet.

Bloom Time Versus Germination

Some types of flower seeds germinate just a few days after they are planted. Zinnias are an example as they germinate on average from three to five days.

But this doesn’t make them the fastest-growing flower. Even though they germinate quickly, it can take them from 75 to 90 days to bloom. Other flowers, like the Cosmos, germinates quickly, usually within seven to 10 days.

But the Cosmos takes from 90 to 120 days to flower. On the other end of the spectrum is the California poppy takes 21 days to germinate, but then it flowers within 60 days. 

In general, the fastest growing flower seeds germinate within 14 days and flower in 70. However, a flower’s rate of growth depends on how well it has its needs met.

How does planting depth affect the seed and growth?

If a seed is not planted correctly, its growth can be hindered or stopped entirely. Some seeds need light in order to germinate so they are planted on top of the soil.

This is true whether you are planting them outside or inside. Other seeds need darkness to germinate. But the rule of thumb is to plant seeds at a depth that is equal to twice the diameter of the seed.

So, large sunflower seeds need to be planted between 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches deep. But flowers like Marigolds germinate whether they are planted on top of the soil, or underneath.

Seed packets contain information on how deep seeds should be planted.

What do flowers need to germinate quickly?

To help speed initial growth, flowers need a proper temperature for germination and moisture. Different flower seeds have different temperature needs.

Most flower seeds need to be planted after the chance of frost has passed. Daytime temperatures should be between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nighttime temps should only be about 10 to 15 degrees cooler on average. If you are worried about the dangers of frost, you can start seeds indoors.

The indoor temperature inside is usually good for flower growth. Make sure to moisten the soil prior to planting the seeds.

Watering right after planting the seeds can cause both the soil and seeds to move around too much. The soil needs to stay moist, but not soggy to encourage germination.

If it’s too wet, it can cause the seeds to rot.

How Seeding Location Affects Growth

Just like people, plants have their preferences. Some plants grow better when they are planted outdoors.

Even if you start the seeds indoors to protect from the dangers of frost, transplanting the seedlings can slow or stop the plant’s growth.

The primary rule for planting flowers outdoors is to wait until all danger of frost has passed. Some flowers, like petunias and impatiens, do better and grow faster if they are started indoors.

Zinnias, on the other hand, do not do as well when started indoors. Instead, they become root-bound and leggy.

If you are going to start plants indoors, make sure to time it well with the time they need to germinate and the date when the last frost has passed.

Which flowers grow the fastest?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. Germination time can be fast, but growth slow. Or germination may be slower when compared to other flowers, but growing is faster.

Single-stem flowers tend to grow and bloom faster than other varieties.  Here are some of the fastest-growing flowers.

Sunflowers: In general, sunflowers grow rapidly, but the time they take to reach maturity depends on the variety. They take about 85 days from seed to bloom.

These popular flowers germinate in less than 14 days and bloom in about 50 days.

Nasturtiums: These flowers usually take less than 50 days to go from seed to flower. When properly cared for, they will continue to bloom until the first frost in the fall.

Zinnias: Even though zinnias germinate in under a week, they take about 75 days to bloom. This may seem like a long time, but it’s faster than average.

Zinnias will continue to self-sow and return for several years.

Can I make my flowers grow faster?

There are some ways to encourage your flowers to grow faster. These include proper fertilization, tender loving care, and aeration for the roots.

Final Thoughts

There’s no single answer for how long it takes flowers to grow. In general, flowers that are well taken care of will grow faster and look better than those which are not. 

Remember also that some flowers do not bloom all year long, but instead bloom only at a certain time each year. The good thing is that flowers will grow and bloom better if they are given plenty of TLC.

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