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How to Clean a Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill

Whether your barbecue was held amid a raging rainstorm or you just relish the challenge of grilling on the patio instead of in an overgrown garden, cleaning your Philips indoor smokeless grill is really simple.

Save time and money on charcoal grills and grill indoors.

How Does a Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill Work?

The Philips Grill features a heated plate and air vents that distribute heat evenly over your food with infrared heating, giving it that delicious grilled taste complete with grill marks.

There is no need to use charcoal or gas with these grills as you grill indoors. In addition, the Philips grill’s lid is transparent and works with infrared technology so you can see when your grilled food has reached the perfect serving point without overcooking it.

Infrared heating and infrared technology are safe, economical, and efficient. It gives you the full outdoor barbecue experience without the risk of flare-ups.

The Philips grill is fast and easy to use, meaning you can enjoy BBQ food cooked indoors with no mess.

Why You Need to Clean an Indoor Smokeless Grill Regularly

Over time grease deposit build-ups will occur on the inside surface and between the plates, which are key components of a smoke less indoor grill.

Grease/fat residue increases the risk of fire starting or reduces energy efficiency as it builds up.

Also, cleaning your smoke less indoor grill regularly with these safe products will help you maintain the quality of your grill and extend its lifespan, ensuring you can enjoy more delicious food without having to use charcoal grills!

How Often Should You Clean Your Indoor Grill

Many grill users find that they need to clean their Philips Indoor Grill every 2 or 3 months with washing up liquid, but the frequency of your cleaning depends on how often you use your grill and what food you cook in it.

It is essential to clean the drip tray with every use. You will be surprised to find that many parts of the grill are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

How To Avoid Grease Stains

The best way to avoid grease stains is to get rid of them before they occur! Use cooking spray when grilling eggs, meat, fish, or vegetables to get those wonderful grill marks.

You will find that excess grease and oil will fall into the grease tray, making it really easier to clean than a gas grill.

This will prevent any nasty greasy messes from forming on your plates or wires.

Alternatively, wrapping foods like bacon in tin foil can help prevent sticky oil stains – just be sure to clean the drip tray with a little extra residue with soap and water after use.

How To Clean the Outer Surface of Your Indoor Grill

If you have greasy stains on the outside of your grill, mix equal parts vinegar and water. Wipe down the grates with a sponge soaked in this solution. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

If you have stubborn grease stains on your Philips electric grill that resist all cleaning efforts, use a barkeeper’s friend or a washing up liquid to dissolve them away gently!

Just be sure to wipe off any excess powder residue after using it to avoid getting onto your food when cooking.

How to Clean Your Philips Indoor Grill

Photo of smokeless grill

Step 1 – Brushing the Grill Plate

Before starting the cleaning process, check your grilling plate for any food residue that may have got lodged in it after cooking.

The Philips electric grill includes a removable grilling plate for easy cleaning, but if you find that this item has become quite dirty or burnt on, it will need to be replaced.

Check instructional manual before replacing grilling plate.

To brush off any food residue from the grease tray on your Philips indoor grill, remove the grilling plate by sliding them up through the top of each half of the barbecue unit.

Be sure to unplug the appliance from the mains before replacing these items. Then remove any residue with a brush or a damp cloth and rinse thoroughly before refitting the grill plates.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Lid Reflector

Take off your Philips Indoor Grill lid by unscrewing it or pulling it up through the top of each half of the barbecue unit.

Then simply clean the inner lid reflector and surrounding grooves using soapy hot water, rinsing well to keep them free from food and grease residue.

You should wipe down this area regularly to prevent build-up that will make cleaning more difficult in the future.

Step 3 – Mopping Up After Cooking

The walls of your Philips Indoor Grill are similar to an outdoor grill feature ventilation holes designed to allow steam created by cooking to escape.

These holes can become blocked over time by food residue and grease, so you should also give them a quick wipe down while your grill is in this state.

To clean the walls of your Philips indoor grill, soak a sponge or cloth in soapy hot water, wring thoroughly, then squeeze out any excess moisture before wiping down the inside of each half and the vents with it.

Finally, rinsing well from both sides will ensure no dirt remains behind on these surfaces after cleaning.

Step 4 – Cleaning the Crumb Tray

The Philips Indoor Grill features an internal crumb tray similar to an outdoor grill that catches anything left on your grilling plate when not in use.

It’s important to keep this area cleaned as otherwise, you’ll just end up with a fire hazard on your hands! First, remove the crumb tray from its post inside the barbecue unit and give it a good rinse, making sure to remove any loose debris.

Next, clean the posts of the crumb tray by scrubbing with warm soapy water and then rinsing both inside and outside thoroughly.

Step 5 – Giving Everything a Quick Wipe Down

Finally, you should give all surfaces of your Philips Indoor Grill a quick wipe down with a kitchen roll or paper towels. This will help to keep them grease-free and ready to use for next time!

You can also consider using an anti-grease spray here, though this isn’t essential as long as you are thorough about regularly cleaning with hot soapy water. The grill is also dishwasher safe, so it can be cleaned easily.

Step 6 – Fitting the Lid

To fit the lid onto your Philips Indoor Grill, simply reverse the above steps, reversing all protective items before reinserting them into place.

First, ensure each part is inserted fully and correctly by lining up any grooves and screwing in with care not to overtighten.

Then you will need to plug it back into mains power again, making sure that any removable parts are still safely locked or removed from the appliance entirely.

Step 7 – Brushing Your Indoor BBQ Grilling Plate

After using the Philips Indoor Grill with its advanced infrared cooking features, you should always brush off any loose food residue on your grilling plate as otherwise, it may attract dust and cause blockages when not in use.

To do this, simply slide your grilling plate out of its housing and remove any debris using a brush. It is also important to dry off the plate before using it, or else you risk starting small fires on your barbecue unit.

These advanced infrared grills are much safer than a gas grill.

Step 8 – Removing Burnt Food Residue

If your Philips Indoor Grill has become very dirty or burnt on with food residue, then you will need to replace the grill plates instead of brushing them clean.

Before doing so, remove all removable parts from both halves of the appliance, including trays and attachments that may still contain grease or food, which could cause a fire.

Then unplug and detach mains power completely before removing each part in turn and replacing it with new items.

Make sure to clean them well before and after use, and do not leave the barbecue unit unattended when you have finished cleaning it.

Step 9 – Removing Grease Build Up

If your Philips Indoor Grill has grease build-up or stubborn stains on its outside casing, then soaking it for a while with hot soapy water can help get rid of these.

If you wish to scrub the surface more deeply, make sure that any removable parts are removed first, then soak in hot soapy water for several hours (overnight if possible).

You may even want to consider bringing all parts to the sink using tongs or pliers to avoid burning yourself, as some pieces will become very hot initially due to being heated by the grill plate.

Step 10 – Clearing Blockages

If your Philips Indoor Grill suffers from frequent blockages that the above steps cannot clear, you should call an electrician to look at it.

The internal workings of these barbecue units can become very dangerous if you try and unblock them without knowledge or experience.

If in doubt, always call a qualified professional to do any work on the appliance for you.

It is easy to see why so many people choose the Philips Indoor Grill, as yours will provide years of great food with little effort on your part due to its ease of use and cleaning!

They both require minimal maintenance, but before long, you will be enjoying healthy gourmet meals regularly by simply firing up the grill and letting it cook itself!

Step 11 – Removing Stains on the Housing

If your Philips Indoor Grill has exterior stains or scratches from regular use, you can fix these yourself with a little elbow grease.

Simply get some sandpaper (very fine if possible) and rub off any surface contaminants in circular motions using a handheld cloth to clean as you go.

You may need to apply a few layers of paper before reaching the desired level of smoothness, but once done, this will have brightened up your barbecue unit immensely!

Not every part does not have to be smoothed out completely, as small imperfections are only natural in items such as these.

Make sure that you unplug your Philips Indoor Grill and have disconnected power completely before attempting to move any parts or cleaning them.

The Philips Indoor Grill is a durable, easy-to-use, and maintain product that will reward you with years of great grilled food.

You can keep your grill in prime condition by following these simple instructions on cleaning it properly.

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