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How to Build the Essential Household Tool Kit for Every Level of DIY

Every DIY enthusiast will have at least a slightly different household tool set that they won’t approach any job without. Learn how to build the essential household tool kit for every level of DIY.

An essential tool in your carrying case is necessary for any small home repair or small project in your home, which is why so many households have a basic tool kit on standby.

Some people keep their household DIY tool box in their vehicles or garages, while others just keep them stored in the storage closet down the hall in their home. No matter where you keep yours, having a tool set with hand tools and any power tool you require will save you from having to run to your neighbor or relative every time you need to use a tool.

The Tool Kit Itself

No DIY tool kit is complete without the tool kit itself. When it comes to a household tool kit, everyone will have their own personal preferences for ones they like more than others. When people think of tool kits, they might think of a big metal toolbox that they carry around.

It doesn’t always have to be a metal toolbox. Many people like to go with fabric tool kits because of how light and easy they are to carry around. A smaller, basic tool kit can include the essential tools, like a screw driver, combination wrench, and wire cutter, to name a few.

You’ll want to look for a tool kit with high-quality fabric that won’t easily break down. Get a tool kit that has ample storage space. Some tool kits on the market contain over 25 storage spaces where tools can be stored.

Tape Measure

No household DIY toolkit is complete without a tape measure. You might find that many jobs won’t require it, but you should always have one in your tool kit for the odd occasion where you might be measuring something.

From installing new flooring to measuring drapes, a good, durable tape measure will go a long way in ensuring your tool kit is equipped to get any job done.

Utility Knife

You’ll want a solid utility knife in your tool kit. You never know when you’ll be needing to make cuts during certain projects, and the nice thing about utility knives is that you can replace the blades in them without having to purchase an entirely new handle.

Find a utility knife that has a locking mechanism for additional safety measures. You’ll be surprised at how many times you’ll be using a utility knife without even being aware of it.


Some people like to get a bunch of different screwdrivers for their tool kit. A Phillips head screwdriver is a common one that all tool kits should have. If you’re not wanting to fill your tool kit up with too many screwdrivers, there are 6-1 screwdrivers that you can purchase that will include various different combinations.

Using a 6-1 screwdriver will save you a lot of space in comparison to having many different types, and purchasing a good one will ensure that many tasks will go much more smoothly.

Smaller Screwdriver Kit

If you ever find yourself in situations where your regular screwdriver kit doesn’t have small enough bits, consider adding a smaller screwdriver kit into your tool kit. Certain things require smaller screwdrivers, such as:

  • Electronics
  • Glasses

Smaller screwdrivers won’t take up much space in a household tool kit, and you could probably fit about 5 of them into one separate compartment.


It’s always good to get a couple of different types of pliers in your tool kit. Needle-nose pliers are probably the ones that you’ll use the most, but you’ll also run into certain jobs where you’ll be requiring other types of pliers, such as grooved pliers to get rid of nails or big staples.

You’ll also want a pair of pliers that can cut wires if you ever find yourself doing any minor residential wiring and electrical jobs.


An adjustable wrench needs to be included with any tool kit. From putting together desks or furniture to tweaking your plumbing, an adjustable wrench will go a long way in preparing you for any DIY task you find yourself in.

You might be wondering if you’ll ever be needing an entire wrench set. On most occasions, an adjustable wrench will be able to get the job done effectively.


From hanging up pictures on your wall to putting up shelving units, a hammer is another mandatory tool that should be included with any DIY tool kit. You don’t need to be purchasing the best hammer on the market, and you should be able to get away with a 16 to 20 inch size.


Every tool kit should have a reliable pair of shears included in it. Regular scissors tend to jam up from time to time, while a heavy-duty pair of shears won’t. No one wants to get frustrated with scissors that are jamming up every time you need to cut something.

If you don’t have wire cutters in your tool kit, a good pair of shears can also be used as a substitute for them.

Hex Key Set

Whenever you’re putting together furniture, you’ll most likely require a hex key set at some point. Many furniture packages will include a set of these along with them, but they are usually cheap and nowhere near as good as a solid pair from your local home improvement store.

The hex key sets that come with furniture tend to bend out of shape easily, so including a good hex key set in your tool kit will ensure you’ll be putting together your furniture much more easily.


Having some screws in your toolkit is ideal for those occasions that you’re putting together something and you run out of screws. You don’t need to necessarily go out and purchase 100 screws or some bulk amount, but it’s just nice to have some additional ones on those occasions where you might need some backup ones handy.

Magnetic Dishes For Parts

Whenever people are doing DIY work that involves small parts such as nails, screws, bolts, and other metallic objects, it’s extremely easy for them to go missing. In addition, having nails go missing around your home can be a safety hazard.

Getting a magnetic dish will go a long way in ensuring all of your small metallic objects will stay in one dish. It’ll also ensure that you won’t accidentally be stepping on a nail in the middle of the night as you’re making your way to the bathroom.

Each person will have their own opinion on what and what shouldn’t be included in a household DIY kit, and that’s understandable since everyone does different DIY tasks. Having these essential items in your DIY kit will go a long way in ensuring your DIY tasks will be much more efficient.

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