How to Change Rogers Smart Door Lock Code

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Rogers smart door locks allow homeowners to add extra security without the burden of carrying their door keys around. These smart door locks feature a touchscreen for setting up a lock code. And once homeowners have set up the lock code, they gain keyless entry into their homes!

Sometimes, you may need to change the lock code because of a few reasons. Besides, it is a great idea to change your lock code after some time to make your home more burglar-proof.

But you might not know how to change the lock code to your Rogers smart door lock. This article will guide you through steps to follow when changing your lock code. So, be sure to read on for more information!

How to Change the User Lock Code on The Weiser Lock

Rogers smart door locks work with rogers smart home monitoring touchpad. You will use the touchpad to change the user lock code on your rogers smart door lock. But first, you need to understand that there are two Rogers smart door lock models: Weiser Lock and Yale YRD220. We’re starting this guide with the former – Weiser Lock. Be sure to follow the steps below:

Adding New User Lock Codes

Push the program button

Locate the program button on the Weiser lock. The button should be behind the Weiser smart door lock. Once you have located this button, press and hold it for 5 seconds.

Enter new door lock codes

After pressing the program button and holding it for 5 seconds, your Weiser smart door lock will flash a green light. Once you’ve seen the green flash, enter the new user code. You can enter 4-8 digits. For a security boost, you should enter more digits.

Push the Lock button

You can press the lock button on the Weiser smart door lock after entering the new user codes. After you’ve successfully entered new user codes, the smart door lock will flash green again, and it will beep once. If your smart door lock doesn’t flash green and beep once, your new user codes are unsuccessful.

And reasons for this might be due to similar user codes already existing in your smart door lock system. Entering more than 30 user codes could also be another reason. Therefore, enter new user codes without exceeding the number of user codes the door lock can handle.

Verify the new user codes

You want to make sure your new user codes are functional. You can press the lock button for the Weiser smart door lock to lock itself. Then enter the new user codes and press the lock button. If the smart door lock unlocks, you have successfully added new user codes to the Weiser smart door lock. This shows your Weiser smart door lock now has new user locks.

Deleting old user codes

Push the program button

You will press and hold the program button for about 5 seconds, just like in the previous step. The smart door lock will flash green.

Press Weiser’s lock button

After pressing the lock button, enter the user codes you want to delete. Then press the lock button once more.

Re-enter the user code you want to delete

After entering the user codes again, press the lock button on the Weiser smart door lock. The smart door lock will flash green once more and beep once if you have successfully deleted the old user code. If your efforts have been unsuccessful, you will start from the first step.

You can change the Rogers smart door lock by deleting the existing one then adding a new user code. Be sure not to exceed the 30 user codes threshold.

How to Change the User Lock Code on The Yale YRD220

Adding New User Lock Codes

Enter the master code

The first step is entering your master code, and then you press the pound key #.

Select option 2 

After pressing # on the Yale smart door lock, be sure to press 2. Press the # key after selecting option 2.

Select option 1 from the resulting menu

Select option 1 after pressing the pound key #. This option will allow you to register a new user code to your Yale smart door lock.

Enter a user slot

Be sure to select a user slot between 1 and 250 when choosing a new user slot. Then press the pound key to confirm your selection.

Enter new user codes

Choose 4-8 digits code. The more the digits, the higher the security. Be sure to press the # key to confirm the selection, and press the * to complete the selection. You have successfully added a new user code to your Yale YRD220.

Deleting an old user code

Enter the menu

You can start by entering the master code then press the # key in this step.

Select option 2

After you have entered the menu, be sure to select option 2 and press the # to confirm the selection.

Select option 3

After confirming option 2 above, your smart door lock will take you to a new menu to select option 3. This option allows you to delete old user codes.

Select the user slot you want to remove

Choose a user slot whose code you want to remove. The user slot ranges from 1 to 250. After you have selected a user slot, you will be ready to delete the corresponding user codes. Press the # button to confirm the selection. This will delete the corresponding user code.

Complete the deletion process

Press the * button to complete the deletion process. You can add a new user code and remove an existing one if you want to change the Rogers door lock code.

Final Thoughts

Rogers smart home monitoring allows you to control your home 24/7. With Rogers smart door locks, you can be sure to gain entry without needing your keys. You only need the right user code to gain entry. What’s more, you can add more user codes to your Rogers smart door locks so that each member has a code for keyless entry.

But you might need to change the user codes because of various reasons. This guide has gone through ways of adding and deleting user codes on Rogers smart door lock models. Therefore, you can easily change the lock codes by adding a new code and deleting the old one! We hope this guide has helped you and that you’ve benefited from reading it. Your home security is dynamic since it might need some change. Be sure to use our guide to change the lock code to add an extra layer of security to your home.

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