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How Much Does a New Rainbow Vacuum Cost?

The rainbow cleaning system is the one of most famous vacuum cleaners in the world. They are known to focus on canister volumes, have huge warranties, and last just as long.

With these features in mind, how much does a new rainbow vacuum cost?

Buying a new rainbow vacuum costs anywhere from $1500 to $3000. The cheaper ones are from the SE series, while the E2 series is the more expensive.

Below, we will discuss why this style of vacuum cleaner is expensive and if it is worth it.

Why are Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners So Expensive?Photo of rainbow vacuum

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are costly because of the included water filtration system. This, combined with the high-quality HEPA filter, makes it a step above regular vacuums.

Rainbow vacuums are so lucrative that most of them come in renewed formats. Other vacuums are rarely renewed at the same rates. 

Are Renewed Rainbow Vacuums Worth It?

Even renewed vacuum cleaners from Rexair LLC (Rainbow vacuums) are more expensive than others.

Renewing and fixing them enables them to last another five years, making them very much worth it. 

Even renewed Rainbow vacuums sell for $750 to $1500 in the United States. If you want a vacuum better than Dyson, Rainbow is a good choice.

Where people bought (depending on the retailer) will be based on your location. You can find them locally by using the Rainbow System website.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Features You Need To Know

Outside of a water filtration system, Rainbow vacuum cleaning systems also include these features:

A Six-Piece Tool Kit

The six-piece tool kit of Rainbow vacuums comes with a wide-path electric power nozzle. This enables you to cover wide swaths of the floor.

The tool kit includes these options:

  • A duster brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool
  • Floor tool
  • A straight extension tool
  • A curved extension tool

Less popular tools on this set include a squeegee tool and a tool specifically made for cleaning refrigerators.

A Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Rainbow cleaners have a combination of dry and wet vacuums. These vacuums are included with shampooing features.

An included web pickup hose enables you to extract water and shampoo from the carpet. It also has a dependable handheld shampooer with electric heads.

Usable on all Floor Surfaces

The floor tool is one of the few attachments included for all types of floors. The device is suitable for digging through carpet fibers, but also great for these floors as well:”

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Concrete
  • Laminate

Standard vacuum cleaners are not suitable for vacuuming on concrete. In a way, you can also use this carpet shampooer to clean the most challenging surfaces.

An Easily Removable Cannister

Much like stick vacuums we have reviewed elsewhere, Rainbow has a removable canister.

Canister vacuums are usually more complicated to clean, so the removable feature makes this a bit easier.

Other canisters on vacuums require you to lift the entire vacuum. This can be pretty heavy, so separating the vacuum is nice.

Because of the water filter, you can spend less time cleaning the HEPA filter. In a way, this vacuum type is one of the few that is mostly self-cleaning.

Where Can I Get Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners?

Outside of Rainbow’s website, these vacuums can be bought at local retailers. Premium providers (like Sears) commonly have vacuums of this quality.

Otherwise, you can find them at the following websites:

For parts to these products, stick to Amazon. Amazon has the most comprehensive list of parts available on Rainbow products.

Final Thoughts

Rainbow vacuums are anything but affordable, but they are quality. If you are looking for vacuums of good quality, Rainbow has you covered.

Since most Rainbow vacuums are relatively similar, it’s a matter of how large your budget is.

If you are looking for more cost-effective vacuums, check out our comparison of the best upright vacuum cleaners under $200.

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