How to Choose the Best Snow Blower for the Elderly

How to Choose the Best Snow Blower for the Elderly

Clearing the snow is not fun at the best of times and when that first winter dump of snow hits, it means its time to get out the snow removal equipment to get everything from light to heavy wet snow.

Shoveling and clearing snow is a heavy job and being elderly can make it even more taxing.

Understanding how to choose the best snow blower for the elderly can make clearing their walks and drives easier during heavy snowfall.

How to choose the best snow blower for the elderly

  • Reliability – This has to be the main priority. If the user is in an area that has heavy snowfall or multiple heavy storms, then the snowblower has to be ready for shoveling snow in any condition. This means considering an electric snowblower over a gas-powered snow blower if the user is elderly. A gas snow blower tends to need more upkeep with lubrication, carburetors, spark plugs, starters and gas. Many moving parts can cause issues. Electric takes the extra work out of snow blower use. It is easy to just plug in and get the blade turning with an electric start.
  • Maneuverability – The heavier the snow blower, the harder it is to move, even if it has self-propulsion. Gas snow blowers tend to be heavier due to the parts, but an electric snow blower can be as light as 35 pounds. The easier it is to move, the snow removal takes less effort on your part.If you have one that is battery powered or plugin, both are easy to handle and move as needed.
  • Maintenance – Diagnosing and dealing with problems is no fun when it comes to getting a snow plow to work with a big storm on the way. Most elderly probably don’t want to be dealing with that. They want a snow blower that is easy to maintain whether it is simply charging it, plugging it in with an extension cord, or changing out a battery. It’ll save on yearly tune-ups and problems that come with snow shoveling.
  • Storage – Snowblowers for the elderly need to be easy to store. The smaller, the better. Those that require less storage space are helpful as they are easy to move back and forth and won’t get in the way. No one wants to be juggling heavy machinery and risking injury.

Best snow blower for the elderly

Knowing how to choose the best snow blower for someone who is older means looking at how it is going to be used and for what type of snow.

If it is to clear a small path around a car or using it on steps and walkways, then a smaller one may be better than trying to navigate with a larger one that might be needed to do a longer drive or removing deep snowfall.

Using the above-mentioned factors in assessing how to choose a snow blower is important.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric Snow Shovel Kit

The Snapper is a good small snow blower that can clear paths and steps easily. It has a 12” clearing width, 4” depth, and comes with a battery and rapid charger.

No cords or gasoline to deal with. It is quick and easy to use and light enough for all. It has a 45 minute run time and can throw snow up to 20 feet. It charges in 30 minutes,so snow clearing can be done quickly and efficiently without strain.

Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel

This is a great little snowblower that has a 12-Amp motor that can blow up to 430 pounds of snow per minute. It has 16” of width and 8” of depth. It can blow snow up to 30”.

The 6” rear wheels make it simple to move and do not require a lot of strength or agility. It is engineered to be easy to use for all people. Its weight is only 16 pounds, making transportation and storage simple.

Snow Joe 24V-X2-20SB-CT 48-Volt iON+ Cordless Snow Blower

This product is ready to go when the snow arrives. It is great for the elderly, as it is easy to direct and has no cord or gas to worry about.

It is a 24V cordless blower that lets you work anywhere the snow needs clearing. It has heavy-duty rubber-tipped steel auger blades and clears a 20” path wherever it is needed.

The scraper bar makes sure that the snow blower clears right to the ground but won’t do damage to your driveway or walk. It has an adjustable chute control that can be moved 180° to blow the snow right where you want it.

It will blow up to 20 feet. It is usable at any time of day or evening as it has LED headlights to clear when you need to.

EGO Power+ SNT2100 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower

This snow blower is as powerful as a gas one but easier to use, maintain and store. It has 2 ARC lithium batteries that can clear snow that is wet and heavy.

It has a 21” width to cut a solid trail through the snow. The auger has an adjustable speed and the snow throwing distance can be altered as well, the longest being 35 feet.

It is constructed of steel and can handle the worst winters without being difficult to handle for seniors. Great power without the noise and fumes of gas. It has a 40-minute wait for a recharge and then is ready to clear more snow.

Final Thoughts

As people age, some of the things they used to do aren’t as easy anymore so finding products that get the job done without too much stress is helpful.

Snow blowing is a tough task even when the snow is light, so knowing how to find the proper blowers to help when you are older takes a little bit of angst out of the task.

All these snow blowing products are good for the elderly, but make sure to purchase one that is meant for the job. If it’s light snow removal, then the smaller snow blowers are perfect.

But, if it’s a larger driveway or heavy snow removal, then make sure the bigger machines can do it and chose the one that is suitable for an elderly person.

They don’t have to be gas-powered, heavy machines to get the snow out of the way. These lighter machines can do a great job while being perfect for those who are older.

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