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How to Choose a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

We have all heard the stories about the relentless door-to-door salesmen, who often overpromise and deliver a flimsy cleaner that doesn’t really resist the rigours of daily use.

As vacuum cleaners combine several technical specs with a sizeable budget, it makes sense for you to do your homework and research your future purchase a bit.

Dyson models may be among the first you look into if you are interested in a durable, quality appliance. Their line of canister, handheld, and upright vacuums are a favourite in American homes.

After inventing the first bagless vacuum cleaner, Dyson positioned itself opposite Hoover in suction power and reliability.

But with such a vast power comes a difficult decision. How can you tell which model is the one you will actually need?

Choosing the Right Dyson Vacuum

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The list of technical specifications in a vacuum cleaner means little unless we put it in the context of what it can do for you.

Here, we will go over them step by step to help you find the ideal model.

Understand the numbers

The most crucial aspect of a vacuum cleaner is its suction power, also known as cleaning power.

Suction power is usually measured in air watts or AW. These are different from the regular electrical watts, as they measure the amount of airflow caused by the vacuum cleaner.

As a general rule, getting rid of dust off hard or naked requires at least 100 AW.

If you want to refresh cushions or thicker fabrics, such as curtains completely, you may need at least 220 AW.

Look at your home’s surfaces

For the most part, vacuum cleaners will be in charge of suctioning dust, dirt, and pollen out of floors. You should ensure your vacuum cleaner can handle the type of floor you have.

  • Most modern homes usually stick to one type of floor finishing, such as hardwood floor. In that case, choose from floor vacuums that include brushes specific to that type of floor.
  • If one or several of your rooms is carpeted, you may need a higher suction power than hard floors. The thicker the carpet, the higher the AW you will need.
  • If your home combines vinyl, wooden, and carpeted surfaces, invest in a multifunction model.
  • Most vacuum cleaners come with a standard set of crevice tools. Depending on your drapery or accessories, you may need extra tools.

Look at your home’s size

The size of your home, that is, the total surface that you will need to vacuum on a routine basis, will determine two things: first, your dust bin size, and second, for Dyson cordless models, your battery life.

Dust bin size

Dyson vacuum cleaners are all bagless, so you won’t need to replace the bag or buy new dust bags routinely.

Instead, they come equipped with a removable dust bin that you will need to empty routinely.

The standard dust bin included in most upright or cylinder vacuum cleaners has a capacity of 0.2 gallons. This is easy enough to handle a three-bedroom home without interruption.

You will probably need a model under the “Outsize” line for homes with four or more bedrooms. This line is pricier, but it includes larger dust bins of up to 0.5 gallons and more suction power.

Battery power

Nowadays, most new models launched by Dyson are cordless and battery-powered. As a result, you will also be limited by the battery’s run time.

Most models launched within the last 4 or 5 years have a battery capacity of approximately 1 hour. This should be more than enough to let you vacuum a regular single level home.

However, if any of these rooms are carpeted, you need to use the vacuum on “Boost” mode rather than “Eco” mode. This may shorten the battery capacity down to 40 minutes.

Older Dyson cordless models usually average 30 minutes between charges.

If you are willing to part with the latest technology, Dyson’s corded models have one significant advantage: they tend to have larger dust bins.

Determine extras

Each line of Dyson vacuum cleaners comes with different extras and attachments. This is where you will need to look carefully at your actual needs to ensure you don’t end up overpaying for anything you will never actually need.

Usually, you will be able to choose among a standard set of crevice tools, such as soft rollers, a slim head, a narrow head, or a pet hair filter.

Some of the high-end models also include a HEPA filter, which is invaluable for people with allergies.

Finally, at the very top of the line, you have Dyson models with an LCD screen or the ability to adjust suction power automatically.

If you are looking for extra accessories, look at any model with a “+” at the end of the name – such as the Dyson V15 Detect+, rather than the regular Detect model.

Research the different product lines

The wide variety of handheld and canister vacuums offered by Dyson is divided among several product lines. These include:

Motorhead. Dyson’s budget line includes the V6, V7, and V10 Motorhead. These are essential upright vacuums meant to be budget-friendly and with minimal accessories only.

Detect. These models feature a small laser head next to its cleaner head. This helps illuminate even the smallest particles on hard floors.

Animal. The Animal line includes the V8 Animal, one of the brand’s most successful launches. This line was created for families with children and pets, including pet hair trappers and washable HEPA filters.

Absolute. As part of the premium line, these come with the largest number of accessories. They also include LCD screens that allow you to check on the available battery and alert you when it’s time to empty the dust bin

Outsize. This is a line of larger canister vacuums, which offer bigger dust bins and higher air wattage.

Final Thoughts

Dyson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. However, they have a penchant for colorful adjectives in the branding. Combined with numbers and different accessory packages, this can make the purchase confusing.

To get the right vacuum cleaner, you need to look at what your home actually needs. Your floor materials, the number of rooms, and whether you have pets will all determine what you need

. Check out any of these specialized vacuum cleaners for pet hair before you make a final decision.

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